Another Life Claimed by a “Race Accident”; or was it?

Another Life Claimed by a “Race Accident”; or was it
Contact and confrontations between drivers in sprint car racing is quite a normal occurrence. Given the competitive spirit felt in the races, add in some powerful cars, then you’re in for an exciting, and literally, action-packed races. However, just recently, a contact and confrontation had led to something tragic. Young Driver Kevin Ward Jr. was struck and killed by fellow sprint car driver Tony Stewart.

Fatal Confrontation

In the sprint car race last August 9, 2014, Kevin Ward Jr’s car went spinning after it had contact with race veteran Tony Stewart. With his temper getting the better of him, Ward, clad in a black firesuit and black helmet, went out of his car to confront Stewart which he believes caused him to crash. However, Ward got off his car in a dimly-lit part of the race track, making his black outfit hardly visible for other drivers. Moreover, Ward was said to have walked towards oncoming cars as he was furiously trying to confront Stewart. While the car in front was able to avoid hitting Ward, Stewart was not able to control his car in time, causing the former to get struck, rolled over, and dragged on by the latter’s car. The racing car accident proved to be really fatal as Ward suffered severe injuries that led to his death.

Investigations On-going

After the preliminary investigations were made about the accident, authorities have not found any piece of evidence that hold Stewart liable for the death of Ward. However, Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero said that criminal charges are not yet ruled out and further investigation are being made. Some have pointed out that Stewart has long been involved in many confrontations on the race track. He was also involved in a number of accidents that caused injuries to a number of racers. This is one of the reasons why authorities are still exerting efforts to better discern if Stewart was at any extent, had the intent to hit Ward.

Possible Scenarios

With the recent developments regarding the accident, there is a great chance that Stewart will walk away from this incident and won’t be charged for Ward’s death. However, a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney shared that with the sheriff office asking possible witnesses to submit photos and videos of the incident, criminal intent may still be proven. In such cases, the Ward family of the victim can file a wrongful death claim against Stewart and ask for damages and compensation for the losses and expenses that they have incurred. More than anything though, a win in such claims will help you get justice for the untimely loss of a loved one and make their passing worthwhile.

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