Animals that Attack: A List of Animals That Can Be Quite Dangerous

Animals that Attack: A List of Animals That Can Be Quite DangerousAnimals can be a good source of joy that some people even end up getting domesticated ones as pets. However, it is really difficult to completely understand the behavior of animals. This makes it even more difficult to predict what they will be doing. In fact, even the most domesticated animals become culprits in cases of animal attacks recorded in the country. Dogs, whom people call as “man’s best friend” remains as the one of the top reasons for these attacks and injuries to humans.


Is there a way for you to avoid getting hurt and injured because of an animal gone wild? “Knowing your enemy” is one great help in trying to avoid getting hurt by these creatures. But what animals should you avoid? Here is a list of the top 25 animals that have been the cause of death of humans. Simply put, these are the animals that you should avoid or be very careful in dealing with.


  • Bulls. These animals are naturally harmless, however there have been recorded incidents of farming and riding accidents involving bulls. So be cautious when you are with one to avoid injuries.
  • Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders. Hey may be small and look harmless. All it takes though is one sting and you can end up writhing in pain or worse, dead. In fact, around three people die every year because of spider bites. Common victims are very young children that fail to get medical attention after being bitten.
  • Bears. These animals may have always been portrayed as a cuddly creature. However, bears can be quite dangerous as around 10 people die yearly because of attacks to humans.
  • Sharks. Think Jaws. These huge fishes are responsible for around 75 attacks and 10 deaths annually. They are known to attack humans so make sure that you avoid one to avoid being a part of the statistics.
  • Horses. While they are not really dangerous and they don’t really mean harm, thousands of accidents brought about by horses misbehaving has left people either injured or dead.
  • Cows. They may not seem aggressive or harmful but all it takes it provocation to make this docile creature into someone who’d maul you to death.
  • Ants. These little creatures may be fun to look at but they can be deadly. Believe it or not, ants were said to be responsible for the death of around 30 people every year.
  • Bees. Bites by bees can cause an allergic reaction enough to induce death to a person especially those who fail to get immediate medical attention.
  • Lions. Just watch National Geographic and Animal Planet and you will know why they are called the king of the jungle. These animals have been known to attack, kill, and eat humans.
  • Jellyfish. According to reports, jellyfish stings can cause death to humans. Provoked or unprovoked, jellyfish stings and these are actually deadlier than sharks.
  • Tigers. These are the deadliest of all the big cats. To prove that, tens to hundreds of people are killed by wild tiger attacks. Even domesticated tigers can still attack humans if provoked.
  • Deers. Deers may attacks and kill humans using its anthers. However, these can also cause death to people as it is one of the leading causes of car accidents annually.
  • Dogs. They may be man’s best friends but all it takes is provocation and they can really attack and kill people. Every year, hundreds of dog attacks and fatalities are recorded, proof that our canine friends can be really quite dangerous.
  • Crocodiles. In captivity or in the wild, crocodiles are just plain dangerous period. So do everything that you can to avoid them.
  • Scorpions. The sting of these dangerous animals have poison enough to kill humans. In fact, thousands are killed every year because of their stings.
  • Snakes. There’s no such thing as domesticated snakes. Whether they are venomous or not, an attack can definitely hurt, injure, and even kill people


These animals can really be dangerous that is why you should exercise the necessary precaution to avoid getting hurt or killed by these animals. However, if these are ever in captivity and its owners or keepers fail to take good care of them and contain them, you can sue the latter and file an animal attack claim. To do so, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer in California that knows the laws in the state and have the experience in handling such claims. They will help you prepare a claim and boost your chances of winning by representing you well in court. This way, you will be able to receive compensation for the injuries or losses you may incur because of these animal attacks.

6 Fast Facts on Dog Attacks that You Might Have Missed

Dog biteDogs can be man’s best friend. However, improper care and handling of them can make them our greatest foe. When they feel threatened, dogs have this natural instinct of protecting themselves through biting.

Sometimes, dogs can feel agitated over reasons one average human being won’t know. Dog bites are no laughing matter, because 2011 statistics showed that such incidents have killed a number of Americans.

Did you know that…?

•    …in 2011, there were 31 recorded fatal dog attacks in the U.S.? Pit bulls led these attacks, accounting for about 71 percent even if they only make up less than 5 percent of the total dog population.
•    …adult victims of fatal pit bull attacks are more than twice as much of younger victims? Out of the 22 victims of pit bull bites, 15 (about 68 percent) of them were over the age of 32, while 7 (about 32 percent) of them were children ages 5 and below.
•    …there was a notable increase in pit bull pet owners getting killed by their dogs?
•    …pit bulls and Rottweiler breeds are the top two lethal dog breeds? In 2011, they accounted for 84 percent of all fatal attacks.
•    …pit bulls have killed an American once every 20 days while a Rottweiler killed one citizen every 88 days?
•    …California and Texas are the leading states with most fatalities in 2011? Both states recorded 4 dog attack deaths.

These very alarming statistics are based from the 2011 study by, a national group that aims to reduce serious dog attack occurrences in the country. Because of this, prospective pet owners need to better take care of their pet dogs, especially pit bulls and the Rottweiler breeds.

By taking better care of your dogs and understanding them better, you can avoid them from attacking. Unless you want someone hire a good Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to sue you for negligence, make sure that you help keep your dog from biting somebody else.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to take good care of your dogs to prevent them from attacking you or other people. So better raise your awareness now before things could get real nasty.

Your Overall Guide against Dog Bites

Although dogs are said to good as companion and friend, they are not always friendly as you think. Dog owners should at least set boundaries and be mindful whenever their dogs are around with the children. Most especially since previous reports claimed that most of dog attack victims are children.

Consequently, in order to avoid such incidences from recurring, apersonal injury lawyer in Los Angeles suggests several tips below:

•    If you are visiting the house of your friend or relative who owns a dog, be mindful of your actions, especially if his or her dog has aggressive tendencies. Also, keep in mind that most of the dog bite incidences reported happened in someone’s relative’s home or in a friend’s home.

•    Dogs can become hostile to little children, so make sure that you supervise your child whenever he or she is near a dog. Actually, it would be best not to let your child near dogs, even if they are your own.

•    Teach your children never to approach or to even get close to an unfamiliar dogs.

•    Keep children away from aggressive dogs or those that have history of aggression.

•    Teach your children to behave when a dog approaches. Tell they should stay calm, stay still and avoid having an eye contact with the animal.

Moving forward, when it comes to dog bite law, unlike other states that do no have  a specific law regarding dog bites, California has a comprehensive law which allows a dog bite victim to sue the owner of the dog.

Under the California law, owners can be subjected to massive civil liability following the animal attacks by their dogs. Apparently, a victim can sue on two strict liability causes of action stemming out of a single attack – one created by statute and one stemming from common law.

Housemaid Mauled and Killed by Homeowner’s Dogs

A housemaid who went to clean a home in Fallbrook, San Diego County, California was mauled and killed by the homeowner’s dogs.

According to reports, the woman who was hired to look after and clean a house in the 1300 block of Calle Tecolotlan while the owners were out of town was mauled to death by the latter’s dogs.

Police report claimed that the woman was dropped off by a relative in the said house but when they returned to pick her up, they found her bloody and lifeless body lying in the backyard. They immediately called the police.

Subsequently, when the authorities arrived, they found eight large dogs close to the woman and a garden hose running.

Based on the investigation, the San Diego County Medical Examiner determined that the woman was mauled by at least one of dogs found at the backyard where her body was recovered.

Authorities concluded that the canines that attacked the woman were American bulldog and old English bulldog mixes that can weigh more than 100 pounds. Further investigation revealed that the owners of the dogs were breeding and selling the dogs, as reported by the Department of Animal Services.

Consequently, the dogs were seized by the San Diego County Department of Animal Services while the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department seized 24 marijuana plants that were found growing in the back bedroom of the home.

So far, no information was yet released as to the homeowners’ whereabouts. Also, it is not yet clear whether any charges will be filed against them.

Incidentally, study claims that there were nearly 5 million people who experience dog bites and animal attacks each year. In fact, dog bite losses exceed $1 billion a year and more than $300 million were paid by homeowners insurance, as concluded by a Los Angeles injury attorney.

Two Pit Bulls Euthanized Weeks after Killing Elderly Woman

dog attack elderly woman killed in backyard

Two pitbulls are to be euthanized after attacking an elderly woman in her backyard in Moreno Valley (photo credit:

Dogs can inflict harm to people because they possess violent characteristics.

This means they can give us a sense of security, but can also injure or even kills us if an attack occurs.

In fact, an elderly woman died last November 2 after she was mauled by two pit bulls while in her backyard in Moreno Valley.

According to reports, the dog attack victim was identified as Cristina Casey, 53, from Moreno Valley.

The two pit bulls were quarantined while authorities are conducting an investigation.

They were euthanized more than two weeks after the attack.

According to police, what happened is only an accident, but it does not mean that the dogs’ owners will not face involuntary manslaughter charges.

Boy Dies after Attack by Family Dog

A 2 year-old boy in San Diego died after he was attacked by their family’s dog inside their house in a military housing area.

Boy dies after dog attack

Aaron Carlson, 2, Was Mauled By His Family’s German Shepherd Mix Dog On Saturday. (photo credit:

Aaron Carlson was in a second floor bedroom of their Tierrasanta house with his siblings when he was reportedly attacked by the German shepherd that the family owned for about six months. The boy’s eldest sibling was said to have summoned their mother who was sleeping downstairs when the boy was mauled by the dog.

He was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital where he later died from injuries. There were no other similar incidents reported about the dog before the recent attack occurred.

Authorities are yet to learn what caused the attack but they said that no one will likely be charged in this unfortunate accident.

It is never the intention of the parents to place their child at risk. Sadly, a seemingly harmless family dog has taken the boy’s life.

The number of reports on dogs attacking children is alarming. Parents should now be more cautious and never let their young child play with any dogs without supervision.

Oakland Girl Bitten on the Face by Pit bull

Another pit bull attack has once again left a child injured.

A 7-year-old girl in East Oakland was recently rushed to a hospital after her neighbor’s pit bull attacked her and bit her on the face.

Pit bull attack

Photo of the Oakland home where a pit bull bit a 7-year-old girl in the face. (photo credit: cbs)

The girl is said to be recovering from her injuries after being brought to Oakland’s Children’s Hospital.

The attack came just days after a 2-year-old boy from Concord was killed by three of his family’s pit bulls. In the said accident, the boy’s stepgrandfather was held liable as his five pit bulls were euthanized by county animal services.

I’ve read many animal attacks involving pit bulls and children and the viciousness of these attacks are really horrifying as some kids are left with scarring and trauma.

Owners must be more careful of allowing their pets near kids and strangers as accidents like this really do happen. They must never leave the child unsupervised especially if a pit bull, or any dog for that matter, is around and can attack him.

Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attack that Injured Two Kids, Babysitter

Parents should always make sure that the pet they are getting would not threaten the safety of their young children or anyone living in the property. For those who own pit bulls and other dogs that are known to violently attack people, then, they must make sure that these dogs are safely kept in a place where they cannot attack people.

Recently, a 6-year-old girl, a 10-year-old boy, and their 28-year-old babysitter were attacked by two pit bulls owned by the girl’s parent in Stockton. The girl had broken her arm and had bites on parts of her body while the boy suffered dog bite on his hand and the babysitter, on her ankle.

When authorities arrived at the house, they found the pit bulls attacking other dogs surrounded by metal fence. They shot the pit bulls and had to euthanize the two dogs they attacked.

Accidents like this will traumatize the children and result to damages and fines that the owner would have to pay. To avoid such things from happening, it would be best to keep the dogs safe and the children safer.

Dog Attack leaves Toddler with Serious Injuries

It is sad to know that more and more people are being hurt by animals that are supposedly there to protect us from dangers and provide us with a sense of security.

In fact, an 18-month-old girl, from Farmersville, sustained serious injuries after she was reportedly attacked by a dog, which is owned by her baby sitter.

According to reports, both the toddler and her baby sitter were near a door, which leads to the backyard of a house along 500 block of North Ventura Street in Fresno, when the incident occurred.

The little girl was suddenly grabbed by the dog. She was then dragged right into the backyard.

Reports said the attack ended when a 17-year-old boy restrained the dog after he heard the girl scream.

The toddler was rushed to Community Regional Medical Center to receive treatment for lacerations to her face and head, scratches all over her body, and puncture wounds. She is now under a critical condition.

Meanwhile, the baby sitter sustained wounds on her arm. She may also have a broken finger.

The dog, which is a mix between a boxer and shepherd, was placed under custody. A hearing was set to determine whether the animal will be released or euthanized.

Man, 91, Attacked by Neighbor’s Pitbull

Pet owners are responsible in making sure that aggressive dogs are kept at a safe distance and would not threaten the safety of people around them, especially children and elderly who are less able to protect themselves from such vicious animal attacks.

Animal attacks: Man attacked by neighbor's pitbull

"Kenneth Heffren attacked by an 80-pound pitbull along Dairy Road." (photo credit: cbs)

A 91-year-old Auburn man was recently attacked by an 80-pound pitbull as he was trying to fix his yard along Dairy Road. The man needed about 30 stitches in his left arm after being attacked by the dog owned by his neighbor.

Kenneth Heffren was reportedly cornered by the dog that got into his property through a fence. A neighbor was alerted by the man’s scream and was able to chase the dog away from Heffren and call for help.

Responding officers were not able to make a clear shot of the dog at Heffren’s property as it was constantly moving. It eventually ran out of the property and into a gully in a mobile home park about a mile away where it was shot and killed by authorities.

The owner of the dog is said to be cooperative with investigators of the accident.

This vicious animal attack really could have caused more serious injuries to the elderly who just wanted to fix his garden. Hopefully, he will have a speedy recovery to do just that.