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Metrolink Train Involved in Early Morning Pedestrian Accident

On Monday morning, a Metrolink train was involved in a pedestrian accident that left one man dead right at the accident scene in San Fernando, California.

The city’s interim police chief, Gil Carillo, said that the train was traveling about 75 mph when it struck a man at around 8:05 in the morning.

As of press time, the identity of the man was not yet identified by the Coroner’s Office, but authorities are still on their way trying to identify the remains. Also, police are already reviewing the video from the train, hoping to determine whether the incident was purely an accident or a suicide, Carillo added.

In her statement, Metrolink spokesperson Sherita Coffelt said that the man was struck by the train bound to the Via Princesa station near Santa Clarita from the Union station in downtown Los Angeles.

Fortunately for the 21 passengers on the train, nobody got hurt from the incident. However, they were almost an hour delayed at the accident scene since they have waited for the bus to fetch them and take them to their destinations.

Most often, pedestrians are the most vulnerable on the road. Compared to large vehicles like trucks, SUVs, cars and particularly trains, pedestrians are not protected with any metal and alloys. If any of the said vehicles hit a pedestrian, fatal or debilitating injuries are almost certain. The range of injuries usually depends on the strength of the collision’s impact, commented by a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer.

Figures revealed that pedestrian accidents account for 11 percent of the total number of deaths on the road. In fact, in 2005, pedestrian accidents comprise the second largest number of fatalities in traffic accidents, official data revealed.

Disneyland’s Slip-and-fall Claim and other Personal Injury Claims Hit 140 Cases

In a paper review, it was found out that Disneyland’s theme park in Anaheim, California had been slapped with approximately 140 lawsuits alleging slip-and-fall accidents and other personal injuries over the past five years.

Additionally, while Disneyland had accumulated some 140 cases to date, Knott’s Berry Farm in nearby Buena Park had been found out to have 50 personal injury lawsuits against it since 2007, according to a report from The Orange County Register.

The said newspaper’s analysis of lawsuits likewise showed several major causes of visitor injuries at both Disney’s California Adventure and Knott’s Berry Farm. The review also revealed that most cases reached out-of-court settlements while others were simply dismissed.

At present, slip-and-fall accidents are the most common cause of personal injuries at Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland, concluded by the OC. In fact, nearly a third of all lawsuits against the said theme parks were filed under the category of slip-and-fall, which includes tripping and falling or slipping on the ground, sidewalk or floor.

The OC noted in their report a case of a woman who slipped on broken eggs that were left undone on the floor of Goofy’s Kitchen in a Disneyland hotel. The case reached an out-of-court settlement.

Some of the remarkable cases settled by the said theme parks include the following:

•    A man who filed a lawsuit against Disney when one of its workers accidentally poured hot coffee on his arm
•    A man who charged Knott’s when a wagon-wheel bench rolled over when he sat on it causing him to stumble onto the ground on his back
•    A man who sued Disney after he was hit by a metal sheet that exploded off a snack stand near him

The personal injury lawsuits over the past five years against Disney and Knott’s revealed by the said review rarely reached the court. Meanwhile, the theme parks are said to have a public-relations scheme to immediately and discreetly settle cases, a law professor revealed to OC.

In fact, since 2007, both Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm lost just a single lawsuit each. Disneyland was said to have paid a woman with more than $500,000 after a food court umbrella blew over and hit her head, which led her to suffer from seizures. Knott’s, on the other hand, was revealed to have paid a woman $71,000 after she tripped on a curb and fractured her ankle.

Nevertheless, if compared to the combined number of visitors of both theme parks which totals to 25 million a year, the number of their slip-and-fall cases and other personal injury claims is actually small.

Due to the enormous land area that both theme parks occupy, it is pretty impossible for their maintenance department to keep the theme park premises totally safe and a hundred percent free from all hazards that may cause personal injuries, such as slip-and-fall accidents and tripping. Therefore, a Los Angeles slip-and-fall lawyer suggests that when you plan to go to theme parks, you should be very careful and attentive, and if any incident of personal injury occurs, immediately call for authorities to investigate your case and to make sure that you won’t be taken for a ride.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Pasadena Police Involves Racial Discrimination

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parent of a slain student in Pasadena, a racial discrimination issue was involved.

Kenneth MacDade and Anya Slaughter filed a wrongful death claim against Pasadena police following the death of their son, Kendrec McDade, last March 24.

McDade was allegedly shot to death by the Pomana police after a report from the 911 caller, Oscar Carillo, saying that he was robbed by two armed men.

After receiving the call, the police immediately responded to the crime scene in their belief that McDade was really armed. Thus, upon spotting McDade in an alley, in one wrong move by McDade, he was shot by the arresting police officers multiple times in his chest.

Witnesses said McDade was trying to talk to the police while he was being handcuffed when he started to tremor. He was brought to the hospital but died afterwards. Apparently, it was too late when the police realized that McDade was not armed at all.

The police blamed Carillo for calling 911 and giving erroneous information. Therefore, the police, trying to cover up their wrongdoing, subsequently arrested Carillo, whom eventually admitted that he lied about the gun.

In their lawsuit, McDade’s parents claim that their son’s death was just a part of a pattern of abuse and killings of black people who go under police custody in the city.

The police officers named in the lawsuit are Phillip Sanchez, Keith Gomez, Jeffrey Newlen, and Matthew Griffin.

McDade’s father also claimed that obviously, he can no longer put his trust in the system that seems to not work for them.

Although McDade’s father is angry with Carillo for threading lies that led to his son’s death, he is more than disappointed with the police since they were the ones who shot his son, and not Carillo.

At present, no comment has been released by the city attorneys since they haven’t seen the lawsuit, according to Pasadena spokesperson Tim McGillivray.

Definitely, the defendants would go to great extent to cover up their wrongdoing. Therefore, McDade’s family must seek for an attorney, like a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, to guide them in this difficult process of litigation and somehow ease their emotional burden brought by the loss of their loved one.

6 Injured in LA Train Accident Involving Benz

At least 6 people sustained minor personal injuries after a train accident involving a Mercedes Benz occurred in downtown Los Angeles, California March 10. Unfortunately, details about the said accident were revealed only recently.

The accident happened at about 4:20 in the afternoon at Venice Boulevard and Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles, according to a Los Angeles Police Department Central Traffic Division spokesperson.

Witnesses said that the Mercedes Benzbeat a red light. As a result of which, the Benz was struck by the fast approaching Metro train during a test run on a railway. The said railway is set to link downtown Los Angeles to Culver City and is expected to open by the end of this year.

An LAPD spokesperson said that all six passengers, including the driver of the Mercedes, were brought to local medical facilities for treatment of the minor personal injuries they sustained.

Video footages from a TV news helicopter showed that the driver side of the Benz collided against the front of an Expo line train while firefighters were using Jaws of Life to extract the passengers from the Benz.

According to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, there no immediate information was released about the injuries.

Even photos of the said train accident were not immediately disclosed to the public for some reasons.

In such train accidents, there are existing laws that can determine who shall be held liable, as well as the corresponding settlement for the victims. In such events, Los Angeles injury attorneys are the very best persons to turn to, since train accident claims are absolutely one of their many expertise.

Families of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Victims to Receive $8M from a State University

A jury ruled on Wednesday that families of the victims from the 2007 fatal shooting in Virginia Tech will receive $8 Million from the said state university.

The lawsuit was filed by the respective families of two killed students of Virginia Tech, Erin Paterson and Julia Pryde, for the university’s alleged failure to notify students about the gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, who was on the loose at the university.

The April 16, 2007 massacre actually started in a dormitory where two students were shot and killed. Despite having been informed about the incident, the school officials failed to notify and alert the students about the foregoing disturbance.

At a later time, Cho shot and killed thirty more students before pointing the gun on and killing himself. Peterson and Pryde were among the 32 people killed in the grisly campus massacre.

Virginia Tech’s lawyer for wrongful death claimed affirmed that the university officials did not alert the students since they believed that it was just an isolated incident.

Said shooting was said to be the most fatal shooting not only in the university’s history, but in the entire US history as well.

In their lawsuit, the victims’ families claimed that the university’s failure to warn the students about the prior killing of two students led to the wrongful death of more innocent students. Meanwhile, the university, through its representative, said that there was no sufficient evidence for the plaintiffs’ allegations.

In the last hearing, jurors took three hours before deciding on the victims’ families’ favor, according to a news report. Both families will receive $4 million each.

Recently, a motion to reduce the lawsuit award has been filed by Virginia Tech’s lawyer and quoted a state law that covers jury awards at $100,000.

In such wrongful death claim, defendants will definitely seek for ways to be free from liabilities and claims filed against them by the victim’s family. Therefore, families must really have the best representation lawyer to pursue the case like a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer whom can guide victims’ families in the long process of litigation to somehow ease their burden.

Covina Woman Passes through a Panel of Jury over a Slip and Fall Claim

A Covina woman was awarded with $415,000 by a jury for her slip-and-fall claim that she filed against one of the largest retailing stores in the United States.

After the jury has ruled 12-0 in her favor, Monika Leiterman, 58, was awarded with the amount of $89,868.28 for her medical expenses and $325,000 for her sustained pain and sufferings, totaling to $414,868.28 in economic compensations.

Leiterman has said that before she reached the generous ruling, she had a hard time gathering evidences to present in court. In her lawsuit, Leiterman has claimed that the Industry Costco Store’s employees failed to clean up a spill on its office which resulted in the accident.

As a result of the slip-and-fall accident, Leiterman underwent a medical operation that required her kneecaps to be wired together. According to her slip-and-fall lawyer, Leiterman still needs to undergo two more medical procedures to fully recover from her injuries, Her lawyer further stated that Leiterman, as expected, will suffer from partial immobility and body pains for her entire life.

Costco has never admitted the allegations nor offered any settlement.

Leiterman is still lucky enough to win on her slip-and-fall accident claim. This is because she has a very good slip-and-fall lawyer. Nowadays, slip-and-fall claims are so hard to prove since a lot of scam artists are also making such claims to. Therefore, filing for accident claim is like passing through a needle hole. A victim should have a lawyer that is capable enough with dealing with all the necessary actions in pursuing the case.

Is Michael Jackson’s Wrongful Death Finally Justified After Conrad Murray’s 4-Year Jail Sentence?

Conrad Murray

The four-year prison sentence of Michael Jackson’s personal physician seems to be too short as a sanction for the celebrity’s wrongful death. Nonetheless, four year period is the maximum jail sentence allowed under the law in relation to Jackson’s death.

The said jail sentence was delivered by the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor. Judge Pastor has said that he had hard time on determining the proper sentence for Murray using his sense of decency and fairness.

Jackson’s family seems satisfied with the Judge’s resolution last Tuesday ignoring the pleas for leniency of the defense.

Convicts with good behavior may lessen the actual time served to two years. However, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore, Murray is neither eligible for early release nor for electronic monitoring or house arrest, that some county prisoners receive under a federal court order that aims to avoid jail overcrowding since Murray does not meet their requirements for any kind of consideration.

Though four years is quite a while, with that sentence, Murray is more likely to suffer for the rest of his life due to the loss of his chosen career and bad effect of the conviction.

Murray’s defense lawyer explained that after the conviction, in whatever career Murray might choose, whether he is a barista or salesperson, he would still be the man that killed Michael Jackson for the rest of his life.

After his conviction and until present Murray still keep on saying he is not guilty for any wrongdoing.

According to court papers, for two months Murray is giving Jackson profofol each night to put Jackson to sleep in a reckless and improper manner until Jackson died on June 25, 2009. Propofol is commonly used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia.

In a court statements read by a lawyer, the Jackson’s family has said that they were not seeking revenge but just want a sentence that would serve as a reminder to all physicians that they cannot render their services without upholding their Hippocratic Oath.

Apparently, Jackson’s family is pretty much pleased with Murray’s sentence based on their statements. As for Murray, it’s not the duration of the sentence that matters but the bad impression of the people as well as the huge effect of the conviction into his entire life would definitely make him feel miserable.

This is just of one of the thousands of cases the proved that Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers are indeed the perfect choice to prosecute a wrongful death claim. It’s a job well done.

Texas’ Leading Producer of Acetyl Products Named in Personal Injury Claim

personal injury claimTexas’ leading producer of acetyl product, Celanese was one of the defendants named after a personal injury claim filed by a Pearland resident employee.

Derrick Davis filed the said personal injury lawsuit last January 12 against his former employer, Clean Harbours Catalyst Technologies Inc. and the Celanese Chemicals Inc.

In his lawsuit, Davis is claiming that the accused are responsible for the incurable personal injury she sustained from the workplace.

Allegedly, Davis was instructed by a Clean Harbours employee to remove his steel – toe boots and put on a canvas anti – static shoes then enter a reactor vessel to clear a blockage in the catalyst tube together with a fellow worker. While Davis was in the reactor, another employee forced the plug through a catalyst tube using a highly compressed air to remove the blockage.

Though the tube clearing operation was successful, Davis on the other hand sustained grave foot injuries when the removed pipe from the catalyst tube struck him As a result, Davis sustained solid crush injuries to the skin, penetrating his bones, tendons and muscles.

Davis asserts that the accident was due to the negligence of the aforementioned companies.

Such case could fall under the Premise liability claim since the accident happened at the workplace. In addition, it occurred due to the companies’ negligence and failure to provide proper safety gears. Although this claim is considered as a personal injury claim, it presents the distinct problem and rare issues of worker safety. An expert lawyer is indeed needed in these cases such as a Los Angeles injury attorney.

DUI Charges Filed Against a Pennsylvania Judge

A judge is someone who presides over court litigations. The characteristics of a judge are typically powerful, fair and disciplined. However, a judge from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania apparently did not have the word “disciplined” in his vocabulary and forgot to practice it.

After getting involved in a car accident as a result of his DUI driving, Judge Randall Todd was arrested.

He was arrested by traffic enforcement officers after he was seen colliding with another vehicle at the intersection of Washington Road and Shady Drive East. According to reports, they said that the confused judge looked and smelled alcohol.

Minutes after the incident, the judge took a sobriety test which produced a failed result. Another test was conducted but reports about its results have not yet been released.

Sobriety tests are a series of tests administered and evaluated in a standardized manner to get validated indicators of impairment due to alcohol and establish probable cause for arrest. However, many studies still challenge the reliability of these tests.

Reports said that the judge was charged with one summary driving and two counts of driving under the influence.

According to the judge’s lawyer Judge Todd has capably served the residents of Allegheny County for a decade and has earned the respect of the bench and similar bar. He further added that the charges against the judge represent a single anomaly to a different distinguished career and that this matter is regrettable, disturbing and embarrassing for the judge.

The Administrative Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Manning said that temporarily, Judge Todd will monitor civil cases until his criminal charge is resolved.

Laws are still biased. It only proves that even judges have no exception to DUI charges.

REI Issues Product Recall for 160 Novara Fusion bicycles

To all owners of the Novara Fusion bicycles:

Be informed that their importer REI (Recreational Equioment Inc.) has issued a product recall of 160 of these bicycles.

product recall REI recall Novara Fusion Bicycles

REI announces the recall of 160 Novara Fusion Bicycles (photo credit: CPSC.gov)

In the US CPSC website, REI indicated that they received reports that there is a risk that the steerer tube may detach from the fork that could cause the rider to lose control and leas to a bicycle accident.

The bikes affected are the espresoo colored Step Through and Fusion models.

The Step Through was sold in extra small/small, while the Fusion was available in medium, large, and extra large.

These bicycles were sold nationwide on REI retail stores between November 2009 and November 2010 and the prices range between $600 and $900.

To identify the affected bikes, you can check the serial numbers on its underside.

The affected models have the serial numbers U95Y07321, U96Y28393, or in the sequential range of the last four digits U96Y28876 through U96Y29128.

If you have one of these bicycles, stop using them immediately and contact REI for a replacement fork that will be installed for free.

For more information about the product recall, you can call REI at (800) 426-4840 anytime or go to REI’s website at http://www.rei.com/help/recall/index.html.