What Are The Worst Cities For Car Accident Reports?

This is a guest post from Lauren B.


CityPlanning to hit the road? Before you hop into your vehicle and head out, consider your driving environment since in some cities car accidents are relatively prevalent. Hence, it is in your best interest to mind your driving environment whenever going for a car ride.

A recent report produced by renowned insurance company Allstate has ranked the 200 of the largest cities in the United States with respect to car accident frequency. In order to establish the rankings, Allstate considered how often the average driver may have an accident and how that compares to the national average. While the average American car driver gets in only one accident every ten years, if you’re unlucky enough to be driving out on one of these roads, you’re more likely to be involved in a crash.

If you wish to play it safe out on the roads, it may be best to avoid the capital – as Washington, D.C. ranks number one; it’s the worst city for car accidents. Drivers in Washington, D.C. are involved, on average, in a car accident every 4.8 years. This startling statistic is more than twice as often as the national average. Coming in second place, is Baltimore, where you’re 88.7 more likely to get into an accident and have 5.3 years between every collision. For number three is Glendale, CA, you’re 80.8 percent more likely to end up in a collision and have 5.5 years between accidents. Newark, NJ takes the forth position – you are 70.8 percent more likely to get into an accident and generally have only 5.9 years between collisions. Meeting the middle is Providence, RI, your 66.7% more likely to get into an accident and average 6 years between collisions.

Philadelphia, where you are 60.2% more likely to get into an accident every 6 years, ranked sixth in the list. Ranking number seven is Hartford, CT. – you’re 59.9% more likely to get into an accident and the average years are 6.3 between collisions. Getting the number eight position is Jersey City, NJ – where you’re 57.5% more likely to get into collision and average 6.4 years between each one. In the Golden State, San Francisco ranks number nine in the top-ten list. You’re 57.3% more likely to get into an accident in this city and on average, there’s 6.4 years between each collision. When it comes to the top ten, Washington D.C.’s neighbor Alexandria, VA ranks as number ten. Compared to the national average, you’re 55.9% more likely to get into an accident; on average, you’ll have an accident every 6.4 years.

So why exactly do these ratings matter? Well, the likelihood of an accident affects your auto insurance premiums – so if you’re considering moving, you may want to reconsider prior to committing, or chose a city with safer drivers. Play it safe, because human actions are the largest cause of accidents!


About the Author:

Lauren B. is a freelance copywriter working with Ford Dealers in NJ to warn you of the worst cities in the US for car accident reports. For more info, visit Beyer Ford website.

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