Panel of Judges Consolidate Head Injury Lawsuits Filed Against NFL

panel of judge rulingOn the last day of January 2012, the panel of judges ruled over the lawsuits filed against the NFL in different states to be consolidated at the Federal court of Philadelphia.

The three-page decision was made by the judicial panel on Multi-district Litigation. The ruling states that the new location will bring convenience to the parties and witnesses for a smooth litigation process.

The consolidated cases would be held at the Eastern District Court of Philadelphia before Judge Anita B. Brody.

The panel also noted in the rulings that the subject actions share real issues coming from allegations against NFL stemming from the injuries sustained by both former and current players from playing professional football.

Since last year, hundreds of players including stars like Jim McMahon, Jamal Lewis and some of the player’s wives have filed lawsuits against the NFL in more than dozen complaints. Allegedly, the NFL ignored and tried to hide the consequences of head injuries just to promote the game.

Several lawsuits have been filed in California, New York, Florida and New Jersey but the panel ruling is focusing on four lawsuits – the one filed in Philadelphia and the three in California. Recently, additional sixteen complaints have been filed against NFL but the league denied all claims.

The NFL might be in a huge brawl against their former players for failing to exercise their duties to perform guidelines and mandatory rules regulating proper head injury medical treatment. Moreover, they also failed in facilitating the return-to-play standards for players who suffered head injury from the game.

Any head injury will definitely become disastrous. It might bring paralysis or even early death. There are no certainties about the immediate effects of a head injury but whatever results it would have, it is absolutely catastrophic.

In the event that your head strikes or hits a hard object, like that of a football wound, you can have a personal injury claim against the person who has been negligent thus causing the damage. Victims are advised to seek the legal service of an expert lawyer like an injury attorney Los Angeles to support your complaint.

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