Three Feet for Safety Act: To Target Safer Roads for Bicyclist in California

Three Feet for Safety Act To Target Safer Roads for Bicyclist in CaliforniaWith the distressing increase of fatalities concerning bicyclists, the state of California had introduced and take in effect last September 16, 2014, the “Three Feet for Safety Act (California Vehicle Code Section 21760)” which graces all of the bicyclists with a safer cycling experience while claiming ample space on the road.

The law enforces a no less than 3 feet safe distance allowance for all bicyclists to be complied by the motorists, having due regard for the size and speed of both parties’ transit units/vehicles, traffic conditions, weather, visibility, and the surface and width of the road, when passing and overtaking. In cases of unexpected circumstances caused by the above factors, a motorist must acknowledge a reasonable slow driving at an apt safe speed and passing over a bicycle rider only if such action will not initiate and contribute to any harm.

Therefore, if a motorist had proven to commit any related violation/s, he or she will automatically be obliged by the law, to provide a fine of $35. However, if the violation had provoked an occurrence of a collision which resulted to any level of injury towards a bicyclist, an increase of fine amounting to $220 [in total] will be lawfully reprimanded against the concerned motorist.

On the other hand, motorists must also be aware of the bicyclists’ rights protected by the California Vehicle Code (CVC) which states that, with few exceptions, bicycle riders being also considered as drivers of vehicles are bestowed with same, equal rights and responsibilities like the motorists under the CVC. And also, bicycle riders are eligible to consuming the entire traffic lane in circumstances wherein the lane is too narrow to be shared by both the motorists and bicyclist.

With the simplicity and clarity of the contents enclosed in CV CS 21760, motorists are expected to diligently and consistently follow the above rules and regulations. And so, by following the Three Feet for Safety Act, several common factors such as taking left turns, neglectful and sudden opening of a vehicle’s door, irresponsible crossing at intersections, and unwarned reversing, which root collisions between the motorists and bicyclists may be escaped.

In addition, several laws also protect the welfare of bicycle riders in the state. These include the CVC 21200 (a), CVC 21202 (a), CVC 21650, CVC 21650.1, CVC 21202 (a) (3), and CVC 21656. In addition, bicyclist must also conform with all the rules that the state of California enforces to them. In that way, both motorists and bicycle riders will be able to claim a fair roadway justice.

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