Traffic Accident Still among the Top 10 Causes of Death in US

Unfortunately, despite the existing traffic laws, vehicle accidents are still among the leading causes of death in the U.S.

The info-graphic below is a representation prepared by one of our best personal injury lawyer herein Los Angeles. The information shown below is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2010 statistics report. The data are based on the deaths in 2007.

Causes of Death in US

Holiday Drinking while under Medication Can Be Dangerous

Image gives credit to Barber, Lisa/the food passionates/Corbis.

Image gives credit to Barber, Lisa/the food passionates/Corbis.

Drinking on holidays is very common. However, before you raise a glass or two for a cheer, pause for a while and think up, particularly if you are under medications.

Whether you are taking an over-the-counter or prescription drug, it isn’t safe to drink even a single shot of any alcoholic beverage. Thus, calling for a toast during holiday gatherings isn’t a good idea.

Right before the holiday season started, experts have been warning everyone about the dangers of mixing alcohol with medications. They affirmed that some ingredients contained in some drugs can adversely react with alcohol, making the drug either less effective or  dangerous.

Experts have further explained that drinking while under medications might have a negative effect on a person’s symptoms or on his or her disease. For an instance, when a person treating diabetes consumes alcohol, that person’s blood-sugar level can be reduced, which can eventually lead to poor control diabetes.

Moreover, alcohol can also intensify the sleep-inducing effects of some medications. It may lead to severe drowsiness, making it too dangerous for a person to drive or use perilous machinery.

Pharmacists have likewise warned the elderly. They claim that older people are at increased risk for drug-alcohol interactions since they often take more medications than younger ones. The interaction’s effect to them may affect their thinking and motor skills. In addition, aging can slows down their body’s ability to break down alcohol. Thus, if an older person under medication consumes alcohol, its effect remains longer in his or her system, making him or her more prone to accidents and injuries.

“Drinking while under medication is most probably one of the factors that caused the increased number of fatal vehicle accidents resulting from driving under the influence (DUI) during holidays. As evidenced by the 2008 statistic released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), holidays are the deadliest days of the year. Though, holidays are understandably the season to be merry, this is also the season when you have to control yourself from grabbing a glass of wine or champagne from the buffet table,” reminded by our law firm’s group of expert personal injury lawyers.

Avoiding Lawsuits: Ways to Keep Your Property Safe from Slip-and-fall Accidents


prevent slip-and-fallWinter is right here. Unfortunately, during this season of joy, as the ice and snow begins to fall, the number of slip-and-fall accidents likewise soars.

Slip-and-fall accidents are among the leading causes of injury on both commercial and residential properties.  In fact, based on a statistic gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), out of nearly one million Americans who suffer from injuries resulting from slip-and-fall, about 17,000 of them die.

The changing weather does not change premises and businesses owners’ liability. Therefore, in an aim to help property owners and businesses as well, a slip-and-fall accident attorney, serving greater Los Angeles, reminded that great housekeeping and proper maintenance during this time is very important to prevent big losses as a result of slip-and-fall claims.

In addition, he also shared some tips below on how property owners and businesses could prepare for the winter season to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Start Outdoors

Although the weather can impact both outdoors and indoors, obviously, outdoors are the most affected of the. Also, most slip-and-fall accidents commonly occur outdoors. Therefore, start by clearing out hazards outside of your home or your business establishment. It pays to be prepared in advance. Be sure that you are well prepared to conduct a snow removal ahead of time so that the task can be done quickly as possible. Surfaces like outdoor steps, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots should always be free from ice and snow.

Moreover, several outdoor spots like the driveways and parking areas have a blacktop, wherein chances of slip-and-fall accidents are at a higher risk since the ice tends to blend with the surface’s dark color. Thus, it is always advisable to have a bag of sand to take care of the ice immediately while performing maintenance.

During extreme weathers, since it is more difficult for people to walk on blacktops, safety cones and signs must be provided.

Also, since handrails help people to balance when entering or leaving a premise, it is important to give them a good repair all year round.

During the humid season, lighting is likewise important to brighten up the outdoor areas to make it easier for people to see potential hazards. Therefore, it is best to build a proper lighting with a strong structure particularly in icy areas outdoors.

Indoor maintenance

Regardless of how clean and organized your outdoor area is, ice and snow will still be traced into the entrance ways or door ways of your property or business establishment. When the ice or snow melts, it will then create  water hazard. Clean the water in such areas as soon as possible since it is the part of the indoor wherein there is heavy foot traffic.

Place extra floor mats near entrance or door ways to encourage visitors to wipe their feet. Aside from preventing slip-and-fall accidents, the good thing about placing door mats is that it can also prevent water from getting in between the cracks of the floor which can eventually lead to damage.

In business establishments, it is always important to put up safety cones to mark possible hazards within the premises.

After-snow preventive measure

Even if you have prepared for the winter season ahead of time, you are likely to encounter new possible hazards as problems start to develop in some areas after the first snow. Make it a habit to check on the premises’ walking surfaces to identify new threats and areas that need to be repaired or salted more often.

Inspect surfaces by shuffling around rather than walking, point your feet out and take very slow little steps to carefully check for black ice, uneven surfaces and unsalted areas. Ice can often hide under the snow so you have to locate those risky areas, remember to mark those spots first before fixing it.

Wear your protective gear

Prevention is always better than cure. If you are a business owner, advise your employees to wear shoes that provide traction like slip resistant shoes or boots. Furthermore, it would also help if you would post information about the proper way to fall around your premise. As much as possible, avoid falling on your knees or wrists. Also, if you could try hard to fall on your side, do it to protect the limb.

Remember, a bit of preventive efforts can help reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents on your property. Being well prepared ahead of time really pays a lot. Have a safe winter season.


Staying Away from a Possible Premises Liability Claim

Premise Liability

Owning a property is a great investment. It can grow in value as the years pass and you are sure to get returns from it. These gains, however, cannot be achieved if you will not take good care of these.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to keep your area safe; otherwise, you may legal charge. Incidentally, the following are the common forms of premises liability cases in the United States:

•    Falls. Though you can’t really keep everything inside your premises squeaky clean all the time, you are still required to exhaust every possible means to keep your property safe for use. According to the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company website, settling a claim for a fall will cost you around $60,000.00 to $100,000.00.

•    Dog Attacks. According to the American Family Insurance website, it costs around $24,511.00 to settle dog attack cases on average. To avoid this, make sure that your pet dogs are isolated; far from your guests or visitors in your property.

•    Accidents involving tenants. Failure to safeguard this area can lead to accidents and things may get a little bit tricky. So make it a point to hire the services of housekeepers to keep it clean and safe for everyone.

So if you don’t want to face charges and need the help of a premise liability lawyer to settle these cases, make sure that you proactively take good care of your property to guarantee that nothing like these will ever happen again.


Insomnia Experts Testifies in Ongoing Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial

person with insomniaAs Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial reached its eight week in court, latest development of the case showcased an insomnia expert to testify, media sources said.

Fortunately for the King of Pop’s mother, Katherine Jackson, and his kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, recent development of the said case is apparently moving on their side. This is after insomnia expert Dr. Charles Czeisler took the witness stand during a recent trial.

According to reports, the said medical authority testified that the pop music icon possibly suffered from an undiagnosed sleep disorder, which resulted to his overdose death in June, 2009.

Czeisler has further claimed that the singer was more than sleep deprived. In fact, in his opinion, MJ had a total sleep deprivation and that his body was wasted.

Apparently, Czeisler reportedly blame Propofol for MJ’s sleep problem. The surgical anesthetic Propofol gave the singer an illusion that he slept, but the way the substance worked, his brain likely failed to shut off to let the body rest. Jackson did not get restorative sleep.

The Harvard researcher assessed that the amount of Propofol administered every night to MJ was enormous. Based on pharmacy records, he apparently received more than 4 gallons of Propofol in less than three months – enough for more than 7,000 major surgeries.

In response to Czeisler’s testimony, AEG’s lawyer raised a question about the concert promoter’s role with the singer’s death. The lawyer asked if Czeisler expects a concert promoter to diagnose a sleep disorder. Czeisler said that if the concert promoter was aware that the artist was having difficulty in sleeping, then he could definitely expect the same to get the artist a treatment.

Meanwhile, on a related article, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer who has been keeping an eye with the ongoing trial learned that when it comes to caring for his own health, MJ was reluctant in receiving recommendations of other doctors to seek sleep disorder specialist. Therefore, no other physicians other than Murray were given a chance to help him with his problem.


Street Racing Resulted to Fatal Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident

Photo is a screenshot of a street racing scene from the movie, Fast and the Furious.

Photo is a screenshot of a street racing scene from the movie, Fast and the Furious.

Street racing is pretty common in many public roads despite being illegal. Alarmingly, street racing often results in personal injuries and fatalities since the vehicles used in such activity were not designed and built for racing. Also, most drivers are not trained for high speed driving.

The worst part of it is that street racers may put innocent motorists and pedestrians at risk because they race on public roads rather than in private facilities.

Apparently, this is what happened to an innocent bystander who was killed in a fiery pedestrian accident in South Los Angeles a week ago. According to news reports, a suspected street racing driver struck the 57-year-old man who was then crossing the street near Compton Avenue and 56th Street last April 28.

According to police reports, the suspect’s car was seen racing with another car, southbound on Compton Avenue. Video surveillance records have revealed that after the suspect hit the pedestrian, the vehicle subsequently crashed into some parked cars within the area.

Following reports found out that the driver of the said vehicle is an 18-year-old driver, whom later confessed and was arrested following the incident. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

In a detailed report released by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), it was revealed that the victim admitted that he was driving over the speed limit at the time of the accident. When he saw the pedestrian in front of him, it was too late for him to avoid the collision. Nevertheless, skid marks found on the ground near the scene indicated that the driver still tried to avoid the pedestrian before it hit several cars and a pole.

Incidentally, the area wherein the tragic incident took place is infamous for being one of the favorite venues for street racing and a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer is quite aware with that since he seldom sees those disruptive motorists in some of his late night driving. So far, the authorities are still looking for the second car that the suspect was racing.

Melrose Place Actress to Face 3 Years Behind Bars Over Her Fatal Car Crash

Photo is a screenshot of a video taken by ENews during her trial.

Photo is a screenshot of a video taken by ENews during her trial.

The Melrose Place actress Amy Locane-Bovenizer is about to face a three-year jail sentence following her drunk driving car crash that claimed someone’s life.

Recent reports revealed that the actress was sentenced to three years of imprisonment after she was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and three for assault by auto following her driving under the influence (DUI) car crash last June, 2010.

Locane-Bovenizer was previously charged with aggravated manslaughter and assault by auto charges during her trial that started in the first week of October, last year.

During the previous trials, Locane-Bovenizer admitted that she was drunk when she rear-ended a car which started to pursue her while blowing its horn. The actress claimed that she was forced to over-speed for about four miles until she ended up crashing into another vehicle that was then pulling into the driveway. As a result, the woman passenger of the car died from the crash while her husband was severely injured.

In addition, the apprehending police officers affirmed during the trial that Locane-Bovenizer was intoxicated when the accident occurred. In fact, even her blood test confirmed that her blood alcohol content level was three times higher than the legal limit during that time.

Locane-Bovenizer’s sentence will run simultaneously. Nevertheless, she will be eligible for parole after approximately 30 ½ months and the 81 days that she had already served in jail will be credited, according to reports.

On the other hand, Fred Seeman, who was severely injured from the crash, and his family were quite disappointed with the recent sentence that had been dropped from five or ten years to three years. Seeman claimed that it seems that Locane-Bovenizer used her daughter’s medical condition as an excuse for a lighter sentence, reports said.

It could be remembered that in a recent blog post, a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer explained that in such cases wherein the accused is being charged with grave offense, the most possible move of the defendant is to offer a plea bargain agreement so that a lighter conviction would be possible. Consequently, that could not be far possible with the actress’ case as well.

Speeding Violation Concludes in Motorcycle Crash and Police Dog Attack

fleeing motorcyclistA fleeing motorcyclist ended up in an accident and sustained multiple dog bites after trying to escape from a traffic enforcer.

According to news reports, the rider of a Yamaha motorcycle led the California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer in a high speed police chase after the latter tried to stop the former for speeding on Interstate 5.

The apprehending officer claimed that the rider who was later identified as Richard Kannon, 34, failed to stop despite the police warning and tried to escape instead.

During the chase, when Kannon attempted to get off from his motorcycle, a CHP officer jumped from his vehicle to apprehend the Kannon on his bare foot but the latter took off with his bike again. He continued his reckless riding until he reached into a dead end road wherein he lost control of his big bike and crashed into a ditch.

After he fell, Kannon stood up and began running, prompting, the apprehending police to deploy his police dog, Oso.. The canine caught Kannon and knocked him to the ground. However, it did not totally put an end to the commotion as Kannon repeatedly began hitting the dog on its face. Incidentally, in fear of letting the rider flee again, the officer repeatedly struck him with his police baton until he was subdue.

Subsequently, Kannon was transported to a hospital for treatment of his injuries sustained. He suffered multiple dog bites on his arms and legs, minor abrasions and bruises from the motorcycle accident and strikes from the police baton.

Following his arrest, police discovered five packaged bags of marijuana with a total of 7.5 ounces. Now, that would explain why the motorcyclist had been very eager in resisting his arrest, commented by a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer. Aside from his traffic violation, he is quite aware that he will have more charges to face if he will be apprehended, he added.

Consequently, Kannon was booked into the Tehama County Jail on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale, possession of marijuana, obstructing public officer, evading a police officer with disregard to safety and driving on a suspended license for DUI. His bail was set at $74,000.00, reports said.

New York Jets’ Coach Luckily Survives Multiple Car Accident Unscathed

Photo gives credit to Howard Simon / New York Daily News.

Photo gives credit to Howard Simon / New York Daily News.

The New York Jets coach luckily survived a multiple-car accident unscathed more than a week ago according to recent news reports.

Reports specified that Jets’ coach, Rex Ryan, was left uninjured following a three-car collision in eastern Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, the football coach was driving a Ford Mustang last night of January 14 when he crashed into a car which subsequently hit into a third vehicle. Allegedly, a witness claimed that Ryan ran through the red light before hitting the first car.

Fortunately, no one was injured from the incident.

So far, the Bethlehem Police Department is still waiting for further witnesses to step forward and testify to complete the initial investigation.

Meanwhile, according to Jets’ spokesperson, Ryan did not receive any citations following the incident aside from a warning.

In the past few months, Ryan has taken the center stage after being retained by the team’s owner, Woody Johnson, despite missing in action for two straight season. Also, his controversial tattoo on his right arm portraying his wife wearing Mark Sanchez’s number 6 jersey has also dropped his name into headlines.

Apparently, aside from his personal issues, no other legal embattlements were associated with Ryan. Fortunately for him, he was not cited for any traffic violation. Nevertheless, it is probably too early to end up in conclusion while the investigation is currently ongoing.

As it is, traffic law violators often cause vehicle accidents. In such events, the driver at fault may be charged with civil lawsuits and other related charges which will cause him or her to provide compensations to the victims, if there is any, noted by a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Elderly Woman Mauled by Pit Bulls While Heading to Mailbox

Pit bull TerrierAn 84-year-old woman from Jurupa Valley, California was hospitalized after being attacked by two pit bulls as she was heading to her mailbox last Tuesday.

According to news reports, the woman was walking in front of her own home in Jurupa Valley to check her mailbox when two pit bulls from her neighbor’s yard made their way out and attacked her.

The woman was saved by the dog owner himself. Nevertheless, she still incurred dog bites and other severe injuries. Thus, she was immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Consequently, the dogs were euthanized upon the permission of the owner. Juan Ortiz.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Ortiz, he told media sources that he was surprised since he has never seen his dogs be so aggressive like that. He further claimed that his dogs were family dogs and never been for fighting.

The stunned owner insisted that his 2-year-old daughter, 5-year-old, and 13-year-old sons used to play with his pets since they were puppies. Thus, for him, the incident was really unanticipated.

Meanwhile, following the incident, investigation revealed that the canines were not registered or licensed. Therefore, Ortiz received multiple citations, including violating the county’s dog leash law.

Under the leash law, it is prohibited to let your dog run at large at any time, with or without license. Moreover, talking about licensed dogs, the California state law and county ordinances, require dog owners to purchase a yearly license for their dogs and be it secured or fastened to the canine’s collar. Even for dogs that never leave a house, they should be licensed once they reach four months old, explained by a Los Angeles injury lawyer.