Elderly Dies when hit by Pickup in Porterville

Pedestrian accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries because a pedestrian’s fragile body can be easily damaged when hit by hard objects, specifically vehicles.

In fact, a 91-year-old man, from Porterville, recently died after he was hit by a pickup truck.

Reports said the elderly was walking northbound across Henderson Avenue in Porterville when he was suddenly struck by a Chevrolet pickup.

He was rushed to Sierra View District Hospital, where he was announced dead later on.

The unnamed pickup driver was reportedly a 46-year old woman, also from Porterville.

Authorities have not yet released additional details regarding the incident.

Pedestrian Killed by Passing Vehicles in Balboa Park

An unidentified pedestrian was recently killed after he reportedly dashed into the path of approaching vehicles in Balboa Park.

Pedestrian Hit

San Diego Police investigate the scene of a pedestrian stuck and killed by a car on Pershing Drive not far from Florida Drive Tuesday afternoon. (photo credit: John Gastaldo / Union-Tribune)

The man was said to be walking along a bike lane when, for unknown reasons, he turned and bolted to the street near Florida Drive.

A motorist driving a Lexus tried to avoid the man by swerving but was unable to steer clear and so the pedestrian ended up on the hood of the sedan before rolling off onto the road. The pedestrian was then run over by another vehicle.

The pedestrian died at the scene despite rescuers’ efforts to save him.

It is important that pedestrians never under estimate the possibility of being injured by approaching vehicles each time they cross the street. He should have made sure that motorists were aware of his presence before he crosses the street if there were no walkways in the area.