Another Life Claimed by a “Race Accident”; or was it?

Another Life Claimed by a “Race Accident”; or was it
Contact and confrontations between drivers in sprint car racing is quite a normal occurrence. Given the competitive spirit felt in the races, add in some powerful cars, then you’re in for an exciting, and literally, action-packed races. However, just recently, a contact and confrontation had led to something tragic. Young Driver Kevin Ward Jr. was struck and killed by fellow sprint car driver Tony Stewart.

Fatal Confrontation

In the sprint car race last August 9, 2014, Kevin Ward Jr’s car went spinning after it had contact with race veteran Tony Stewart. With his temper getting the better of him, Ward, clad in a black firesuit and black helmet, went out of his car to confront Stewart which he believes caused him to crash. However, Ward got off his car in a dimly-lit part of the race track, making his black outfit hardly visible for other drivers. Moreover, Ward was said to have walked towards oncoming cars as he was furiously trying to confront Stewart. While the car in front was able to avoid hitting Ward, Stewart was not able to control his car in time, causing the former to get struck, rolled over, and dragged on by the latter’s car. The racing car accident proved to be really fatal as Ward suffered severe injuries that led to his death.

Investigations On-going

After the preliminary investigations were made about the accident, authorities have not found any piece of evidence that hold Stewart liable for the death of Ward. However, Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero said that criminal charges are not yet ruled out and further investigation are being made. Some have pointed out that Stewart has long been involved in many confrontations on the race track. He was also involved in a number of accidents that caused injuries to a number of racers. This is one of the reasons why authorities are still exerting efforts to better discern if Stewart was at any extent, had the intent to hit Ward.

Possible Scenarios

With the recent developments regarding the accident, there is a great chance that Stewart will walk away from this incident and won’t be charged for Ward’s death. However, a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney shared that with the sheriff office asking possible witnesses to submit photos and videos of the incident, criminal intent may still be proven. In such cases, the Ward family of the victim can file a wrongful death claim against Stewart and ask for damages and compensation for the losses and expenses that they have incurred. More than anything though, a win in such claims will help you get justice for the untimely loss of a loved one and make their passing worthwhile.

A Psychological Malady: The Medical Malpractice Stress Syndrome

A Psychological Malady The Medical Malpractice Stress Syndrome
Practicing medicine affiliates chances of being subjected to malpractice claims. During times of such trouble, even if the sued physician is guilty or not about all allegations being thrown towards him or her, still, experiencing this ordeal creates personal assault particularly on his or her credibility as a professional. Thus, severe damages – especially with the sued medical practitioner’s physical and psychological health – are anticipated to follow. Severely, this will not only affect them but also the people who seek for medical attention which are their future patients. Thus, determining the effects of medical malpractice claim to the said practitioners is necessary.

Generally, medical malpractice creates serious damaging effects to most alleged physicians and surgeons by means of putting them into struggles of psychological malady characterized as the medical malpractice stress syndrome (MMSS). Primarily affecting their ability to provide quality health care services to all patients, it is truly saddening that MMSS cases are often neglected. As the medical industry continues to grow, occurrences of medical malpractice which causes MMSS conditions are figured out by some researches as the third leading cause of death in the United States recording an estimate of 160,000 deaths annually.

There are a lot of symptoms that are associated with this certain condition but chronic anxiety and depression tops them all. But to extensively convey public consciousness, any physician or surgeons in the midst of a malpractice claim and is experiencing MMSS will most likely encounter major several related physical and mental symptoms. These are divided into four divisions which are listed below.

Isolation. Physicians and surgeons who became subjected to malpractice claim tend to have a sense of feeling alone particularly in defending himself. Also, the shame that comes with such complaints are taken seriously by these medical practitioners which makes them to fear reaching out for other colleagues’ support and help. They also lose hope about the future of their career that greatly affects their work. This is not good because sustainable intellectual discussions within them can result to more learning about their chosen field.

Negative self-image. Similar with the aforementioned reasons why sued physicians and surgeons fail to perform their tasks and responsibilities as medical practitioners in an excellent manner is the reputational damages that were brought by the said claims. These medical practitioners absorb a sense of defeat even if they are not proven liable for the accusations. Therefore, they acquire lesser self-confidence and to make things worsts, instances of suicides were recorded.

Emotional impact. Given the fact that encountering lawsuit is guaranteed as beyond stressful situation, physicians who suffers from MMSS are also dealing with multiple illnesses composed of anger, tension, mood-swings, unexpected emotional bursts, frustration, irritability, and also gastrointestinal and chest pains. Experiencing these particular symptoms of malpractice stress is not good especially for medical practitioners since their work environment requires calmness to be able to perform every activities well.

Severe fatigue. Meanwhile, physicians and surgeons also may suffer from fatigue after they had been sued for malpractice claims. As a matter of fact, they could greatly suffer unpleasing changes involving their good concentration, healthy appetite, as well as decreased libido. In addition, these medical practitioners are also prone to have lack of interest and exhaustion about their work which can alarmingly affect the quality of the medical services that they are able to provide prior their tangled conflict involvement.

Furthermore, physicians and surgeons who are suffering from medical malpractice stress syndrome or MMSS are prone to poorly practice their collective duties such as giving an appropriate dosage and medication, ample consciousness in all surgical procedures, releasing right diagnoses, preventing fatal infections and more towards their patients.

Warding Off the Dangers of Motorcycle Riding

Gauges on speeding motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is a great hobby to have. For some, it is like a pill to satisfy one’s need for speed and motorcycle riding is one very fun activity for motorcyclists. This is the reason why there are a number of people that love motorcycle riding. Compared to cars, some think that riding a motorcycle is a more practical solution for one’s mobility. However, one must realize that with the fun that comes with motorcycle riding, there are real dangers that one person should be made aware of before one truly consider getting a bike and start riding.

Motorcycle Accidents: By The Numbers


Motorcycle accidents can be quite fatal. Without the availability of a cage or passive and active safety features to give you the protection in case of an accident, riding a motorcycle can be truly dangerous. For example, motorcycle riders account for only 3 percent of the total registered vehicles in the US for the year 2012. Despite that small number of bikes, motorcycle casualties account for 15 percent of the total traffic fatalities in the same year. The reason for this high incidence of fatalities in motorcycle riders is because a lot of riders failed to wear the right protective gear like a crash helmet. This has caused society a total of $1.5 billion worth of savings. On the other hand, the society saved $3.4 billion because of riders who wore motorcycle helmets for the year 2011. This means that 1,699 lives of people were spare because of the proper use of motorcycle helmets. This proves that although riding a motorcycle can be quite dangerous, riders who make the right decision end up with minor injuries in the event of an accident. Moreover, riders who exercise safe riding habits have been spared from accidents. That is why riders have to always obey the law and practice defensive driving by putting one’s safety over everything.

Don’t be Hard-headed, Wear a Helmet


A rider’s use of a helmet could very well be the difference in one’s survival or death in the event of a motorcycle accident. That is why it is critical that one should always make sure that they are wearing a helmet at all time while riding a bike. More than wearing a helmet though, one has to choose the right helmets to ensure that these will work best to the rider’s advantage. Here are some of the pointers in purchasing your own helmet:

  • Find the DOT label. This ensures that a helmet has passed the minimum safety standards provider for by the government.
  • Get the right fit. Wearing a loose helmet is as good as not wearing one. So make sure that you look for the best fit when it comes to wearing a helmet.
  • Have your face covered. Your face needs equal protection from flying debris on the road. And so, find a helmet that offers good face protection.
  • Get a helmet with proper ventilation. Getting air inside the helmet is important not just to help you breathe properly but to avoid fogging and facilitate cooling.

Safe riding is critical in helping you enjoy the best of both worlds. Have fun and stay alive. That is why more than wearing the safety equipment needed in riding a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney reminds riders to exercise good habits and ride defensively so you can ward off potential dangers while enjoying your bike.

Slip and Fall Accidents in the Holiday Season: What You Should Do If You Get Injured

Slip and Fall Accidents in the Holiday Season What You Should Do If You Get Injured

In just a few days, it will be Christmas, and as such, more and more people is expected to head out to shopping centers and stores to buy items in their lists. With so many people heading out on the roads, not only is heavy traffic activity inevitable, but also the likelihood of motor vehicle crashes that would surely ruin everyone’s holiday spirit. Aside from that, slip and fall accidents, especially within commercial properties, can surely put a damper on one’s cheer.

Indeed, someone walking down an aisle of a grocery or department store may possibly get injured, especially if he or she encounters a hazardous condition that he or she is not aware of, such as wet floor or torn carpeting.  Walking down an icy parking lot of a store or mall could very well result in one slipping and falling down hard on the pavement. Getting involved in any of these incidents might not only affect one’s plans during the 24th and the 25th of December with family and friends, but having to deal with injuries and subsequent medical expenses can turn one’s Christmas into absolute disappointment.

If you happen to sustain a minor or severe injury after slipping and falling inside or outside a commercial property such as shopping center or store this holiday season, you must know that you are entitled to compensation from the business or premises owner. But before doing so, here are some things you need to put into mind right after slipping and falling while doing holiday shopping:

  • Seek medical treatment for any injuries you may have.
  • Report the accident to someone who is in-charge of the property.
  • Take photos of the location where you suffered your injury.
  • Get the names and contact details of the people who witnessed the accident.
  • Contact an attorney to assist you in establishing a claim for damages against the business or property owner.

All of these procedures are critical after your accident, but you need to pay close attention to consulting with a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer. Once your claim is evaluated and you hire the attorney soon after, you improve your chances of achieving your goal out of your personal injury claim, which is to get fully compensated for your injuries and for the other losses you may have incurred. With your chosen legal counsel protecting your rights, you may be able to recover a settlement amount that would cover for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

It is truly inconvenient to be in such an unfortunate incident while you are in a rather celebratory mood. Slips and falls can happen at any time and any place. Yet in this season of giving, as a consumer, your Christmas shopping list should not just be the only thing you should worry about. You, including your loved ones, must also be aware of your safety, whether on the roads or inside commercial properties.

Have a safe and fruitful holiday season with your family and friends!

Some Interesting Facts about Cars That You May Not Know About

The people’s growing interest towards cars usually stem from various sources. There are those who keep themselves updated on the latest motoring news, particularly those that concern their favorite car brands. There are those who have obtained enough knowledge on everything about cars by visiting car shows and, for many car owners, dealing with their vehicles’ issues. From the simple changing of flat tires to the complicated mastery of how engines work, many have been knowledgeable when it comes to cars because of these.

If you are a passionate car enthusiast, then it is definitely advantageous for you to use these pieces of information that you have in eliciting casual conversations with other like-minded people. But then, you might as well equip yourself with further knowledge about cars by taking note of these interesting facts about cars that you may not know about:

  • The first full-scale, mechanical vehicle, or widely regarded as the automobile, was built by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in around 1769. Technically, it is an automobile, but it only has three wheels, which makes it a tricycle of sorts.  But the self-propelled mechanism of Cugnot’s invention became the basis and the inspiration for today’s cars.

  • Would you believe that the U.S. only ranked 3rd in terms of passenger cars per 1,000 people? In 2011, the country of Luxembourg in Europe led all nations in that department, followed by Iceland, then the United States, Italy, and Malta. In the lower ranks, Pakistan has the least passenger cars per 1,000 people. It is followed India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

  • Edward J. Claghorn was the first one to be granted the first patent for the safety belt in 1885. However, it only became a standard in front seats in the US in 1963, with the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo making it happen. Prior to this, it was in 1958 when the company’s design engineer Nils Bohlin patented the first 3-point safety belt, which is the seat belt that we wear today.

  • The “window cleaning device” that is widely known today as windshield wipers was popularly credited to Mary Anderson in 1903, although two others, Robert Douglass and John Apjohn were also credited for this very useful car-related invention.

  • The airbag, which is the vehicle safety device that commonly pops out whenever crashes occur, inflates at approximately 40 milliseconds upon impact.

These are just some of the awesome things about cars that you may not know about. Now that you are aware of these little bits of information, you can be even more interesting in front of your peers during your conversations with them.

Some of the Most Recommended Holiday Gift Ideas for Drivers

Some of the Most Recommended Holiday Gift Ideas for Drivers
During holiday season, sharing becomes a common deed. It can be expressed in two popular forms either by giving some money or material things as a gift. However, there are certain struggles that a person who chooses to prepare gifts could encounter in the process. When selecting and buying presents, a person should not only focus on the physical appearance of a material thing, but rather, he or she should think about what the receiver mostly needs. In short, it should be in line with practical purposes to make the expenditures worth it too.

In particular, choosing the greatest gift for a person who’s working as a driver is not that hard anymore. There are a lot of useful suggestions that one could find by merely searching on informative online sites that features related articles which are composed of trustworthy gift preferences made by the experts. More fortunately, these things are easy to find. Here’s a list:

 GPS device

As a satellite-based navigation system, a GPS device can largely help the drivers when they are travelling. In fact, there are many reasons on why a driver is safer when they have this gadget with them. It has been the basis on why a GPS device is a good find for a driver’s holiday present. Three of the leading advantages that they could get are that they don’t need to use maps, they’ll be assisted by knowing which lane to be in and more adorably, a GPS device efficiently promotes safe driving during the night.

Satellite radio

Radios are driver’s number one companion when they are travelling aside from other people. It can offer not just the entertainment but also as an outlet for spreading important news alerts about weather, traffic and other status alerts. However, losing reception along the road became a normal problem for the drivers. That’s why, giving them a satellite radio would be the best holiday gift because this device is commercial free and will never lose its service.

Electric blanket

On a cold night, drivers are longing for warmth while waiting for their loads or even when they are already on the road. Good news is, these drivers don’t have to suffer a fever or a cold that they could mostly attain when driving at night. An electric blanket is a useful present for them because aside from the fact that this is very handy, it is made to create warm in the fastest way possible. Also, these blankets are safe in washing machines.

Misfuelling prevention device

An approximate data of 150,000 drivers has been listed that put a wrong fuel for their vehicles. When they are affected by this situation, broad damages and disturbances are to be expected. Because of that, it is evident for a person to select a misfuelling prevention device as their holiday present for someone they know who drives. This device can unquestionably save a lot of time and money for them when they are going to place this alarm in the location of a vehicle’s fuel cap as a replacement.

Power inverter

Bringing a good source of energy while on the road is very essential. As a great gift for the drivers, a car power inverter which is a simple device only needs the help of a vehicle battery to be able to transfer some energy towards the electrical devices. This can be used to charge up a phone, an MP3 player and other travel-friendly devices. Indeed, this device benefits both the entertainment and the emergency needs of a person, especially during long trips, hectic schedules and even on the drivers’ vacant times.

These holiday gift ideas will surely make your loved one safer on the roads. The holiday season has always been associated with heavy traffic and accidents. This is why it is important to practice all safety measures and precautions when hitting the road, regardless of what time of the year it is. However, in case you get involved in a car accident, it is important that you contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney as soon as possible to claim for damages and compensations from the liable party.

When Scary Truck Accidents Happen

When Scary Truck Accidents Happen

The trucking industry is just one of the most thriving businesses in the US and in any other country. You’d normally see these huge vehicles passing by the freeway, delivering goods from one place to the other. This is because many products of which brought from one country or state to another need huge vehicles where they can be loaded and be transported safely and effectively. Thanks to trucks, moving good over long distances have never been this easier.

Trucks and Accidents

However, while trucks are the most effective means of the transportation of goods, it can’t be denied that it is also one of the deadliest vehicles on the road. According to accident reports compiled by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other agencies, truck accidents are one of the most dangerous forms of accidents that happen on the road. Given the great power that these trucks have, accidents may lead to catastrophic results, leading to injuries and even deaths. In fact, in the past few years, trucks accidents have caused. Every year, hundreds of people die while others get injured and disabled because of these accidents.

More than the physical injuries that truck accidents cause, just recently, a tractor-trailer collision was responsible for the shutting down of the westbound lanes of 210 Freeway. This happened exactly near Rosemead Boulevard one early afternoon is Pasadena. The truck has hit and crushed a car, resulting injuries on a woman on board the crashed car. Rescue workers rushed to the scene to help free the woman from her crushed car and bring her to the Huntington memorial Hospital. These she was treated for her serious, yet non-life threatening injuries. Other than the woman, two other people are not recovering from serious, yet non-life threatening injuries.

Importance of Truck Safety

Truck drivers need to properly operate these huge, powerful vehicles to help prevent accidents from happening. The driver of the truck has a huge role in not just protecting the good he is delivering, but also the other vehicles on the road. On the other hand, other motorists should also understand how difficult it is to operate these huge and powerful behemoths. And so, they should try to do something to avoid these accidents from happening. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Always take Blind Spots into consideration
  • Avoid abruptly changing lanes
  • Stay away from other vehicles and maintain a safe distance with them
  • Do not speed and follow the speed limit
  • Use turn signals when passing
  • Adopt your driving style according to weather, climate, and road conditions
  • Pull off the road in case of an emergency.

Liability in Accidents

Owners and truck drivers have a great responsibility in trying to ensure that their trucks are safe and won’t cause accidents on the road. However, due to driver error, mechanical failure, or bad weather conditions, they may end up getting involved in an accident that could get someone hurt, injured, and worse, dead. In such cases, victims, through the help of a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles can file a personal injury and wrongful death claims against the driver and truck operators. When that happens the victim should file a truck accident claim to hold negligent drivers responsible for whatever they have caused you. Winning that claim can help you jumpstart your recovery and help you put this painful event in your life behind you.

If you wish to read more about truck accident, please visit this website:

Labor Day Weekend Means Increased Traffic Activity; Vehicle Accidents Likely

Labor Day Weekend Means Increased Traffic Activity; Vehicle Accidents Likely

September 1 is Labor Day. Since it falls on a Monday, it is expected that a lot of Americans would be taking advantage of the extended vacation over the weekend. Also, the federal holiday is the unofficial end to the summer season, ushering the advent of fall and welcoming students back to school. Given the circumstances, people all over the nation are likely to spend the short holiday weekend to organize last-minute summer trips or parties at either bars or at the comfort of their own neighborhood. That would only mean one thing: motor vehicles are expected to fill up major thoroughfares over the weekend.

Unlike the upcoming Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Christmas seasons, traveling within Labor Day weekend tends to be less costly, thus the anticipated influx of vehicles on highways throughout those three days. In fact, according to the projections of the Automobile Club of Southern California, more Southern California residents will be hitting the roads this weekend than any other Labor Day weekend since six years ago, at nearly 4 million travelers all over the state, with 3.19 million of them expected to drive their vehicles.

One main concern about all this, though, is the fact that vehicle accidents increase during this time of the year. Based on the National Safety Council (NSC) statistics, traffic fatalities from 2006 to 2011 ranged from more than 300 to less than 500.

Among the culprits are the intoxicated drivers. Basically a lot of people are expected to have drinks at house parties or at bars over the weekend as a last hurrah for this year’s summer season. Some of them, however, would be driving themselves back home drunk; putting themselves in danger of getting caught by law enforcement or getting injured or killed, likewise putting other motorists’ lives at risk.

This is why the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and all the other traffic and law enforcement agencies in every state in the U.S. are anticipating the influx of vehicles this upcoming long weekend to control the situation of the streets. First order of business is, of course, to track down drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, expert attorneys such as a car accident attorney in Los Angeles, as well as other road safety advocates, remind every single individual planning to do the following:

  • Avoid any distractions such as the use of cellphones and other devices;
  • Buckle up using the seat belt;
  • Buckle children up at the back seat of the vehicle using car safety seats;
  • Exercise caution by driving defensively, especially when amidst inclement weather or any tough traffic situation; and
  • Designate a non-drinking driver when going out to drink alcohol.

If you wish to read more about car accident, you can visit this website:

Walking While Being Distracted: A Risk Factor in Pedestrian Accidents

Walking while being distractedIn the newest data analysis by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some 32,267 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States in 2011. Of this number, 4.432 of them were pedestrians, a 3-percent increase from the previous year, in which the NHTSA recorded 4,302 pedestrian deaths.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, California, pedestrians accounted for about one-third of all traffic fatalities. In comparison, the national average accounts for only 11.4 percent of all motor vehicle accidents. This is according to a research study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).

Indeed, the so-called “City of Angels” is still a not-so-friendly city for pedestrians. Incidentally, around 20 percent of road activity there involves not only pedestrians, but also bicyclists.

Pedestrians, too, can be distracted

The increase in pedestrian accidents on the federal and state level (in this case, the cities in California including L.A.) can be attributed to a lot of factors. One of them is distractions. Yes, even those who constantly travel on-foot to work or school can be distracted.

One such form of distraction is the frequent use of mobile phones, particularly smartphones. Such gadgets are often associated with distracted driving, where motorists tinker with their phones to text or call someone while behind the wheel. Apparently, this form of distraction also happens among pedestrians.

In fact, according to a study by the Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center at the University of Washington, those who use such gadgets while walking are said to be four times more likely for pedestrians to ignore pedestrian traffic lights and fail to look left and right before crossing the road.

Moreover, the study also found out that aside from the use of such gadgets, some of the other common forms of distracted walking are talking to others, dealing with pets or children, and listening to music on their headsets.

What these pieces of information mean

These pieces of information only indicate one thing: distracted walking is as potentially dangerous as distracted driving. Also, with mobile devices such as cellphones and smartphones getting even more and more popular to the masses, it won’t be surprising that a lot of pedestrians may become distracted and be at risk of getting involved in an accident.

But then, it is never too late for regular pedestrians to hold off these distractions. Pedestrians should always be more cautious when they are on the sidewalk or waiting to walk on the crosswalks. On the other hand, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer also suggests that motorists must also be very well aware of pedestrians, and that they should also hold off using gadgets while driving to avoid accidents.

Los Angeles Injury Lawyer: Distracted Driving among Teens Still a Big Problem

Distracted Driving among teensIn time with the Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a Los Angeles injury lawyer herein calls anew to curb distracted driving problem among teens.

Based on a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car crashes are the number one cause of death among teenagers aged 15-20 and 60 percent of teens are likely to experience a car crash within a year upon receiving a driver’s license.

Meanwhile, in a statistic revealed by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), it was found out that distracted driving accounts for 25 percent of all reported causes of traffic accidents. Moreover, in a report released by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, California has the second highest fatality rate for drivers and passengers in car accidents involving drivers between the age of 15 and 20.

The lawyer herein urges parents that although they give their teenage sons and daughters driving privilege, at least they should put some precautions into their minds.

In fact, in a recent aim to curb incidences of distracted driving among teens, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) together with the non-profit organization,, and Mercedez Benz Driving Academy, launched a live demonstration about distracted driving.

During the said event, the organizers put up safety cones in a driving range while a parent drives, the driving coach turned up the music loud, tries to distract the driver by making a call and screaming out since this is what actually teens experience after a Saturday night out.

Hopefully, parents would eventually come to realize the dangers that distracted driving can do to their children so that they can educate them about safe driving, the lawyer had anticipated. In that way, it precautions will start. Thereby, reducing the rapidly growing problem faced by the society on teenage distracted driving.