Another Former NFL Player Wishes to Donate Brain for Brain Injury Study

The former NFL player, Junior Seau, was found dead last May 3 with a gunshot on his chest. According to authorities, apparently, it was a self-inflicted shot. Therefore, suicide was seen as a factor to the incident.

The 43-year-old former football player had a standout career as a Pro Bowl linebacker during his 20 seasons in NFL. He played for San Diego Chargers and exited the league in 2010.

Seau’s suicide served as a reminder of last year’s incident when another former NFL player, Dave Duerson, committed suicide due to his unbearable sufferings caused by brain injury. Duerson left a suicide note, saying that he wanted his brain to be donated to science.

Many speculated that the same reason provoked Seau to end his own life, since the legendary linebacker during his football career suffered a number of hits to the head.

The only difference with Seau’s death from Duerson’s was that Saeu did not leave a suicide note. However, San Diego Chargers’ chaplain, Shawn Mitchell, said that Seau’s decision in shooting himself in his chest led the team, as well as Seau’s family, to a conclusion that the former player definitely wanted his brain to be donated to science for brain injury study.

In an interview, Mitchell said that Seau’s family will allow researchers to study the former NFL player’s brain for possible brain injury and damages.

Aside from the former players who committed suicide, other living players publicly declared that that they also want their brains to be donated for further study to the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University once they died.

Last Thursday, at least 100 more players added their names to the growing list of former and current NFL players who filed a brain injury lawsuit against the league.

During his lifetime, Seau never participated in any of the pending lawsuit against the NFL but no one can ever tell if his family in would never raise a claim, particularly if researchers prove that there was evidence of concussion in Seau’s brain.

Football players and boxers are the not the only athletes at risk of brain injury, but hockey players as well. In fact, in the previous years, 28-year-old professional hockey player Derek Boogaard and 45-year-old former NHL player Bob Probert were found to have a trace of brain injury in their autopsies following their death.

Brain injury can actually ruin one’s life, causing paralysis and sometimes death. The condition may be treated, but will take a long period of time and a lot of money. Therefore, victims have to first mount a claim in order to get the right compensation that they need to remedy their illness. Definitely, victims have to make sure that they have the best legal representative, like a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, in raising a claim so that all their efforts would not be wasted.

Family of Former Entrepreneur Files $10 M Wrongful Death Claim

The family of an entrepreneur who was killed in a tragic car accident was seeking $10 million in their wrongful death lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed last April 20 before Hammond’s US District Court, Marla Fry’s family is seeking for $10 million as compensation for her wrongful death.

The family’s wrongful death attorney said that Fry’s husband, David Fry, claims that the judgment amount that they are praying simply shows just how much the family treasures Fry.

The defendant’s representative said that the party would not give comments as dictated by the company’s policy.

Records show that Fry was killed in a tragic car accident last April 10, after bringing her daughters’ snacks to school.

According to reports, Fry had stopped at a red light at U.S. 30 in Porter County Road 600W and then entered the intersection upon the green light signal. That is when Fry’s car was hit by tractor-trailer running through red lights, causing Fry’s death.

According to the driver, Roberto Sanchez, 52, he couldn’t stop his coughing, that is why he failed to control the tractor during red light.

Fry left two lovely daughters, Anna and Maisy, who were both minors, and her spouse, David.

During her lifetime, Fry used to create art using vintage and antique windows as her business. She actually named her business, Marla Fry Windows after her.

Nowadays, family members of the deceased can have the right to obtain rightful compensation for the untimely death of a family member after laws regarding wrongful death claims have been legislated. Although the laws may seem to differ from state to state, they are not too far different. Fortunately, many lawyers, such as wrongful death attorney Los Angeles, know every state’s laws regarding wrongful death claims, and can therefore provide the legal assistance needed by their clients.

LAPD Pays $3.2M in Wrongful Death of Former Gang Member

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was recently required by a jury on a hearing last March 19 to pay monetary relief for a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a former gangster.

The jury awarded $3.2 million in damages to the family of Mauricio Cornejo. Said monetary relief will be distributed among Cornejo’s surviving wife and two minor children.

The former gang member of Ramona Gardens died under the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department way back in 2007.

According to court documents, Cornejo collapsed in a detention cell at the Hollenback Police Station. Reports showed that a foot chase between Cornejo and the police that night after a confrontation near Ramona Gardens housing project in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles had something to do with Cornejo’s death.

Lawyers representing the city of Los Angeles affirmed that Cornejo died from the strain he experienced while he was violently resisting arrest. Allegedly, Cornejo, who was then a wanted parolee, was under the influence of intoxicating substance during the arrest. According to the city’s representatives, methamphetamine and cocaine was the major cause of Cornejo’s death.

However, Ventura County’s chief medical examiner, Ronald O’Halloran, testified that the force exerted by the officers against Cornejo, including baton blows, caused his death.

Also, Cornejo’s wrongful death attorney presented a video from a Hollenbeck surveillance camera showing that Cornejo was unconscious or might be already dead when he arrived at the station.

Definitely, said testimony and firm evidence presented to the federal court were seen as enough reasonable cause by the jury to arrive in such resolution.

Losing someone you love unexpectedly due to other people’s fault is an extremely distressing experience, especially for minors like those two children of Cornejo. Fortunately, Corejo’s family had the wrongful death attorney who provided them with efficient and effective legal assistance throughout the case.

Music Producer Finally Settles Wrongful Death Claim Filed by Mother of Murdered Actress

lana clarksonLegendary music producer Phil Spector finally settled the wrongful death claim filed against him by the mother of the murdered actress, Lana Clarkson.

It can be recalled that Spector was convicted for killing Lana Clarkson inside his house nine years ago.

Now, Spector had reached an agreement with the actress’ mother, Donna Clarkson. However, the terms of the settlement was kept undisclosed, according to Clarkson’s wrongful death lawyer. The mother’s lawyer further added in a news report that Donna Clarkson was pleased and relieved after she and Spector finally signed the confidential agreement.

Spector was jailed for 15 years after being found guilty for second degree murder with an additional 4 years for personally handling a gun.

Originally, Spector tried to establish a defense against the lawsuit. He even pleaded to the US Supreme Court to review his murder conviction. Nevertheless, his efforts were proved futile until he agreed to put in place the said settlement.

Neither Spector nor his insurance company lawyer gave any comments regarding the settlement and both couldn’t be reached for further details.

A wrongful death claim stems from a number of situations, including murder. When a wrongful death has occurred, the victim’s survivors or immediate family members are entitled to receive compensation from the person who caused the wrongful death.

Donna Clarkson’s move to hire a very good lawyer to handle her daughter’s case was an intelligent move. Her  wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles provided her with efficient and legal assistance that strengthened her case and gave her the most favorable results possible. Hence, for those who are in the same situation as Clarkson, they could learn a lot from her on how to win a wrongful death case with the aid of a competent lawyer.

Panorama City Vehicle Collision causes Oil Spill

truck accidentA truck-bus accident in Panorama City, Los Angeles on Wednesday has caused commotion when the FedEx delivery truck spilled fuel on the road.

According to Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), the initial report was that a vehicle happened to hit a pedestrian. However, succeeding reports confirmed that it was indeed a two-vehicle accident between a bus and a FedEx delivery truck.

LAFD spokesperson, Brian Humphrey said that four ambulances were dispatched to the accident scene, but reports said that only two injured people  were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Firefighters said that it took 20 pounds of sand to cover up the fuel that leaked from the truck to avoid the risk of catching fire. The clearing operation lasted until late morning.

The cause of the accident was not yet determined and the investigation is still in progress.

Recent news report said that the day before the accident happened, a delivery truck of FedEx also got involved in an accident in Central Miami. The truck driver ran on red light causing it to hit a bus.

Nowadays, truck accidents are considered as common occurrences on the road.  According to statistics, in every 16 minutes, one person gets either injured or killed in a truck accident.

Most victims of truck accidents are often left suffering.  Therefore, those victims from the said accident should get the service of a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in truck accident cases and other related matters to help them formulate effective strategies for obtaining claims.

Most Common Factors of Vehicle Accidents During Holidays

During holidays like Christmas and New Year, vehicle accidents significantly increase. Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that more or less 400 people die in vehicle accidents in US during holiday seasons.

During this season, people travel to shop, visit friends and family, or go to parties and events. Also, during this period, the number of vehicle accidents increase. Because of this, drivers should take more precautions to avoid accidents and other related injuries.

Below are the some of the most common factors causing vehicle accidents and tips on how to avoid them during holiday season:

•    Alcohol and other intoxicated products – it is the most often cause of vehicle accidents. Statistics show that fatal accidents over New Year’s Eve are caused by DUI driving. This factor usually contributes 40 percent to Holiday vehicle accidents.

•    Negligence – this includes recklessness, carelessness, inattention and aggression. People’s hectic schedules during holidays cause motorists to forget to concentrate on the road. Heavy traffic can also compromise a motorist’s patience behind the wheel.

•    Bad weather – this includes fog, rain, black ice and snow. These natural weather occurences can cloud up the road thus making it risky for the motorists on the road. When you feel like the weather is in its worst condition, it is better stay at home.

There are actually so many risks on the road during holiday season that’s why it is very important for everyone to cool down and concentrate on driving to safely arrive on your destination. It’s better to be late than never.

Don’t let your holiday season be ruined by a vehicle accident due to the above-mentioned factors which could be avoided.  Let your Christmas and New Year be filled with countless joys and blessing and not with regrets.

Protein– Seen as a Possible Cure for Spinal Cord Injury

Based on studies, protein, aside from its many various essential roles in the body, is also known to be involved in cell signaling and signal transduction process. Extra – cellular types of protein like insulin acts as a transmitter of signal from the cell in which they were synthesized to other cells in distant tissues while the membrane proteins act as a receptors whose main role is to bind a signaling molecule and cause a biochemical response in the cell.

Now, protein is seen as a possible cure for spinal cord injury.

In a recent study, a couple of proteins were tested to cure spinal injuries in rats and the study has been successful. Researchers found out that two proteins can meaningfully lessen spinal cord injury among rats.

According to the study, proteins greatly reduced the size of wounds in the spinal cord of rats and also minimized its quality of being poisonous at the injury site.

One of the researchers from Griffith University Scientist explained that the first spinal cord injury is like a bruise but unlike an ordinary bruise, it is a constant inflammatory response which may leads to greater damage.

But this is not the only hope that spinal cord injuries should assume for. While protein was seen as a possible cure for spinal cord injury, on the other hand, a new exoskeleton device is also being developed to aid spinal cord injury. Said device is currently demonstrated in hospitals by car accident victims who are suffering from spinal cord injury.

The study is a great leap in discovering several cures for spinal cord injury. This only shows that traumatic spinal cord injury may possibly be eliminated or reduced secondary degeneration in the future through the help of advanced research.

A New Hope for Unconscious Brain Injury Patients

Brain injury can be classified together with several dimensions. It could be destructive, fatal or could lead to permanent disability.

Detail from a conducted study was recently published stating that they had created measurements of electrical pulses in the brain to conclude whether a patient was conscious or not.

The electroencephalogram (EEG) method does not cause any pain to patients and functions by means of attaching electrodes to the patient’s head.

Sixteen patients from Addenbrooke’s Hospital at Cambridge and University Hospital of Liege in Belgium were involved at the said research. Each patient was diagnosed as being in a vegetative state or having dull or excessively immobile lifestyle.

Patients were asked to think about moving their right hand or toes. Research found out that three of the patients could repeatedly follow instructions.

According to said research, many areas of the brain that activate when a patient performs a movement also activate when they think of doing it.

Researchers said that those three patients that were able to repeatedly move their hands and toes as instructed were conscious. As a matter of fact, one of those three patients was able to do it for more than a hundred times.

Researchers were excited for the result of their study. It’s really something they should be proud of. Now they can assess many more patients with brain injuries to determine if they can detect hidden awareness.

It’s a great innovation giving a new hope to the family and love ones of many patients with brain injury. Hopefully this would eventually help patients to recover from their state of unconsciousness since most of those patients aren’t entitled for brain injury claims.

Dad of Lodi Teen Killed in a Bus Stop Seeking a $10-Million Wrongful Death Claim

Imagine how it feels to lose someone in an instant, most especially if you certainly know that his/ her death is untimely and it was caused by other people’s negligence.

A father of a 14-year-old Lodi, Brianne Prieto in now suffering from mental anguish and deep sorrow due to her daughter’s untimely death caused by a negligent driver of a Dodge Durango. The victim and her sister were walking ahead to a bus stop to fetch their school bus when they were struck.

The accident happened several weeks ago, when Brianne and her sister was walking along the frontage road to the bus stop to where they were being picked by their school bus every day. As the girls crossed on the frontage road, a Dodge Durango hit them which dreadfully killed Brianne and caused major injuries to her sister.

In the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the father of the two minors involved in said pedestrian accident, the father claims that the accident was due to the negligence of driver of the Dodge Durango. He also claims in the lawsuit that the school district should have coordinated with the city of Lodi to provide a safe path for students where they could fetch their school bus. Both the city of Lodi and the school district don’t held themselves accountable for any liabilities for the said the tragic accident. The wrongful death claim is worth $10 million.

In case the father wins in his wrongful death claim, I don’t think that it would still be insufficient, since the father lost one of his lovely daughters. There is no such amount of money that can replace one’s value in life. However, getting the compensation you deserve may somehow lessen the emotional burden.

Woman Die After Crossing PCH Illegally

When a pedestrian crosses the street out of the marked lane, he or she will have a hard time asserting maximum compensation for injuries. Her own negligent act of crossing illegally reduces or forfeits his or her right on legal remedy.

Take the case of a woman who was killed after crossing the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) illegally on Saturday at 10:35 p.m.

According to reports, the woman was crossing out of the marked lane at north of Sunset Boulevard when a car driver struck her. She was transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, but she succumbed to her injuries.

Los Angeles police officers commented that the driver stopped at the scene and was not charged of any violation yet. Authorities are still investigating the details on the cause of accident, reports said.

The woman should have used the crosswalk in obedience to safety traffic rules. However, her own negligent act may weaken her legal arguments when she starts asserting for damages.

The car driver may present defenses before the court that he or she is not expecting a pedestrian out of the way because there is no crosswalk at the scene. The motorist may also contest percentage of or any compensation for the victim.

Such is the result when the pedestrian is not abiding the law at the time of crash. The court may not be able to decide in favor of the victim because his or her own negligent act contributed or caused the accident.

Crossing the street illegally is a violation of safety traffic rules and may weaken any claim for legal compensation.

For more information on pedestrian accident, you may consult with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. Your lawyer will guide you throughout the litigation process. Dial 1-866-772-2889 or email us at