Second Expo Line Train Figured in Accident a Week before Opening

A Metro Expo Line train, which was having a test run on Thursday, was involved in an accident leaving an injured motorist.

According to reports, the accident occurred last Thursday morning at 3600 Block of South Hoover Boulevard. Initial investigation revealed that a blue Honda Civic tried to force in a right turn upon seeing the fast approaching train in Exposition Park. As a result of which, the train struck the Honda Civic.

Witnesses said that the car driver still managed to get out of his vehicle and called somebody after the incident. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), although the car driver seems fine, LAFD Paramedics were still sent to the accident scene to bring the driver to the hospital to treat his minor injuries sustained from the accident.

This said accident was actually the second accident that the Metro Expo Train was involved in, even though it was not yet open for public. The first accident actually happened last March 10 at Downtown Los Angeles, which injured 6 passengers of a black Mercedes Benz.

A Metro Expo Line spokesperson, Jose Ubaldo, said that the train was on a test run when the previous accident happened. Ubaldo stated that the Expo Line is not yet in operation and that both trains that were involved in the accidents were only occupied by their operators.

It was said that the 7.6 mile Phase 1 of Expo Line will open by the end of April. The light rail route will run from Downtown south to USC and then come to a stop at La Cienega and Jefferson boulevards.  Meanwhile, Phase 2, which will serve Santa Monica, will be open for operation by 2015.

Although car accident victims were said to have all the rights to file for a personal injury claim, in such instances, it would definitely take a lengthy investigation to prove who is at fault and who will be held liable for the all the damages and injuries incurred from the accident. Also, victims during the litigation must have the best car accident attorney Los Angeles, since the process would definitely take a long time, considering that the car driver obviously caused the collision.

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