49ers’ Demarcus Dobbs Arrested over Santa Clara Solo Car Crash

Recent reports revealed that San Francisco 49ers’ backup defensive end, Demarcus Dobbs, was arrested after getting involved in a single vehicle accident in Santa Clara, California resulting from drunk driving.

According to reports, Dobbs was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) after crashing his 2011 Cadillac. In addition, the marijuana that was caught in his  possession during the incident further triggered his arrest.

Fortunately, no one was injured from the solo crash. In fact, even Dobbs was left unscathed. However, he was required to undergo chemical test thereafter, but the result is still not yet released.

Incidentally, the San Tomas Expressway in Santa Clara where the incident took place is the same city where the 49ers is having its practice facility. Also, the team is currently building its new stadium.

In a statement released by the 49ers following the incident, the team declared that Dobbs will not be playing on the next game against the Rams and will likewise be excluded from the trip to St. Louis. However, the team affirmed that it is still gathering resources related to the situation. In fact, team officials have been in touch with Dobbs as well as with the league’s office. At present, the team remains tight-lipped in spilling out comments regarding the incident.

It could be remembered that it was not the first time that a 49ers player had been involved in a dangerous driving aftermath. Earlier this year, NFL’s sack leader, Aldon Smith, was likewise arrested for driving under the influence. Following that incident, Smith was again involved in a rollover crash in September.

Driving under the influence is the most common cause of car accident not only in Los Angeles, but in the entire country as well. The sad part is that despite the existing laws and severe penalties imposed by each state, violators still drift along the roads without regard to people’s safety. In addition, reckless drivers only learn their lesson once they themselves have been severely injured or when someone was killed in an accident that they have caused, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles argued.

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