Los Angeles Tops US Cities with Worst Traffic Congestion

Los Angeles Tops US Cities with Worst Traffic CongestionMost of us are motorists and daily commuters, and yes, we know how it feels to be stuck in traffic every day. With the jam-packed vehicles moving at a pace resembling that of a turtle, the annoying sound of blaring horns, and the sweltering heat, how could anyone on the road maintain their cool? It is these circumstances that some of us lose the will to be patient that we sometimes throw fits to the expense of other people and objects. Indeed, traffic jams are situations that leave us frustrated, not to mention give us the headaches.

If you live in Los Angeles, you know for a fact that it is commonplace. It is not anymore surprising; in fact, statistics have shown that the City of Angels is notorious when it comes to traffic congestions. Just recently, TomTom, a company responsible for making navigation systems, released its Annual Traffic Index for the year 2014. The report assesses the true impact of traffic congestion for an average commuter. This takes into account the comparison between the average delay times of drivers in certain cities deal with during peak hours of traffic congestion in the morning and evening commuting hours and the free flowing traffic at any time of the day.

In the newly released report, Los Angeles topped all other US cities for the distinction of having the worst traffic, with an overall congestion level of 39 percent. Said figure is a 3-percent increase from the 2013 report, which was at 36 percent. The study revealed that in a 30-minute average drive in Los Angeles, motorists tend to waste away 95 hours in traffic every year, or 25 minutes in traffic every day.

Also, the report also listed LA as no. 1 in terms of traffic congestions in the evening rush hours, with the average congestion levels rising to 80 percent. Also, evening traffic congestions in LA are the worst during Thursdays.

Meanwhile, here is the list of the other cities with the worst traffic overall and the worst evening rush hour traffic:

US Cities (in descending order)

Overall traffic rate (%)

US Cities (in descending order)

P.M. traffic rate (%)

Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA


San Francisco, CA


San Jose, CA


Honolulu, HI


Seattle, WA


New York, NY


Honolulu, HI


Seattle, WA


Houston, TX


San Jose, CA


San Francisco, CA


Chicago, IL


Portland, OR


Miami, FL


Austin, TX


Washington, DC


Atlanta, GA


Portland, OR


Chicago, IL


It is worth noting that in these two lists, three of the cities mentioned are from the State of California. Meanwhile, worldwide, Los Angeles ranked 10th in traffic congestion; Istanbul in Turkey ranks first, followed by Mexico City, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Moscow, Russia. For the complete information, click here for TomTom’s Traffic Index. For the complete list and easy filter of results, click here.

The next time you head out to the city of Los Angeles by car or by commuting, be sure to be prepared. Traffic congestion, as it stands now, may become worse and worse if no action to at least reduce the bottlenecks on the roads is proposed and implemented. Still, patience is important for us motorists and commuters to prevent losing our cool and get involved in accidents.

Fixing Relationship Problems: One of the Many Specialties of Life Coaches

There are many reasons why people rely on life coaches. Some simply don’t know what to do in life. Some want to change careers, but aren’t sure if they are making the right choice or not. Some want to rediscover themselves after suffering from past experiences, such as traumatic events. Some have difficulty getting to that next level in life. Some have issues with their self-confidence or self-esteem. Some have lost touch with their spirituality. Some even want to overcome certain fears and anxieties, yet they can’t do so because of fear.

Whatever the reason is, life coaches are there to help people recognize that they can use their strengths to achieve certain goals. In other words, life coaching involves unleashing their hidden potentials, empowering them to take the necessary steps, and motivating them to follow through with their actions now that they have discovered their strengths. Their body of work does not involve mentoring or counseling; life coaches are there to facilitate positive changes that people need in order to overcome certain problems or inconveniences.

Another reason why people seek life coaching that has not been mentioned above is because people want to fix or improve their relationships with other people. Basically, this specialty of life coaching called relationship coach focuses on issues that affect individuals and their connections with a family member, a friend, a significant other, colleague, or spouse.

Indeed, people deal with specific problems with regards their relationships with other people.  Some are simply in need of dating tips or advice, especially if they lack the self-confidence to ask a woman out or deal with one. Some lack the communication skills to express what they really feel towards a partner, friend, or family member. Some people want to rekindle friendships with others after burning bridges. Some are contemplating going through divorce or separation, especially in the case of married couples. Some want to improve their partnership with a significant other, family member, friend, or colleague.

For every struggle within a certain partnership or relationship, there are life coaches who offer the best motivational techniques and skills to help individuals perform at the level they want so as to have a sense of fulfillment or closure to any problems bugging them. Relationship coaching helps individuals focus in setting goals and follow through with actions. Through their coaching tools and resources, life coaches are able to improve the quality of the individuals’ relationships with their loved ones.

Accident in Unsafe Public Property: How do I file an Injury Claim?

This is another guest post contributed by Molly Pearce.


Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kojach/3997538508/

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kojach/3997538508/

State and local municipalities as well as the federal government are required to maintain their properties in a safe manner so as to keep them safe and clear of hazards and obstacles. When they fail to do so, individuals may suffer severe injury or harm or death. This is why persons who are injured in any type of accident on public property may be able to recover for various kinds of damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses.

Common Premises Liability Injuries

The most common types of premises liability cases usually involve slip and fall accidents in another person’s property. Other types of premises liability-related accidents include but not limited to:

1. Exposure to toxic chemicals, mold or lead
2. Accidents due to poorly maintained equipment
3. Construction/workplace accidents
4. Accidents caused by inadequate security
5. Accidents caused by poorly lit parking

Common Sites of Injury

Personal injury accidents may happen almost anywhere, but there are particular areas where such accidents commonly occur. Public property injury attorneys generally work on personal injury accidents that occurred in:

1. Subways, bus or other public transportation
2. Other government owned buildings
3. Public swimming pools
4. Broken sidewalks
5. Hospitals
6. Schools

When a personal injury accident happens in a public or government-maintained area, concerned government entities may be liable for the injuries sustained by the victim/s. For instance, when an accident happens due to the absence of traffic signs or malfunctioning traffic lights, concerned government entities may be legally liable for the injuries of the victims. Simply put, when certain government units are proven to have neglected the safety of the public, they may be liable for the accident and the injuries suffered by the victims. As it is, if you were injured as a result of a certain government agency’s negligence, you can file a personal injury claim and possibly get compensations.

Filing a Claim

The most difficult part of the process of making a claim for an injury on public property involves determining exactly who is at fault. This is why it is critical to contact a personal injury attorney, whether it’s an injury lawyer in New York or one in San Francisco, who has the resources and experience that allow him/her to evaluate these claims properly. Even though government entities have enjoyed immunity against lawsuits in the past, these privileges have been reduced substantially over the years. However, only a personal injury attorney who has experience with governmental liability cases will know how to best proceed in such instance.

Also, laws vary from state to state. Most, such as those in New York, have been modeled from the Federal Tort Claims Act, which waives sovereign immunity of the government in certain circumstances. Personal injury claims against the government and state have certain requirements that must be met. Therefore, injured parties must comply with the rules in full prior to filing any claim against liable government entities. Each state’s rules are different when it comes to these requirements as well as the information they must contain. This is why it is critical to speak with an attorney who has expert knowledge about the laws in your state. For instance, an injury in the state of New York should be handled by a New York personal injury lawyer. Otherwise, a claim for damages could easily be dismissed for a variety of reasons.

Anyone who has been injured on public property should seek medical attention, follow up on doctor visits and seek legal counseling from personal injury lawyers so that the case may be properly evaluated. It is also important to keep all details such as time, place, form and event, as well as medical condition details. This is the only way to successfully recover damages for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.


Author, artist, and mom concerned with human rights, Molly Pearce writes to inform individuals on their legal options after being wrongfully injured. David Perecman, injury lawyer in New York for the past 25 years, is also an advocate for human rights with regards to injury and has won millions of dollars of through verdicts and settlements of cases including premises accidents like the ones Molly examines above.


Street Racing Resulted to Fatal Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident

Photo is a screenshot of a street racing scene from the movie, Fast and the Furious.

Photo is a screenshot of a street racing scene from the movie, Fast and the Furious.

Street racing is pretty common in many public roads despite being illegal. Alarmingly, street racing often results in personal injuries and fatalities since the vehicles used in such activity were not designed and built for racing. Also, most drivers are not trained for high speed driving.

The worst part of it is that street racers may put innocent motorists and pedestrians at risk because they race on public roads rather than in private facilities.

Apparently, this is what happened to an innocent bystander who was killed in a fiery pedestrian accident in South Los Angeles a week ago. According to news reports, a suspected street racing driver struck the 57-year-old man who was then crossing the street near Compton Avenue and 56th Street last April 28.

According to police reports, the suspect’s car was seen racing with another car, southbound on Compton Avenue. Video surveillance records have revealed that after the suspect hit the pedestrian, the vehicle subsequently crashed into some parked cars within the area.

Following reports found out that the driver of the said vehicle is an 18-year-old driver, whom later confessed and was arrested following the incident. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

In a detailed report released by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), it was revealed that the victim admitted that he was driving over the speed limit at the time of the accident. When he saw the pedestrian in front of him, it was too late for him to avoid the collision. Nevertheless, skid marks found on the ground near the scene indicated that the driver still tried to avoid the pedestrian before it hit several cars and a pole.

Incidentally, the area wherein the tragic incident took place is infamous for being one of the favorite venues for street racing and a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer is quite aware with that since he seldom sees those disruptive motorists in some of his late night driving. So far, the authorities are still looking for the second car that the suspect was racing.

Principles of Negligence That Help Prevail in Injury Cases

This is a guest post contributed by Atty. Daniel Dolan II of Dolan Law Firm.


personal injuryAccidents happen because someone was violating some rules or norms in the society and put another person’s life at risk. When serious injuries were sustained, someone has to be blamed. Thus, personal injury lawsuit comes in. The victim or plaintiff must need to prove that there is negligence or heinous act involved, that leads to breach of duty when duty has to be owed. Proving negligence is not easy, however. It requires plaintiffs to undergo series of interviews, gathering of evidence and witnesses to prove to the court that indeed, the defendant is liable for the said accident. In this kind of situation, a personal injury attorney is badly needed.

Negligence is an omission of an act which any reasonable man would do, under such considerations that regulate the conduct of human affairs, or would do something which any prudent or reasonable man will not do under certain circumstance. Irish Courts had developed four principles of negligence that serve as backbone in the present personal injury litigation. The four principles are applied in the specific circumstance in order to determine who is at fault between two parties. The following are the principles of negligence that plaintiff must prove.

(1.)    Duty of Care
(2.)    Breach of Duty
(3.)    Causation of Injury
(4.)    Damage

Duty of Care

The first principle of negligence is duty. This requires the victim or plaintiff to determine that there is indeed legal responsibility that has to be owed by the defendant in the form of duty or obligation. This is the first important element to establish liability.

Duty is an obligation of one person to another, a common custom that flows in the veins of society, religion and philosophy. Duty has become a thread that binds humans regardless of belief, norms, education, philosophy and social strata. It constrains misbehavior in a socially responsible manner and provides basis for correction or judgment of the kind of behavior thereafter.

Breach of Duty

The second principle of negligence or tort law is the misconduct itself and the defendant’s omission or act. This principle implies the preexistence of the standards of behavior in order to avoid inflicting undue harm or danger unto another person or property, which goes back to the principle of duty. In the previous laws, the level of care was imposed on one person in order to protect another depending on the formal relationship between two parties like doctor-patient relationship, innkeeper’s guest and more.  As the society grew, the standards of care become very necessary to control and govern misconduct of the people and enterprises that may impose undue risks to other people, strangers on the road or highways, and others. So, the law of negligence developed a standard that may rule on individuals who are acting negligently or may jeopardize the peaceful society.

Causation of Injury

The third element of negligence is causation of injury. This is the most difficult element to prove under the principles of negligence. This holds true behind duty, breach of duty, and of course, cause of injury and whether if any injury has sustained or not. When there is no injury at all, then negligence has never been proven. No personal injury lawsuits will be ever coming your way. That is why, the cause of injury needs to be brought about in front of the judge and jury.

In proving causation, it is not enough to show that the defendant’s conduct caused the injury to happen. The plaintiff needs to prove the link of his or her injury to the negligent conduct of the defendant or the proximate cause, that the certain aspect of the conduct that breached the level of duty caused injury to the plaintiff.


The last principle of negligence is damages. This is what the plaintiff suffers as a proximate result to the breach of duty. The law requires the defendant to compensate the level of harm or damages to the victim in terms of quantifiable and non-quantifiable damages. These damages include the plaintiff’s pain and suffering, loss of money in medical care, loss of enjoyment in life, medical bills, lost of wages and more.

The principles of negligence are comprised of many elements that become very crucial in proving and in drawing a line between proofs and imputations for thorough analysis and correct resolution. This aids the courts in order to award right compensation to the victims or families who suffered injuries from unprecedented accident. In most cases, a personal injury attorney is needed to solve and prove the issue in civil courts.


About the Author:

Atty. Daniel Dolan II is an experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorney. He is the founder of the Dolan Law Firm recognized in Miami, Florida. Atty. Dolan is competent primarily in dealing with cases involving motor personal injury cases, vehicle accident lawsuits, wrongful deaths claims, medical malpractice and mass torts. Furthermore, he is an eagle member of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, and chosen to serve as chairman of the Dade County Legislative Recruitment Task Force.

Elderly Woman Mauled by Pit Bulls While Heading to Mailbox

Pit bull TerrierAn 84-year-old woman from Jurupa Valley, California was hospitalized after being attacked by two pit bulls as she was heading to her mailbox last Tuesday.

According to news reports, the woman was walking in front of her own home in Jurupa Valley to check her mailbox when two pit bulls from her neighbor’s yard made their way out and attacked her.

The woman was saved by the dog owner himself. Nevertheless, she still incurred dog bites and other severe injuries. Thus, she was immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Consequently, the dogs were euthanized upon the permission of the owner. Juan Ortiz.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Ortiz, he told media sources that he was surprised since he has never seen his dogs be so aggressive like that. He further claimed that his dogs were family dogs and never been for fighting.

The stunned owner insisted that his 2-year-old daughter, 5-year-old, and 13-year-old sons used to play with his pets since they were puppies. Thus, for him, the incident was really unanticipated.

Meanwhile, following the incident, investigation revealed that the canines were not registered or licensed. Therefore, Ortiz received multiple citations, including violating the county’s dog leash law.

Under the leash law, it is prohibited to let your dog run at large at any time, with or without license. Moreover, talking about licensed dogs, the California state law and county ordinances, require dog owners to purchase a yearly license for their dogs and be it secured or fastened to the canine’s collar. Even for dogs that never leave a house, they should be licensed once they reach four months old, explained by a Los Angeles injury lawyer.

Michael Jackson’s Father Drops Wrongful Death Claim against Conrad Murray

Surprisingly, the father of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had eventually dropped his wrongful death claim against the decedent’s former physician, Conrad Murray.

Joe Jackson, who once had been persuasive in battling in court over the untimely death of his son, recently dropped the lawsuit against the defendant Murray

According to reports, court documents proved that Joe’s request for dismissal was granted last August 13. Joe’s reason for dropping the case was not indicated in court filings; however, it was revealed that two legal representatives handling the case were previously ruled ineligible to practice law in California.

On Michael Jackson’s first death anniversary in June 2012, his family filed the wrongful death lawsuit alleging that Murray lied to paramedics and doctors about giving the King of Pop propofol, a substance used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia. The lawsuit further claimed that Murray failed to keep accurate medical records on Jackson.

Furthermore, the concert company AEG was also named in the lawsuit for allegedly being negligent in hiring Murray as Jackson’s personal physician.

The said lawsuit was initially refused to be heard by a federal judge, which was why it had to be transferred in a Los Angeles state court.

Meanwhile, although it was one less lawsuit to worry about for Murray, who remains in jail and currently appealing his case, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson is still firm about pursuing the case.

Apparently, no one knows why Joe dropped his wrongful death lawsuit against Murray, but the latter’s lawyer affirmed that the doctor did not pay the late singer’s father. It is not even certain whether Michael’s troubled relationship with his father during his lifetime has something to do with Joe’s previous decision of quitting in his claim.

Moving on, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer speculated that probably, those two lawyers who were declared as ineligible to handle the said case were not bar certified for and in the State of California. Accordingly, in order to become a licensed attorney and be able to practice law in a particular state, one must first the pass the state’s bar exam.

REI Issues Product Recall for 160 Novara Fusion bicycles

To all owners of the Novara Fusion bicycles:

Be informed that their importer REI (Recreational Equioment Inc.) has issued a product recall of 160 of these bicycles.

product recall REI recall Novara Fusion Bicycles

REI announces the recall of 160 Novara Fusion Bicycles (photo credit: CPSC.gov)

In the US CPSC website, REI indicated that they received reports that there is a risk that the steerer tube may detach from the fork that could cause the rider to lose control and leas to a bicycle accident.

The bikes affected are the espresoo colored Step Through and Fusion models.

The Step Through was sold in extra small/small, while the Fusion was available in medium, large, and extra large.

These bicycles were sold nationwide on REI retail stores between November 2009 and November 2010 and the prices range between $600 and $900.

To identify the affected bikes, you can check the serial numbers on its underside.

The affected models have the serial numbers U95Y07321, U96Y28393, or in the sequential range of the last four digits U96Y28876 through U96Y29128.

If you have one of these bicycles, stop using them immediately and contact REI for a replacement fork that will be installed for free.

For more information about the product recall, you can call REI at (800) 426-4840 anytime or go to REI’s website at http://www.rei.com/help/recall/index.html.

Man, Grandson injured in Solo Crash

Motorists should be more careful in making sharp turns especially if the road is wet and slippery. A lot of accidents attributed to the road and weather condition could have been prevented if only the driver was careful enough and was aware of the slippery road.

As in a recent accident, a man was seriously injured and his grandson was hospitalized after he lost control of his vehicle at a sharp curve on Wooden Valley Cross Road.

The California Highway patrol said that 73-year-old Luigi Bellimi was driving a 1999 Chevy Suburban with his 13-year-old grandson, identified as Andrew Bellimi, when the accident occurred.

According to reports, the older Bellimi was driving the Suburban towing a trailer with a golf cart at about 30-35mph when he lost control of it at a sharp curve. The vehicle then crossed the road to the shoulder lane where it hit a tree.

Bellimi and his grandson had to be extricated from the vehicle. The driver was airlifted to Queen of the Valley Medical Center while Andrew was taken to the same hospital through a ground ambulance.

Authorities are investigating other factors that could have caused the crash.

Hopefully, Andrew and Luigi will have a quick recovery from the injuries they’ve sustained.

Actor Justin Long Involved in Car Accident, Suffered from Mild Concussion

celebrity car accident Justin long mild concussion

Actor Justin Long suffers mild concussion after a minor car accident in Los Angeles (Photo Credit: people.com)

Actor Justin Long was recently involved in a minor car accident which occurred in Los Angeles. The incident reportedly happened days before his scheduled trip to the Savannah Film Festival.

Fortunately, the 32-year-old actor was not seriously hurt in the crash. According to reports, Long suffered from a mild concussion and is doing okay as of the moment.

Long was supposed to appear in the said festival so he can promote the movie “The Conspirator.” However, he will now be unable to do so because he needs to recover from the accident.

We hope you’ll be able to recover immediately!