Rain Causes Multiple Road Mishaps in Southern California

heavy rainA heavy flow of rain may have brought the entire Southern California much needed rain. However, the same caused a series of vehicle accidents and traffic jam on several freeways and roads across the area.

On the very first day of rain pour, several accidents have been reported. The first one was a jackknifed oil tanker along 5 Freeway and 134 Freeway interchange, while the others spun out on local freeways involving multiple cars. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported following the incidents.

Also, a six-car pileup was reported in the Cahuenga Pass reportedly caused by bad weather condition.  According to police reports, six vehicles slammed into one another along 101 Freeway near Barham Boulevard in Studio City. It is yet unclear whether anyone was seriously injured in the incident.

On the second day of continuous rain pour, motorists had their bad day heading to work due to the early morning weather condition. Nothing can be seen dry as the heavy downpour hit the Southland stretching from Duarte to Long Beach, Northridge and Westwood.

As the rain further continues, a rockslide in the Mulholland Drive area took place and caused the motorists to dodge and maneuver around boulders not far from the area.

While some motorists were mindful about the road conditions during bad weather others simply just enjoyed the rain. Of course, people have different point of view, reminded by a Los Angeles car accident attorney. In addition, he also noted to always slow down in driving and to give each other enough space between cars when hitting the road ways.

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