LA County to Pay $198K to Settle Mastectomy Lawsuit

The Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors has recently agreed to pay $198,000 to a woman who filed a lawsuit after going through an unnecessary mastectomy procedure believing that she had breast cancer.

Medical Malpractice Woman gets $198k for unnecessary mastectomy

The county acknowledged it failed to review the biopsy specimens, resulting in the unnecessary mastectomy. (photo credit: cbs)

The unidentified woman claims that Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center failed to re-examine her and review her biopsy specimen before she went through a double mastectomy procedure after an outside pathologist determined that she had cancer.

After the woman’s reconstructive operation, a pathologist from the hospital examined the tissues from her breasts and discovered that she, in fact, did not have breast cancer.

The woman then filed a lawsuit, which is likely to be medical malpractice, against the hospital who in turn improved their policy by making sure that in-house pathologist will first review the biopsy done by outside pathologists.

This case clearly shows the accountability of each hospital and care providers to their patient. The woman shouldn’t have gone through and live with such a painful and traumatic experience had the doctors determined that the outside pathologist was wrong in his diagnosis.

Jury Awards $29 M in Wrongful Death Suit against Nursing Home

Medical institutions and health care providers must always put their patients at the top priority in order to avoid facing lawsuits that may eventually threaten their financial stability.

A jury has recently ordered Colonial Healthcare located in Auburn to pay $28 million in punitive damages and $1.1 million actual damages for the death of an elderly woman placed under their care.

The demised, a 79-year-old Stockton woman named Frances Tanner who suffered mild dementia, was said to have broken her hip after a fall accident and suffered bed sores which eventually killed her.

Tanner’s daughter, Elizabeth Pao, filed a lawsuit alleging negligence and elderly abuse of Colonial and its parent company, Horizon West of Rocklin, which led to the death of her mother. She claimed for loss of companionship and pain and suffering caused by the death of her mother.

Colonial had faced other similar charges in the past and should have improved their services to their patients so that they won’t have to face lawsuits like this.

Jackson’s Doctor to be scheduled for Preliminary Hearing

Michael Jackson’s doctor became a celebrity himself after his negligent actions allegedly resulted to the star’s death.

Dr. Conrad Murray has been scheduled to return to court on April 5 for the date of the case’s preliminary hearing to be set. In this stage, the pieces of evidence that show the doctor’s “gross negligence” as the actual cause of Jackson’s death will be revealed by the prosecutors.

The controversial doctor is accused of providing Jackson a fatal dose of Propofol that will help the star sleep.

He pleaded not guilty to an involuntary manslaughter charge and was released on a $75,000 bail.

If proven guilty, the doctor can spend up to four years in jail.

Victim Won’t Get Full $16.5 M Jury Verdict

A paraplegic and his wife have recently been awarded by a Riverside jury a total of $16.5 million for a medical malpractice lawsuit they’ve filed against a neurosurgeon in South California.

But he won’t get it all. An existing California law limits a $3.75 million portion of the verdict to only $500,000.

Trent Hughes was involved in an accident in Arizona and was airlifted to the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs as he was feeling tingling in his feet and searing pain on his lower back.

The neurosurgeon on-call at the time of the accident, Christopher Pham, examined Hughes a day after the accident and delayed the much needed operation that could have saved his legs.

The operation happened in November 4, two days after he was brought to the hospital where he should have been examined by Pham immediately.

Hughes’ lawyers say that the delay of the operation caused irreparable damages that led to the victim’s paralysis.

Hughes, who owned a Phoenix air-conditioning company, earlier reached a settlement with the hospital for the harm he suffered.

Even if a portion of the verdict is greatly trimmed down, it would still provide him of a much needed compensation for the damages he suffered in the hands of a negligent doctor.