Eva Longoria Finally Settles Lawsuit from 2010 Car Accident

Former “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria finally settled a lawsuit stemming from her 2010 car accident that happened in Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

According to official case records, Longoria was sued by Roman Gasparyan after she allegedly lost control of her 2010 BMW and then crashed into his vehicle a couple of years ago.

Initially, Gasparyan claimed that he was at the median, waiting to make a left turn when Longoria’s car that was on the opposite lane suddenly swerved and struck his car. However, according to Longoria’s publicist, based on police reports, Gasparyan was at fault for the incident and that he even admitted it at the scene. Longoria’s publicists further claimed that the actress did not make any abrupt lane change and called the lawsuit as frivolous.

According to the lawsuit, Gasparyan experienced mental and physical sufferings, which prompted him to file for a claim with unspecified damages.

The said lawsuit was about to go on trial on August 15, but both parties agreed to reach an agreement to settle the lawsuit before the scheduled trial. However, the terms of the settlement was undisclosed. The settlement was only announced in the LA Superior Courts last August 3.

Car accidents generally happen as a result of negligent behaviors or misconduct of others. In fact, drivers’ failure to obey traffic rules and regulations as well as to implement reasonable care in operating vehicles makes them more prone to road mishaps.

Accordingly, here are some of the major causes of car accidents for drivers to avoid:

•    Failure to observe traffic signs and warnings
•    Drivers’ lack of skill
•    Going beyond maximum speed limit
•    Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other intoxicating substance
•    Excessive conversation with other passengers
•    Tailgating
•    Failure to conduct regular car safety checks
•    Disregarding bad weather and prevailing road conditions

By spreading awareness regarding such information particularly to motorists, a Los Angeles injury attorney believes that the number of injuries and death caused by car accidents can be greatly reduced.

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