Protein– Seen as a Possible Cure for Spinal Cord Injury

Based on studies, protein, aside from its many various essential roles in the body, is also known to be involved in cell signaling and signal transduction process. Extra – cellular types of protein like insulin acts as a transmitter of signal from the cell in which they were synthesized to other cells in distant tissues while the membrane proteins act as a receptors whose main role is to bind a signaling molecule and cause a biochemical response in the cell.

Now, protein is seen as a possible cure for spinal cord injury.

In a recent study, a couple of proteins were tested to cure spinal injuries in rats and the study has been successful. Researchers found out that two proteins can meaningfully lessen spinal cord injury among rats.

According to the study, proteins greatly reduced the size of wounds in the spinal cord of rats and also minimized its quality of being poisonous at the injury site.

One of the researchers from Griffith University Scientist explained that the first spinal cord injury is like a bruise but unlike an ordinary bruise, it is a constant inflammatory response which may leads to greater damage.

But this is not the only hope that spinal cord injuries should assume for. While protein was seen as a possible cure for spinal cord injury, on the other hand, a new exoskeleton device is also being developed to aid spinal cord injury. Said device is currently demonstrated in hospitals by car accident victims who are suffering from spinal cord injury.

The study is a great leap in discovering several cures for spinal cord injury. This only shows that traumatic spinal cord injury may possibly be eliminated or reduced secondary degeneration in the future through the help of advanced research.

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