Unknown and Interesting Car Insurance Facts and Statistics

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car accident insuranceGoing through some facts about car insurance and statistics is a good way to learn more about car insurance. Crunch through these statistics and you might find that knowing a few fun facts can help you save on auto insurance. And that’s even more fun.

Speed Limit

There’s a reason why drivers in the age group of 16 to 19 have to pay higher auto insurance rates. They are 3 times more likely to get a speeding ticket. If you’re looking for better insurance, you’ll have to wait until you reach the age of 25, when auto insurance rates will significantly decline.

Pull over!

Although all 50 states require drivers to have car insurance, only 16 percent of drivers are actually insured.

Yield! Insurance Rates Roller Coaster

The most expensive car insurance rates are in the states of Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

In contrast, those living in the states of Massachusetts, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska and Oregon enjoy the lowest car insurance rates.

Park at Your Own Risk

There’s a myth going around that if you own a red car you have to pay higher insurance rates. But the truth is that red car owners can enjoy just as much green as any other car owner. The color of your car doesn’t affect your auto insurance rates one bit.

However, owners of cars that are black, blue, or silver/gray, should beware! Studies show that thieves go for cars with these colors and they are therefore, the most likely to be stolen!

Travelers on Business Can Take a Diversion

Auto insurance is tax-deductible if you’re using your car for business. You can either take a flat per mile re-imbursement or you can calculate how much of your car is used for business and deduct that percentage from your car insurance.

Safety Rules Apply

Ever since seat belt reminders became intelligent, visual and audible, the number of drivers and their passengers wearing seat belts has gone up. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Arlington, VA, 91 percent of drivers now fasten their seat belts.

Turn Right for Insurance Claims

If you’re wondering what type of car accidents lead to insurance claims, here’s a list of the most common violations that lead people to file for insurance claims:

•    Fender bender
•    Theft
•    Whiplash
•    Vandalism
•    Windshield damage
•    Back injuries
•    Animal collisions

How frequently does a driver make an insurance claim? Statistics show it takes 17.9 years on average for a driver to claim on a car accident.

Driving Up Your Car Insurance Rates

On average, Americans drive 13,476 miles a year, about 37 miles a day and spend around 34 hours a year in traffic jams. If getting to your workplace is a long commute you might want to consider moving closer to your workplace. This simple step could bring down your car insurance rates.

Drunk Driving Is Not Allowed

Every day, 30 people die of accidents caused by drunken amounting to 1 death every 48 minutes.

Seniors Can Enjoy Insurance Benefits

In contrast to teenagers, who are high-risk drivers, seniors have years of driving experience, are known to take less risks and therefore have earned lower auto insurance rates. Participants completing the AARP Driver Safety course can enjoy premium discounts on their auto insurance rates.


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Renowned Burlesque Performer Killed in California Vehicle Accident

Image gives credit to NBC4 News.

Image gives credit to NBC4 News.

On the early morning of May 26, a horrific vehicle accident had caught the attention of the entire Burlingame.

According to early morning news that day, a 39-year-old woman was killed from a vehicle accident caused by a drunken driver of party bus, while her husband was hospitalized and in critical condition. The identities of the victims were not immediately available.

Upon several follow-up investigations, many were surprised after recent news broke out claiming that the said female victim of the accident was the renowned Burlesque performer, Sarah Klein or also known as “Sparkly Devil” in the Burlesque world.

Recent reports have confirmed that the woman who got killed from the accident is Klein. Police reports have likewise revealed that the bus hit the victim’s car and went out of control and came to a stop facing the wrong way on San Francisco Bay Area highway.

The burlesque performer was the only fatality in the accident. Meanwhile, her husband still remains hospitalized in severe condition. On the other hand, the 18 occupants of the party bus who got injured from the incident are expected to recover soon.

Klein, during her lifetime was considered as one of the greatest comedic burlesque performers claimed by a car accident attorney in Los Angeles. It so sad to digest in mind that a life of such a respected and beloved person has to come to an end way too soon, he said.


Soulja Boy’s Car Used in Hit-and-Run Crash; Rapper’s Friend Arrested

bentleyFollowing a series of investigation, authorities have finally identified the suspect in the January 9 hit-and-run car incident that involved rapper Soulja Boy’s Bentley.

According to media sources, thousands of hidden cameras surrounding Los Angeles wherein the hit and run took place have confirmed that the red Bentley that was involved in the incident belongs to Soulja Boy.

Initial reports following the incident have claimed that the incident begun when a motorcyclist T-boned a red Bentley in Hollywood, leaving the biker seriously injured. Subsequently, the driver of the Bentley, who caused the car crash by making a dangerous turn, fled the scene.

Several witnesses from the scene were able to identify and told the cops that it belongs to Soulja Boy. They knew it for a fact since that latter was reportedly frequent in the area.

Consequently, the cops started to access each hidden camera installed on police cars, buildings and private vehicles within the vicinity. According to law enforcements, the cameras took photos of cars all over the place.

Shortly thereafter, the cops got the vehicle’s plate number and found out that the same indeed belongs to the rapper.

At present, the Bentley is already smooth and polished without any marks from the accident. Far from the damaged Bentley that was showed in a bunch of photos taken by the cameras. The authorities suspect that the rapper had the car repaired to conceal the incriminating proof of the incident.

Police later identified that the driver of the vehicle during the time of the accident was one of Soulja Boy’s friends, Abrahim Mustafa. He is a rapper by profession who goes by Arab. He was subsequently charged with felony hit-and-run.

According to a Los Angeles injury attorney, such secret networks of camera have actually solved hundreds of crimes in LA. Therefore, you cannot keep on hiding something, particularly a crime that you have committed in public since the cameras will definitely betray you.

What Are The Worst Cities For Car Accident Reports?

This is a guest post from Lauren B.


CityPlanning to hit the road? Before you hop into your vehicle and head out, consider your driving environment since in some cities car accidents are relatively prevalent. Hence, it is in your best interest to mind your driving environment whenever going for a car ride.

A recent report produced by renowned insurance company Allstate has ranked the 200 of the largest cities in the United States with respect to car accident frequency. In order to establish the rankings, Allstate considered how often the average driver may have an accident and how that compares to the national average. While the average American car driver gets in only one accident every ten years, if you’re unlucky enough to be driving out on one of these roads, you’re more likely to be involved in a crash.

If you wish to play it safe out on the roads, it may be best to avoid the capital – as Washington, D.C. ranks number one; it’s the worst city for car accidents. Drivers in Washington, D.C. are involved, on average, in a car accident every 4.8 years. This startling statistic is more than twice as often as the national average. Coming in second place, is Baltimore, where you’re 88.7 more likely to get into an accident and have 5.3 years between every collision. For number three is Glendale, CA, you’re 80.8 percent more likely to end up in a collision and have 5.5 years between accidents. Newark, NJ takes the forth position – you are 70.8 percent more likely to get into an accident and generally have only 5.9 years between collisions. Meeting the middle is Providence, RI, your 66.7% more likely to get into an accident and average 6 years between collisions.

Philadelphia, where you are 60.2% more likely to get into an accident every 6 years, ranked sixth in the list. Ranking number seven is Hartford, CT. – you’re 59.9% more likely to get into an accident and the average years are 6.3 between collisions. Getting the number eight position is Jersey City, NJ – where you’re 57.5% more likely to get into collision and average 6.4 years between each one. In the Golden State, San Francisco ranks number nine in the top-ten list. You’re 57.3% more likely to get into an accident in this city and on average, there’s 6.4 years between each collision. When it comes to the top ten, Washington D.C.’s neighbor Alexandria, VA ranks as number ten. Compared to the national average, you’re 55.9% more likely to get into an accident; on average, you’ll have an accident every 6.4 years.

So why exactly do these ratings matter? Well, the likelihood of an accident affects your auto insurance premiums – so if you’re considering moving, you may want to reconsider prior to committing, or chose a city with safer drivers. Play it safe, because human actions are the largest cause of accidents!


About the Author:

Lauren B. is a freelance copywriter working with Ford Dealers in NJ to warn you of the worst cities in the US for car accident reports. For more info, visit Beyer Ford website.

Rain Causes Multiple Road Mishaps in Southern California

heavy rainA heavy flow of rain may have brought the entire Southern California much needed rain. However, the same caused a series of vehicle accidents and traffic jam on several freeways and roads across the area.

On the very first day of rain pour, several accidents have been reported. The first one was a jackknifed oil tanker along 5 Freeway and 134 Freeway interchange, while the others spun out on local freeways involving multiple cars. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported following the incidents.

Also, a six-car pileup was reported in the Cahuenga Pass reportedly caused by bad weather condition.  According to police reports, six vehicles slammed into one another along 101 Freeway near Barham Boulevard in Studio City. It is yet unclear whether anyone was seriously injured in the incident.

On the second day of continuous rain pour, motorists had their bad day heading to work due to the early morning weather condition. Nothing can be seen dry as the heavy downpour hit the Southland stretching from Duarte to Long Beach, Northridge and Westwood.

As the rain further continues, a rockslide in the Mulholland Drive area took place and caused the motorists to dodge and maneuver around boulders not far from the area.

While some motorists were mindful about the road conditions during bad weather others simply just enjoyed the rain. Of course, people have different point of view, reminded by a Los Angeles car accident attorney. In addition, he also noted to always slow down in driving and to give each other enough space between cars when hitting the road ways.

Melrose Place Actress to Face 3 Years Behind Bars Over Her Fatal Car Crash

Photo is a screenshot of a video taken by ENews during her trial.

Photo is a screenshot of a video taken by ENews during her trial.

The Melrose Place actress Amy Locane-Bovenizer is about to face a three-year jail sentence following her drunk driving car crash that claimed someone’s life.

Recent reports revealed that the actress was sentenced to three years of imprisonment after she was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and three for assault by auto following her driving under the influence (DUI) car crash last June, 2010.

Locane-Bovenizer was previously charged with aggravated manslaughter and assault by auto charges during her trial that started in the first week of October, last year.

During the previous trials, Locane-Bovenizer admitted that she was drunk when she rear-ended a car which started to pursue her while blowing its horn. The actress claimed that she was forced to over-speed for about four miles until she ended up crashing into another vehicle that was then pulling into the driveway. As a result, the woman passenger of the car died from the crash while her husband was severely injured.

In addition, the apprehending police officers affirmed during the trial that Locane-Bovenizer was intoxicated when the accident occurred. In fact, even her blood test confirmed that her blood alcohol content level was three times higher than the legal limit during that time.

Locane-Bovenizer’s sentence will run simultaneously. Nevertheless, she will be eligible for parole after approximately 30 ½ months and the 81 days that she had already served in jail will be credited, according to reports.

On the other hand, Fred Seeman, who was severely injured from the crash, and his family were quite disappointed with the recent sentence that had been dropped from five or ten years to three years. Seeman claimed that it seems that Locane-Bovenizer used her daughter’s medical condition as an excuse for a lighter sentence, reports said.

It could be remembered that in a recent blog post, a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer explained that in such cases wherein the accused is being charged with grave offense, the most possible move of the defendant is to offer a plea bargain agreement so that a lighter conviction would be possible. Consequently, that could not be far possible with the actress’ case as well.

“American Idol” Champ to Undergo Surgery after Car Crash

Image is a screenshot of Kris Allen’s photo originally posted at the American Idol’s official webpage.

American Idol’s Season 8 champion, Kris Allen, was reportedly injured in a car accident last Tuesday and was headed to surgery after three days.

According to reports, Allen broke his right wrist following a head-on collision but the exact location where the accident occurred was not specified.

The news only came to light after Allen’s mother, Kimberly, took to her Twitter account and posted a photo of him lying in hospital bed with bandaged wrist and a neck brace shortly after the incident. Also, she noted that although her son is doing fine now, he still has to undergo surgery soon. In her exact word, Allen’s mother described him as “very shook up but not injured.”

A few hours after his mother’s tweet, Allen took to his own Twitter account and thanked the maker of his vehicle. In his own words he said:

“Thank you, @ford, for equipping me with a car that kept my whole family and the little one we have on the way safe … Yes, I got in a really bad wreck tonight, and yes, I’m having a lil baby.”

Further news reports claimed that Allen was not alone in his car. In fact, the soon-to-be dad was with his pregnant girlfriend, Katy, when the accident occurred.

Fortunately for his fans, Allen assured them that even though he broke his wrist in the accident, his ‘Out Alive Tour’ will push through as previously scheduled.

In his tweet last Thursday, Allen said:

“Getting ready for surgery tomorrow morning.. Gonna get this hand back to 100% no matter what it takes.”

So far, no further details are yet released on his surgery.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles injury lawyer hopes for the American Idol winner’s speedy recovery. Also, he is pretty impressed with the strong courage that Allen shows to his fans. As it is, car accidents can be extremely life devastating for the victims involved since the chances of recovery for most of them are typically slim.

49ers’ Demarcus Dobbs Arrested over Santa Clara Solo Car Crash

Recent reports revealed that San Francisco 49ers’ backup defensive end, Demarcus Dobbs, was arrested after getting involved in a single vehicle accident in Santa Clara, California resulting from drunk driving.

According to reports, Dobbs was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) after crashing his 2011 Cadillac. In addition, the marijuana that was caught in his  possession during the incident further triggered his arrest.

Fortunately, no one was injured from the solo crash. In fact, even Dobbs was left unscathed. However, he was required to undergo chemical test thereafter, but the result is still not yet released.

Incidentally, the San Tomas Expressway in Santa Clara where the incident took place is the same city where the 49ers is having its practice facility. Also, the team is currently building its new stadium.

In a statement released by the 49ers following the incident, the team declared that Dobbs will not be playing on the next game against the Rams and will likewise be excluded from the trip to St. Louis. However, the team affirmed that it is still gathering resources related to the situation. In fact, team officials have been in touch with Dobbs as well as with the league’s office. At present, the team remains tight-lipped in spilling out comments regarding the incident.

It could be remembered that it was not the first time that a 49ers player had been involved in a dangerous driving aftermath. Earlier this year, NFL’s sack leader, Aldon Smith, was likewise arrested for driving under the influence. Following that incident, Smith was again involved in a rollover crash in September.

Driving under the influence is the most common cause of car accident not only in Los Angeles, but in the entire country as well. The sad part is that despite the existing laws and severe penalties imposed by each state, violators still drift along the roads without regard to people’s safety. In addition, reckless drivers only learn their lesson once they themselves have been severely injured or when someone was killed in an accident that they have caused, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles argued.

Rap Mogul Diddy Shaken up in Beverly Hills Car Accident

American rapper Sean Combs, who is best known as Diddy, was reportedly injured following a car accident in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

According to reports, Diddy was shaken up after his driver hit a Lexus Sedan which at that time was turning left in front of the multi-talented mogul’s black Escalade in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel in Sunset Boulevard.

Reports claimed that TMZ was able to obtain photos of Diddy’s wrecked car while the latter was a little bit shaken up lying down on the grass.

Police were called to the scene and according to them, everyone involved in the accident was injured. However, it is still unclear how serious were the injuries sustained by the victims but police told the media that no one was transported to a hospital although a responding ambulance was present at the scene.

Accordingly, Diddy got his own medical attention thereafter.

On the other hand, although a police report was taken following the incident, no citations were issued. Most probably, Diddy’s party and the other driver had already settled the issues outright regarding who is at fault and who will be held liable for the damages incurred.

Diddy is an American rapper, singer, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur. He worked as a talent director and profited from the success of the artists he signed. His released albums also brought even greater success to him. Moreover, he has won three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards.

In addition to his success in the music industry, Diddy’s non-music businesses, including a clothing line and two restaurants, have made him the richest figure in the hip-hop industry this year, according to Forbes.

Further reports claimed that after the incident, the 42-year-old artist mogul posted in his Twitter account: “Woah … that was a close one!”

Diddy is a good guy. Therefore, it is far possible that his life would just end in a simple car accident. In fact, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney here has witnessed how Diddy exerted efforts in founding a charity to help the youth. Also, he, together with fellow hip-hop royalty Jay-Z, donated a generous amount to the victims of Hurricane Katrina way back in 2005.

‘LOL’ Facebook Post following Car Accident Sends Woman in Jail

A Kentucky woman was shocked upon learning that a simple ‘laugh out loud’ (LOL) Facebook post after a hit-and-run car accident would land her in jail.

According to reports, Paula Asher rammed her vehicle into another car carrying four minors in Woodford County, Kentucky last July 20. Asher immediately fled from the accident scene before authorities arrived.

Shortly thereafter, she posted in her Facebook account: “My dumb bass got a DUI and I hit a car.. Lol!” The said teens’ parents saw the said post and subsequently told the court about it. The said post has led authorities to determine that Asher was the missing suspect for the hit-and-run incident.

Consequently, Asher was required to appear on court and during her first appearance, the presiding judge told her to deactivate her Facebook account. However, Asher did not take the judge’s order seriously and ignored it instead.

Therefore, her initial hit-and-run, driving under the influence of intoxicating substance, and possession of controlled substance cases were subsequently joined by another charge of contempt of court.

In her second court appearance, Asher was booked in county jail for 48 hours and in her third arraignment, she confirmed that she had shut down her Facebook account. Also, she asked for an apology for all the people that she has hurt. Recently, Asher reportedly appeared in court but further details regarding the trial were not yet available.

This is another one of a kind case of hit-and-run car accident to keep track of, according to a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney. Until present, laws regarding the virtual world remain vague and awaiting to be addressed properly, he added.