Soulja Boy’s Car Used in Hit-and-Run Crash; Rapper’s Friend Arrested

bentleyFollowing a series of investigation, authorities have finally identified the suspect in the January 9 hit-and-run car incident that involved rapper Soulja Boy’s Bentley.

According to media sources, thousands of hidden cameras surrounding Los Angeles wherein the hit and run took place have confirmed that the red Bentley that was involved in the incident belongs to Soulja Boy.

Initial reports following the incident have claimed that the incident begun when a motorcyclist T-boned a red Bentley in Hollywood, leaving the biker seriously injured. Subsequently, the driver of the Bentley, who caused the car crash by making a dangerous turn, fled the scene.

Several witnesses from the scene were able to identify and told the cops that it belongs to Soulja Boy. They knew it for a fact since that latter was reportedly frequent in the area.

Consequently, the cops started to access each hidden camera installed on police cars, buildings and private vehicles within the vicinity. According to law enforcements, the cameras took photos of cars all over the place.

Shortly thereafter, the cops got the vehicle’s plate number and found out that the same indeed belongs to the rapper.

At present, the Bentley is already smooth and polished without any marks from the accident. Far from the damaged Bentley that was showed in a bunch of photos taken by the cameras. The authorities suspect that the rapper had the car repaired to conceal the incriminating proof of the incident.

Police later identified that the driver of the vehicle during the time of the accident was one of Soulja Boy’s friends, Abrahim Mustafa. He is a rapper by profession who goes by Arab. He was subsequently charged with felony hit-and-run.

According to a Los Angeles injury attorney, such secret networks of camera have actually solved hundreds of crimes in LA. Therefore, you cannot keep on hiding something, particularly a crime that you have committed in public since the cameras will definitely betray you.

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