“American Idol” Champ to Undergo Surgery after Car Crash

Image is a screenshot of Kris Allen’s photo originally posted at the American Idol’s official webpage.

American Idol’s Season 8 champion, Kris Allen, was reportedly injured in a car accident last Tuesday and was headed to surgery after three days.

According to reports, Allen broke his right wrist following a head-on collision but the exact location where the accident occurred was not specified.

The news only came to light after Allen’s mother, Kimberly, took to her Twitter account and posted a photo of him lying in hospital bed with bandaged wrist and a neck brace shortly after the incident. Also, she noted that although her son is doing fine now, he still has to undergo surgery soon. In her exact word, Allen’s mother described him as “very shook up but not injured.”

A few hours after his mother’s tweet, Allen took to his own Twitter account and thanked the maker of his vehicle. In his own words he said:

“Thank you, @ford, for equipping me with a car that kept my whole family and the little one we have on the way safe … Yes, I got in a really bad wreck tonight, and yes, I’m having a lil baby.”

Further news reports claimed that Allen was not alone in his car. In fact, the soon-to-be dad was with his pregnant girlfriend, Katy, when the accident occurred.

Fortunately for his fans, Allen assured them that even though he broke his wrist in the accident, his ‘Out Alive Tour’ will push through as previously scheduled.

In his tweet last Thursday, Allen said:

“Getting ready for surgery tomorrow morning.. Gonna get this hand back to 100% no matter what it takes.”

So far, no further details are yet released on his surgery.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles injury lawyer hopes for the American Idol winner’s speedy recovery. Also, he is pretty impressed with the strong courage that Allen shows to his fans. As it is, car accidents can be extremely life devastating for the victims involved since the chances of recovery for most of them are typically slim.

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