Kylie Jenner Crashes Fancy Car in Calabasas Days after Obtaining Her Driver’s License

Kylie Jenner

Photo gives credit to Pacific Coast News.

Days after obtaining her driver’s license, the Kardashian’s younger half sister, Kylie Jenner, reportedly crashed her high-end vehicle in Calabasas, California.

According to reports, the reality TV star and model crashed her pricey Mercedes Benz SUV at the back of a Toyota vehicle which subsequently crashed into the back of a Subaru SUV, causing a three-vehicle collision.

Fortunately for Kylie, nobody was hurt from the incident. In fact, witnesses to the incident claimed that she handled the incident like a pro, apologizing and asking if everybody were okay and exchanged car insurance information.

Further reports claimed that the Toyota car suffered major damage to the back while the Subaru suffered bumper damage.

The incident happened last August 28, just 18 days after her 16th birthday. Incidentally, the youngest Jenner also obtained her license on her 16th birthday, while her fancy vehicle, a G-Class Mercedes-Benz SUV, was said to be a birthday present for her by her mom, Kris Jenner.

What an unfortunate way to celebrate her being a licensed driver in 16th year of existence commented by a Los Angeles injury attorney. In addition, the lawyer herein also noted that the state’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) aims to pursue promoting rules of the road and further develop a new generation of safe teen drivers. Thus, the agency has provided helpful tips and resources for teens in its official web page.



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