Rock Music Legend Peter Frampton’s Car Struck by Texting Driver

Just recently, 62-year old rock music legend Peter Frampton was reportedly involved in a car accident Tuesday when he was struck by a woman who was driving while using her cell phone.

In his tweet, which is quoted below, Frampton said:

“Texting woman driver just ran into back of me while I was stationary in traffic 101 freeway. Can u say whiplash? People put the phones down!”

Obviously, while the musician’s car was on full stop due to prevailing traffic condition, his car was struck from behind by a woman driver who was then using her mobile phone while driving.

In his subsequent social media musing, Frampton tweeted:

“Back and neck not good. Going to ER after my flight today.”

The musician has a series of concert scheduled dubbed the “Grin & Bear It” tour, which actually started last Friday in Minnesota. Fortunately, despite the injuries that Frampton incurred, he was still able to proceed with his concert tour. In his recent Facebook post quoted herein as well, the musician said:

“The show must go on!!!”

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