Woman Die After Crossing PCH Illegally

When a pedestrian crosses the street out of the marked lane, he or she will have a hard time asserting maximum compensation for injuries. Her own negligent act of crossing illegally reduces or forfeits his or her right on legal remedy.

Take the case of a woman who was killed after crossing the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) illegally on Saturday at 10:35 p.m.

According to reports, the woman was crossing out of the marked lane at north of Sunset Boulevard when a car driver struck her. She was transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, but she succumbed to her injuries.

Los Angeles police officers commented that the driver stopped at the scene and was not charged of any violation yet. Authorities are still investigating the details on the cause of accident, reports said.

The woman should have used the crosswalk in obedience to safety traffic rules. However, her own negligent act may weaken her legal arguments when she starts asserting for damages.

The car driver may present defenses before the court that he or she is not expecting a pedestrian out of the way because there is no crosswalk at the scene. The motorist may also contest percentage of or any compensation for the victim.

Such is the result when the pedestrian is not abiding the law at the time of crash. The court may not be able to decide in favor of the victim because his or her own negligent act contributed or caused the accident.

Crossing the street illegally is a violation of safety traffic rules and may weaken any claim for legal compensation.

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US Air Show Death Toll Up by 10

Almost famous.

The pilot of the crashed P-51 plane must have thought of fame before losing control of the aircraft and plummeted into the spectators.

Sadly, he had not heard applause of admiration, but cries of pain on his last breath.

According to reports, a pilot of World War II-era Mustang plane participated in the National Championship Air Races on Friday. While performing at full speed, he lost control of the plane and it crashed down into the crowd.

At least 10 spectators have been killed in the plane crash as of Monday, reports said.

Reports said the P-5 Mustang plunged into the front section of the box seats, causing fatal and serious injuries to at least 65 spectators.

According to reports, seven onlookers died instantly after the crash while three others succumbed to their injuries while being treated at Renown hospital and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center respectively.

Reports said four out of the 65 victims were still listed in critical condition as of Monday.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) affirmed its efforts on retrieving memory cards from the crash scene, which could help identify the causes of events. The agency is expected to release its accident report by Friday.

The spectators must have been anticipating for a signature stunt from the veteran pilot. Sadly, the aircraft collapsed and failed to fulfill the crowd’s request. The air show ended with a tragic scene of lives loss and a fatal retirement of a once-admired aviator.

Airplane accident usually occurs because of mechanical failure or pilot error. Defective aircraft parts often go unnoticed until smoke or navigation difficulty triggers. When the pilot has insufficient time or skill to correct the technical problem, crash happens and injuries can be sustained by both the pilot and people on the ground.

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Huntington Beach Faces Claim from Pro Beach Volleyball Player

sports accident beach volleyball sues Huntington Beach

Professional beach volleyball player Olivia Waldowski is suing the city of Huntington Beach for the injuries she sustained during the AVP tournament that prevented her from competing the rest of the season(Photo credit: OCregister.com)

Local governments responsible in maintaining the good condition of parks, beaches, and other public places will face liability if it is proven that they have been negligent in doing so.

In Huntington Beach, a professional beach volleyball player has recently filed a $10,000 claim after she was injured in a beach volleyball court near the pier.

The 26-year-old Olivia Waldowski, from Fountain Valley, said that she was competing at the AVP tournament when she was injured by a piece of wood hidden beneath the sand after diving for a shot. The severe lacerations on her leg required stitches and she was unable to play for the rest of the season.

As indicated in the claim, the city could have prevented this accident had they scoured the playing area and removed debris that could injure the players.

Waldowski’s injuries may have affected her career and her earnings aside from the pain and suffering that the accident has caused her. If the city found that the claim is insufficient and rejects it, the athlete can file a lawsuit against the city for the damages on her end.

Here, she will need the expertise of a lawyer to assist her in her ordeal.

We hope she can quickly recover from this accident and that there will be no permanent damages to her leg so that she can continue playing professional beach volleyball.

Elderly Dies when hit by Pickup in Porterville

Pedestrian accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries because a pedestrian’s fragile body can be easily damaged when hit by hard objects, specifically vehicles.

In fact, a 91-year-old man, from Porterville, recently died after he was hit by a pickup truck.

Reports said the elderly was walking northbound across Henderson Avenue in Porterville when he was suddenly struck by a Chevrolet pickup.

He was rushed to Sierra View District Hospital, where he was announced dead later on.

The unnamed pickup driver was reportedly a 46-year old woman, also from Porterville.

Authorities have not yet released additional details regarding the incident.

LA County to Pay $198K to Settle Mastectomy Lawsuit

The Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors has recently agreed to pay $198,000 to a woman who filed a lawsuit after going through an unnecessary mastectomy procedure believing that she had breast cancer.

Medical Malpractice Woman gets $198k for unnecessary mastectomy

The county acknowledged it failed to review the biopsy specimens, resulting in the unnecessary mastectomy. (photo credit: cbs)

The unidentified woman claims that Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center failed to re-examine her and review her biopsy specimen before she went through a double mastectomy procedure after an outside pathologist determined that she had cancer.

After the woman’s reconstructive operation, a pathologist from the hospital examined the tissues from her breasts and discovered that she, in fact, did not have breast cancer.

The woman then filed a lawsuit, which is likely to be medical malpractice, against the hospital who in turn improved their policy by making sure that in-house pathologist will first review the biopsy done by outside pathologists.

This case clearly shows the accountability of each hospital and care providers to their patient. The woman shouldn’t have gone through and live with such a painful and traumatic experience had the doctors determined that the outside pathologist was wrong in his diagnosis.

SUV Driver Dies after Hitting Trees in Visalia

Seatbelts are used to prevent drivers and passengers from being thrown off the vehicle when an accident happens. This safety feature was installed in vehicles in the aim of protecting people when their vehicle hits a stationary object or another vehicle.

Seatbelt SUV driver dies

SUV Driver Dies after Hitting Trees in Visalia. (photo credit: digmydrive.com)

A male 1995 Honda Passport driver who failed to use his seatbelt died when he was ejected from his vehicle after veering off the road and hitting two trees along north of Visalia.

According to reports, the unidentified driver, who is in his early 30s, was moving northbound on Road 108 near Avenue 336 at an excessive speed when the accident occurred.

Speeding may have caused the accident while the driver’s failure to wear his seatbelt may have resulted in his death. This accident may hopefully teach other drivers the importance of following the imposed speed limits and wearing of seatbelts when traveling.

LA Mayor Joins Campaign against Texting while Driving

More and more people are now joining the campaign against texting while driving due to the large number of accidents that resulted from it. Statistics from the Los Angeles Fire Department revealed that out of 100 accidents that are reported daily, at least 28% of them were caused by this offense.

General Negligence Texting While Driving

"LA Mayor Joins Campaign against Texting while Driving." (photo credit: passenlaw.com)

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is the latest government official who took part and promoted the campaign against it. He was joined by Fire Chief Millage Peaks, AT&T officials, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, and school board member Nury Martinez.

Drivers who are texting while driving will be punished once they are caught because this action is prohibited by the law.

Beck has already instructed police officers to strictly implement the law in order to have safer roads.

Drivers are only banned from texting while they are driving. No one is stopping them from doing it once they have stopped or dismounted their vehicle.

SUV Exits Car Wash, Crashes into Store

Even while inside a store, a person is still not completely safe from accidents involving vehicles. In fact, there have been cases wherein a vehicle crashes into a store, damages the property, and even injures those inside it.

Vehicle Accident SUV Crash into Sears store

“An SUV exiting a car wash lost control and crashed into a Sears store, no one is injured in the vehicle accident.” (photo credit: napavalleyregister.com)

In this recent accident though, no one was reportedly injured.

A driver was reportedly exiting a car wash at Tanen Street and Soscol Avenue through its automatic rails when he lost control of the vehicle as it accelerated unexpectedly and crashed into a store in front of the car wash.

Luckily, the driver and passenger of the car as well as other people in the store were not hurt in this vehicle accident in Napa city but the driver will likely compensate the damages to the store which resulted from the accident.

City Sued for Risky Bathroom Stalls

The local government is responsible in making sure that public properties are safe for everyone’s use. They must make sure that the location and design of these won’t hurt anyone and would safely serve its purpose to the community.

Safety defects: Woman sues over hazardous stall

"Woman sues over hazardous restroom stall." (photo credit: orange county register)

A woman in Newport Beach is suing the city and two other companies for what she alleges to be a “hazardous” bathroom stall that broke her finger and caused her to miss work.

In the court documents, Marlene Elaine Olson said that she was to use a bathroom stall and was closing its door when a person from the adjacent stall opened her door hitting Olson’s door which caused it to slam shut and injure her finger.

Olson says that the city failed to make sure that the bathroom stalls were properly installed as it was on a public property. Aside from the city, the company who installed the door and the manufacturer who Olson claims to have made a defective product is also included in the lawsuit.

It is still unclear how much Olson is claiming but it is expected to exceed $25,000 as it will cover her medical expenses and lost wages caused by the accident.

Driver Fatally Hits Boy while Backing out of Driveway

Children are not yet aware that their actions might put them in extreme danger they so they should be guarded at all times.

Driver backing out of driveway hits boy.

"Child dies at family party after being hit by driver backing out of driveway."

A 2-year-old boy who may have been unsupervised was struck and killed by a truck that was backing out of the driveway along the 3600 block of Maxson Road in El Monte.

The accident occurred during a family gathering so it’s surprising that no one saw the little boy.

According to reports, the boy who was identified as Nathan Huaracha was hit by a 34-year-old female 2006 Toyota Tacoma driver.

He was rushed to Greater El Monte Community Hospital where he was announced dead.

Our condolences to the boy’s loved ones.