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Number of Auto Accidents Fatalities Involving Teens Peaks Every Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July, statistics show that traffic fatalities spike up to highest levels.

Aside from being accountable for the highest overall traffic fatalities in the country, Independence Day brings with it an average of approximately 140 auto accident deaths every year. It is likewise the deadliest day for both teen drivers and passengers.

In fact, about 10 percent of all fatalities during the Fourth of July are teens, according to the American Automobile Association, Inc. (AAA). Therefore, the agency encourages parents to restrict or at least limit their teens’ driving privileges.

The warning came to light upon the Congressional approval of the transportation bill that would provide financial incentives to states that provide graduated licensing programs.

Comprehensive graduated licensing laws slowly and efficiently educate teens to more complex driving situations, and significantly reduce their accident risk. Incidentally, previous studies have revealed that accidents among teen drivers in states that have a comprehensive graduated license law decreased by up to 38 percent.

On the other hand, Jonathan Adkins of the Governors Highway Safety Association affirmed that Congress has set such strict requirements up to the extent that only few states may qualify for the privileges.

Car accidents involving teenage drivers are now earning serious concerns due to the significant increase from previous years’ figures, which is in fact the first time in eight years that the numbers have become alarmingly high.

Fatal auto accidents involving teens’ record-keeping actually began way back in 1949. In 2011, the lowest number of accident deaths was recorded.

In a study conducted between 2006 and 2010 by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the U.S. Independence Day ranked first place as the deadliest day of the year, having an average number of 140deaths, followed by September 26 with an average number of 129 deaths. Next is August 2, having an average number of 125 deaths.

Authorities believe that the said increase in traffic fatalities are mainly due to holiday celebrations when school is off, offices are closed, and more people are on the road.  Furthermore, drinking and driving during the nationwide celebration was also seen as another factor to the accidents.

Out of the overall number of traffic fatalities during the Fourth of July, 39 percent of it accounts for drunk drivers, while 31 percent accounts for normal drivers, declared the Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Aside from the poor quality of automobiles due to the rise of aesthetic and entertainment devices in the car, driving under the influence and the lack of comprehensive knowledge on driving are also seen as factors that contribute to the rise in auto accidents during holidays, particularly every Fourth of July. Therefore, several personal injury lawyers appreciate every effort exerted by some organizations and government agencies in reducing the number of traffic fatalities.

U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson under Investigation for 2 Consecutive Road Mishaps

The U.S. Commerce Secretary is currently under investigation for the two hit-and-run accidents that occurred near his California home last weekend.

According to a statement released by the Commerce Department spokesperson, Jennifer Friedman, the investigation regarding the incidents is ongoing.

According to the Southern California police, Bryson was found unconscious behind the wheel of his Lexus car on Saturday after crashing into one car twice and then crashing again into another.

The Commerce Department office said that the secretary had suffered a seizure during the accident. He was accordingly driving his own car on his personal time with no security escorts at the time of the vehicle accidents.

Nevertheless, Bryson still remains to be cooperative with the investigation and in fact, he voluntarily took a breathalyzer test after the crash, and took an immediate medical leave of absence so that he can focus all his attention on resolving the traffic incidents as well as his health issues. So far, alcohol and drug is not a factor to the incidents according to police. Bryson also underwent a blood test but the result is not yet available.

Since October 2011, Bryson has served President Barack Obama as secretary of Commerce. He is also an energy expert and seasoned businessman. On Saturday, at about 5:05 in the evening, Bryson reportedly rear-ended a Buick in San Gabriel and then hit the car again upon leaving the scene. Five minutes later after the first crash, Bryson again hit another car, a Honda Accord in Rosemead, California.

Bryson was treated at the accident scene and was later transported to the hospital. Passengers on the second car did not sustain major injuries and declined medical aid. However, two people from the first car accident were treated by paramedics after complaining of pain.

At present, the Los Angeles police have formally cited Bryson in the traffic incidents. However, the local district’ attorney’s office will decide whether criminal charges will be filed against Bryson.

A causative factor of personal injury, automobile accidents occur due to negligence of both or one of the involved parties. Sometimes, unexpected event also occurs and collisions occur for no obvious reason like Brysons’ case wherein he apparently suffered from seizure during the accident, according to a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney. Most automobile accidents can be avoided if only proper precautionary measures are observed carefully.

Hemet High School Pedestrian Accident Injures 10 People, Including Students

At least ten people, including students, were involved in a pedestrian accident caused by a truck that ran on red light.

According to reports, the accident happened at around 2:44 in the afternoon after the students were dismissed from their class in Hemet High School in Hemet, California.

Witnesses said that more than 30 students crossing at a pedestrian lane in 41701 Stetson Avenue bound for a parking lot were struck by a red light-beating pick-up truck. Several students and other pedestrians were plowed by the truck.

At least five students were transported to Riverside Medical Center and an adult was rushed o another nearby hospital. Meanwhile, two people refused to accept medical treatment, and one of which is the driver of the truck himself. At least three people sustained serious injuries while five sustained minor injuries, according to the rescuers.

The driver of the Ford Ranger that struck the pedestrians was identified as Daniel Carillo, 18, and a junior student in the said high school. Witnesses further stated that Carillo immediately stopped after hitting the pedestrians.

At present, authorities are still determining the major cause of the accident since alcohol and drugs were not found to be a factor to the incident.

Nevertheless, although the investigation regarding the said pedestrian accident is still underway, police have impounded Carillo’s car to be inspected for possible mechanical failure.  Therefore, it is not yet certain whether Carillo will be charged or given citation.

Apparently, authorities are considering mechanical failure as the major cause of the incident. And so, if the investigation confirmed the authorities’ speculations as true and correct, Carillo might be spared from any charges like personal injury claim, since the car’s manufacturer could be the one to be held liable for all the damages and injuries incurred by the accident.

According to a Los Angeles accident attorney, a product liability claim can also be more likely to figure in this incident.

New California Bill Increases Fines for Distracted Driving

In a bill drafted by Senator Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, the fine for unlawful use of hand held devices could increase from $20 to $30 dollars.

The said bill, which was approved by the California State Senate last Monday, would increase the current fee of $159 to at least $199 for first offenders once court fees are collected.

For subsequent offense, the fee would increase from $50 to $60 and the actual cost to drivers would increase up to $371 for each additional offense since a driver’s records would also be a factor for additional fees.

The bill would also cover bicyclists. They would be required to pay a $20 fine if they are caught texting or talking while on the road.

The bill aims to fund the driver’s education program aside from preventing further auto-related accidents.

Although lawmakers like Gov. Jerry Brown and Sen. Doug La Malfa, R-Willows, vetoed the said bill, advocates are still pushing for it to become a new law in California.

In a study conducted by the University of California, researchers found out a significant decrease in the number of deaths among drivers using handheld devices in the past two years after the ban on such gadgets was implemented. The number of fatalities, which was 100 a couple of years ago, fell into 53 this year while the number of injuries dropped significantly — from 7,720 to 3,862.

In another survey, 40% of drivers admitted that they have been avoiding cell phones use while behind the wheels since the ban had been enforced.

On the other hand, a Los Angeles auto accident attorney, in reaction with the said survey, agrees with Sen. Simitian that such idea is a good concept not only for avoiding traffic fatalities but also for creating a much closer family ties. Drivers who are prevented from talking to their spouses and other family members would definitely talk a lot of things over family dinner, such as what each of them had missed through the day.

Teenager Dies in a Bike Accident after an Attempt to do a Trick Maneuver

A 15-year-old teenager on Wednesday died from a bike accident after attempting to do aggressive bike tricks in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.

Police and fire authorities immediately responded to an emergency call at around 5:15 in the afternoon from 4500 block of Myer Road, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin last May 9.

Initial reports revealed that the young man was trying a new trick maneuver on his bike. Apparently, when the bike went off the air, the teen lost control of his bike then struck a tree, according to the authorities.

Although the teenager was wearing helmet and safety gears and the authorities tried to revive him as well, all efforts proved futile. The young man died at an early age.

Authorities already notified the school officials in the Monona Grove School District where the teen attended school. Also, they will have an additional grief counselor available to help other students deal with their school mate’s death.

Like in Cottage Grove, biking is very common everywhere in the city of Los Angeles. In fact it is the most common form of exercise in California. Unfortunately, bikes also contribute a lot to the growing number of fatal accidents across the country; that is why biking can be a not-so-good idea, since bike accidents occur every now and then.

If you happen to be involved in a bicycle accident and sustained personal injuries due to other people’s negligence or recklessness, you have the legal rights to file for a personal injury claim against the liable party.

If the accident occurred in Los Angeles, you may seek legal assistance from a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to have your case evaluated and make you understand your legal rights, as well as to help you achieve success in your claim.

Second Expo Line Train Figured in Accident a Week before Opening

A Metro Expo Line train, which was having a test run on Thursday, was involved in an accident leaving an injured motorist.

According to reports, the accident occurred last Thursday morning at 3600 Block of South Hoover Boulevard. Initial investigation revealed that a blue Honda Civic tried to force in a right turn upon seeing the fast approaching train in Exposition Park. As a result of which, the train struck the Honda Civic.

Witnesses said that the car driver still managed to get out of his vehicle and called somebody after the incident. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), although the car driver seems fine, LAFD Paramedics were still sent to the accident scene to bring the driver to the hospital to treat his minor injuries sustained from the accident.

This said accident was actually the second accident that the Metro Expo Train was involved in, even though it was not yet open for public. The first accident actually happened last March 10 at Downtown Los Angeles, which injured 6 passengers of a black Mercedes Benz.

A Metro Expo Line spokesperson, Jose Ubaldo, said that the train was on a test run when the previous accident happened. Ubaldo stated that the Expo Line is not yet in operation and that both trains that were involved in the accidents were only occupied by their operators.

It was said that the 7.6 mile Phase 1 of Expo Line will open by the end of April. The light rail route will run from Downtown south to USC and then come to a stop at La Cienega and Jefferson boulevards.  Meanwhile, Phase 2, which will serve Santa Monica, will be open for operation by 2015.

Although car accident victims were said to have all the rights to file for a personal injury claim, in such instances, it would definitely take a lengthy investigation to prove who is at fault and who will be held liable for the all the damages and injuries incurred from the accident. Also, victims during the litigation must have the best car accident attorney Los Angeles, since the process would definitely take a long time, considering that the car driver obviously caused the collision.

Fake Slip–and–Fall Accident Becoming a Big Business

slip and fall accidentInsurance frauds involving fake slip–and–fall accident claim has become a big business costing American consumers roughly $30 billion a year. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing frauds nowadays.

It is a cost doing great business. If a customer falls, business owners automatically have to pay.

Such fraudulent act is a quick source of income since slip–and–fall accident compensation can sum up to more than $300,000. Business owners often prefer to try to pay the victim with the amount of $500 and even $1000 once a slip–and–fall accident occur even without checking the incident at their security cameras just to make the complainants disappear and avoid further hassles rather than paying the entire $300,000.

A special agent with the National Insurance Crime Bureau investigator, Mark Sakalares said that some slip–and–fall accidents seem to be no longer legitimate accidents since some of them turned out to be staged.

He further said that fraud-hungry people smash into some of the small grocery stores trying to get a quick settlement through fake slip–and–fall accident.

In a surveillance video, several cases of fake slip–and–fall accidents were seen telling the real score. A video footage shows a woman pouring cider and puts a piece of fruit on the floor before enacting a fall. In another video, a woman made not only one but two falls after
pouring olive oil on the floor.

Usually, frauds work as a group. In some cases, there is at least one who will serve as a look out while the other one was busy pouring something which would cause a slip on the floor. Some frauds succeed while some were prosecuted. But still, it accounts for 5% of the fraud cases in several states like in North Dakota.

The increasing number of slip–and–fall frauds can be linked to the economic recession way back in 2008. The number of suspicious slip–and–fall accidents reported to the National Crime Insurance Bureau (NCBI) hit as high as 57% nationwide.

Between increased prices at the market and increased insurance premiums, estimate reveals fake slip-and-falls and other insurance fraud cost families about $950 a year.

Due to the sloping down economy, people see a great opportunity to make money even out of a fake slip-and-fall accident.

Statistics from the Centers for Control and Prevention said that over one million Americans suffer from personal injury resulting from a slip-and-fall accident. Apparently, out of this million count slip-and-fall accidents which were proven to be fraudulent. Thus, business owners should take note of this, since slip-and-fall claim is a factor for a business’ resource drain.

9–vehicle Collision in Monterey Killed 3

multiple car accidentThree people were killed in a vehicle accident involving nine cars last February 22 in Monterey County, California.

According to initial investigations, a suspected drunken driver who was trying to reach for her cell phone caused the 9-vehicle collision.

The three fatalities were identified as Maria Ochoa, 35, from Pleasanton, Rafael Zambrano Llamas, 37, Graciela Hernandez Llamas, 39. The victims were riding in one of the nine cars involved at the accident. The fourth occupant, who was taken to the hospital due to serious injuries sustained, remained unidentified.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Zoltan Treiner said that the victims came from a funeral in King City and were heading home when the tragic accident occurred.
The said multiple car crash happened just north of the Jolod Road exit of Highway 101 in King City at around the 8:45 in the evening. A Ford Explorer driven by Vivian Ramirez, 42, from Gonzales, crossed at the center divider and crashed against the Volkswagen driven by Llamas, who was on the opposite lane. Treiner said that the suspected drunken driver was reaching for her cell phone, and then  lost control of her car and crashed straight on to the other motorists. As a result of her negligence, she created a multiple vehicle mishap and left several injured people.

Ramirez also sustained serious injuries, but it doesn’t make her excused from all her liabilities resulting from the collision. She was arrested for driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter, according to the CHP.

On January 1, 2009, a Wireless Communication Device Law has been implemented in California. The law prohibits California motorists from using or handling mobile phones while driving. Nevertheless, motorists still keep on disobeying the traffic rules and regulations. Therefore, such fatal vehicle accidents due to other people’s negligence often happen.

Victims from such accidents may file for a claim for the injuries and damages they sustained. The victims may seek help from an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney to guide them through the claim process and to make sure that they would get what they deserve for their compensation.

Panel of Judges Consolidate Head Injury Lawsuits Filed Against NFL

panel of judge rulingOn the last day of January 2012, the panel of judges ruled over the lawsuits filed against the NFL in different states to be consolidated at the Federal court of Philadelphia.

The three-page decision was made by the judicial panel on Multi-district Litigation. The ruling states that the new location will bring convenience to the parties and witnesses for a smooth litigation process.

The consolidated cases would be held at the Eastern District Court of Philadelphia before Judge Anita B. Brody.

The panel also noted in the rulings that the subject actions share real issues coming from allegations against NFL stemming from the injuries sustained by both former and current players from playing professional football.

Since last year, hundreds of players including stars like Jim McMahon, Jamal Lewis and some of the player’s wives have filed lawsuits against the NFL in more than dozen complaints. Allegedly, the NFL ignored and tried to hide the consequences of head injuries just to promote the game.

Several lawsuits have been filed in California, New York, Florida and New Jersey but the panel ruling is focusing on four lawsuits – the one filed in Philadelphia and the three in California. Recently, additional sixteen complaints have been filed against NFL but the league denied all claims.

The NFL might be in a huge brawl against their former players for failing to exercise their duties to perform guidelines and mandatory rules regulating proper head injury medical treatment. Moreover, they also failed in facilitating the return-to-play standards for players who suffered head injury from the game.

Any head injury will definitely become disastrous. It might bring paralysis or even early death. There are no certainties about the immediate effects of a head injury but whatever results it would have, it is absolutely catastrophic.

In the event that your head strikes or hits a hard object, like that of a football wound, you can have a personal injury claim against the person who has been negligent thus causing the damage. Victims are advised to seek the legal service of an expert lawyer like an injury attorney Los Angeles to support your complaint.

Sophomore Hockey Player Survives Spinal Cord Injury, Remains Semi-paralyzed

Recently, a hockey game played at St. Paul, Minnesota became the talk of the town after one of the sophomore hockey players from Benilde-St Margaret was seriously injured during the game.

The accident occurred during the varsity hockey game last December 30 when the 16–year-old Jack Jablonski was accidentally checked from behind. “Check” is hockey jargon which means an act of physically keeping an opponent hindered.

Jablonski sustained spinal cord injury (SCI) on his neck and two broken vertebrae due to the checking incident. He underwent spinal fusion surgery last January 4, 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to reconnect his broken spines.

Spinal cord fusion is mainly used to get rid of the pain caused by the abnormal motion of the vertebrae. The process is done by making the damaged vertebrae immovable which is usually a result of degenerative conditions.

Jablonski’s spinal cord fusion was successful. However, according to the information disclosed by his parents, the sophomore hockey player’s injury was awful. Jablonski has limited movement and his lower extremities were paralyzed.

After that incident, the school’s varsity hockey game against Wayzata that was supposed to be on January 5 was postponed.

Hockey is an extreme sport that has been played since 1272 BC. It is played with two competing teams trying to maneuver a puck towards the opponent’s goal by using a hockey stick. Due to the excitement of this sport, many players love the game. However, due to the danger that is associated with the game, hockey has been included on the list of banned games

Possibly, some of the hockey players on their emotional distress are now having a second thought whether or not to pursue the game after learning about the devastating effect of the spinal cord injury that Jablonski sustained from the recent game.

Here in Los Angeles, spinal cord injury attorneys do their best to get the best possible settlement or verdict for their client.