Another Life Claimed by a “Race Accident”; or was it?

Another Life Claimed by a “Race Accident”; or was it
Contact and confrontations between drivers in sprint car racing is quite a normal occurrence. Given the competitive spirit felt in the races, add in some powerful cars, then you’re in for an exciting, and literally, action-packed races. However, just recently, a contact and confrontation had led to something tragic. Young Driver Kevin Ward Jr. was struck and killed by fellow sprint car driver Tony Stewart.

Fatal Confrontation

In the sprint car race last August 9, 2014, Kevin Ward Jr’s car went spinning after it had contact with race veteran Tony Stewart. With his temper getting the better of him, Ward, clad in a black firesuit and black helmet, went out of his car to confront Stewart which he believes caused him to crash. However, Ward got off his car in a dimly-lit part of the race track, making his black outfit hardly visible for other drivers. Moreover, Ward was said to have walked towards oncoming cars as he was furiously trying to confront Stewart. While the car in front was able to avoid hitting Ward, Stewart was not able to control his car in time, causing the former to get struck, rolled over, and dragged on by the latter’s car. The racing car accident proved to be really fatal as Ward suffered severe injuries that led to his death.

Investigations On-going

After the preliminary investigations were made about the accident, authorities have not found any piece of evidence that hold Stewart liable for the death of Ward. However, Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero said that criminal charges are not yet ruled out and further investigation are being made. Some have pointed out that Stewart has long been involved in many confrontations on the race track. He was also involved in a number of accidents that caused injuries to a number of racers. This is one of the reasons why authorities are still exerting efforts to better discern if Stewart was at any extent, had the intent to hit Ward.

Possible Scenarios

With the recent developments regarding the accident, there is a great chance that Stewart will walk away from this incident and won’t be charged for Ward’s death. However, a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney shared that with the sheriff office asking possible witnesses to submit photos and videos of the incident, criminal intent may still be proven. In such cases, the Ward family of the victim can file a wrongful death claim against Stewart and ask for damages and compensation for the losses and expenses that they have incurred. More than anything though, a win in such claims will help you get justice for the untimely loss of a loved one and make their passing worthwhile.

Discovery Channel Sued Over Fatal Helicopter Crash

Image gives credit to ABC7.

Image gives credit to ABC7.

A year after a helicopter that was filming for a Discovery Channel program crashed and killed at least three people in California, the spouse of one of the victims has eventually decided to come out to file a wrongful death claim against said network-giant in behalf of her 15-year-old daughter.

According to recent news reports, Sonya Joubert, mother of the 15-year-old Sofia Donatelli, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Discovery Channel for the loss of her daughter’s father.

Under the said lawsuit, Joubert claims that the helicopter accident that killed Sofia’s father, Michael Donatelli, was as a result of the network’s shocking negligence for allowing a very dangerous flight plan.

Joubert further asserts that aside from the erroneous flight plan, the network also allowed the chopper to fly at low altitudes, over hilly terrain, low lights, poor visibility and in frost condition.

UntitledIt could be remembered that the incident reportedly occurred at around 3:40 in the morning of February last year at Polsa Rosa Ranch in Los Angeles.

Also, Joubert added that the network should have known that the pilot, who was likewise killed from the incident, was unfit to operate the helicopter.

Previous news reports have it that all people on board were killed, including Michael Donatelli, who was 45 on the time of his death. All victims were part of the production team of an untitled military-themed reality TV show that was supposed to be launched by the Discovery, reports said.

Reports added that the crew was actually filming when the accident happened.

Polsa Rosa has been a favorite venue for most film crews due to the different terrains and airstrips it offers. In fact, the place is sometimes referred to as a “movie ranch”.

Unfortunately, records revealed that a similar incident also happened back in 1982. Few miles away from the ranch, Vic Monroe and two children were likewise killed in an accident during a movie filming.

As of this writing, the Discovery Channel is not yet giving comments regarding the matter according to reports.


Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit Request for Retrial Finally Over

final verdictAfter tentatively denying Michael Jackson’s wrongful death retrial, the judge presiding the case has already given her final verdict.

Recent news reports have confirmed that the Los Angeles County Judge, Yvette Palazuelo, issued last January 13 a final rejection of the Jackson family’s request for a re-trial.

Consistent to her previous decision earlier this month, where she tentatively denied the family’s request for a new trial, she once again rejected the request for the last time, affirming that she did not err in her decisions on the case’s verdict form or with the dismissal of a separate negligence claim.

Katherine Jackson along with the King of Pop’s children had filed the said motion for a new trial last December after losing their bid to hold MJ’s concert promoter, AEG Live, liable for the singer’s death last October.

Under their motion for a new trial, the family had argued that the presiding judge used a faulty verdict. They further claimed that the judge likewise erred by refusing them to pursue a separate negligence claim. In addition, they had also cited several other alleged mistakes committed by the presiding judge during the six-month long trial.

Now that the family once again lost their battle, the family’s group of Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys claimed that they will appeal the recent verdict.

Apparently, although it might be over for the presiding judge, but for the Jackson family, it is not definitely over.


Insomnia Experts Testifies in Ongoing Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial

person with insomniaAs Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial reached its eight week in court, latest development of the case showcased an insomnia expert to testify, media sources said.

Fortunately for the King of Pop’s mother, Katherine Jackson, and his kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, recent development of the said case is apparently moving on their side. This is after insomnia expert Dr. Charles Czeisler took the witness stand during a recent trial.

According to reports, the said medical authority testified that the pop music icon possibly suffered from an undiagnosed sleep disorder, which resulted to his overdose death in June, 2009.

Czeisler has further claimed that the singer was more than sleep deprived. In fact, in his opinion, MJ had a total sleep deprivation and that his body was wasted.

Apparently, Czeisler reportedly blame Propofol for MJ’s sleep problem. The surgical anesthetic Propofol gave the singer an illusion that he slept, but the way the substance worked, his brain likely failed to shut off to let the body rest. Jackson did not get restorative sleep.

The Harvard researcher assessed that the amount of Propofol administered every night to MJ was enormous. Based on pharmacy records, he apparently received more than 4 gallons of Propofol in less than three months – enough for more than 7,000 major surgeries.

In response to Czeisler’s testimony, AEG’s lawyer raised a question about the concert promoter’s role with the singer’s death. The lawyer asked if Czeisler expects a concert promoter to diagnose a sleep disorder. Czeisler said that if the concert promoter was aware that the artist was having difficulty in sleeping, then he could definitely expect the same to get the artist a treatment.

Meanwhile, on a related article, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer who has been keeping an eye with the ongoing trial learned that when it comes to caring for his own health, MJ was reluctant in receiving recommendations of other doctors to seek sleep disorder specialist. Therefore, no other physicians other than Murray were given a chance to help him with his problem.


Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

This is a guest post by Manidip Bandyopadhyay of Davar Law.


Hired‘Life is a song – sing it; Life is a game – play it; Life is a challenge – meet it; Life is a dream – realize it.’

When you read these lines, you indeed feel that life is probably the best thing happened to you and the best gift you could ever get from the almighty. There is nothing like life, the most strangely, surprisingly beautiful thing. Life can be the most exhilarating journey you can ever have. However, the stern reality reminds us that one day you need to leave this world as well; at the end, everyone will go. Death is the ultimate destiny in any person’s life but it is always painful to bear an untimely death. Death is a natural process but when someone very close to you dies due to some mishap or accident and so on, it’s often the most painful feeling a person ever undergoes.

Experiencing the death of someone you love or very closely attached is one of the most ghastly experiences people can go through. It makes it even more difficult to deal with such deaths when the loved one dies due to something that could have been avoided or purely because of someone else’s negligence. It is indeed tough to tackle such crisis! Even though you can never undo what has been done, you can seek out compensation for someone else’s negligence. The first step in this process is to hire a wrongful death attorney. Keep reading to know more how a wrongful death attorney can help you at the frenzied hour in your life.

A wrongful death attorney is a legal representative who specializes in representing the families of people who have died as a result of carelessness or wrongdoing on the part of someone else or a company. Usually it is the death of a parent, child or direct relative that leads a person to one of these cases. Sometimes a family loses someone who was the sole bread-earner, hence getting financially compensated will be an absolute necessity for the survival of that bereaved family. In addition to the income of the victim, other expenses that can be compensated for are medical bills, the funeral and the overall pain and suffering endured by the surviving relatives.

Money can never be the fitting substitution to a human life; however, money can definitely make the family or people close to the victim run smoothly. To make sure that you and your family are correctly compensated in the event that a loved one or family member is killed in an accident that was clearly someone else’s fault or the fault of a business, then you need to hire the best possible attorney in your area.

If you want to know the things you need to understand before you go searching for a wrongful death attorney in your city, then the very first thing you need to look for in a death attorney is positive reviews on the internet; if you can find some reviews from previous clients of the death attorney, then it will be great. You can also ask for suggestions about the best lawyers or law firms in your city from your friends or colleagues. Once you zero on the wrongful death attorney, don’t forget to check the educational background and years of experience of the lawyers to ensure you are hiring the most apt wrongful death attorney.  One must also look for a wrongful death lawyer who only charges attorney fees in the case that he or she wins the case, meaning you will have award money to use to pay for the attorney’s fees.

Families of Victims in Jenni Rivera’s Plane Crash File Wrongful Death Claim

A few weeks after the news broke about the plane crash that killed Los Angeles-based singer Jenni Rivera and four other passengers, the families of the said victims have reportedly filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of the old Learjet and the late singer’s corporation.

As reported, court documents revealed the reason why Jenni Rivera’s Enterprises, the late singer’s company, was also named in the lawsuit. Allegedly, the corporation was responsible in negligently choosing the 43-year-old Learjet 25 to transport the team from Monterey, Mexico to an airport in the Mexico City suburb of Toluca.

Other defendants named in the lawsuit are the current owners of the Learjet 25, Starwood Management LLC, Rodartz Financial Group Inc., and McOco Inc.

The lawsuit reportedly claimed that the above-said companies are aware that the pilot and his co-pilot were not licensed to fly the Learjet above 18,000 feet or with paying passengers. In fact, they didn’t even have the necessary training and were therefore, not eligible to safely fly the plane.

Moreover, records from the National Transportation Safety Board revealed that the same Learjet had been damaged in a 2005 landing accident at Amarillo International Airport in Texas.

So far, the main cause of the accident is currently under investigation. Reports said the probe will likely take more than a year before the safety board would be able to reveal the results of the investigation.

The lawsuit was filed before the Los Angeles County Superior Court following the death of Jenni Rivera and her publicist, Arturo Rivera, her make-up artist, Jacobo Yebale, her hairstylist, Jorge Amando “Gigi” Sanchez Vasquez, Atty. Mario Macias Pacheco, and the pilot and co-pilot.

Meanwhile, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles understands that the death of a loved one is painful and it becomes even more painful when it is caused by somebody else’s negligence. However, pain and suffering should not hinder the decedent’s family from pursuing a claim for the sake of their loved ones. Instead, they must keep on seeking the right justice for their relative’s death and for their right to receive just monetary compensations as well.

Computer Engineer Hans Reiser’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Begins

Finally, after four years of conviction for the death of his wife, computer engineer Hans Reiser’s wrongful death lawsuit begins.

In the said lawsuit, Reiser will act as his own lawyer and will be giving his own opening statement.

During a jury selection day, Reiser asked the potential jurors if it is immoral to kill a person abusing his children. Reiser insisted in his statement that killing is the only way to stop his own wife from causing harm to his children.

However, the Alameda County Superior CourtJudge, Dennis Hayashi warned Reiser of using the same reason during the trial to justify killing his own wife.

In 2008, Reiser was convicted in the killing of his wife. In fact, Reiser’s conviction earned an extensive nationwide media coverage. Records show that Nina Reiser disappeared after dropping off their two kids, Roruy Reiser and Niorline Reiser, in Reiser’s house at 6979 Exeter Drive in Oakland Hills.

Reiser and his wife, Nina, were married in 1999 but decided to file for divorce in 2009. In the same year, Nina won legal custody over their two children. However, Reiser was allowed to have the children on every other weekend.

During the one day of testimony of his trial, Reiser denied the allegations set against him and argued that he had nothing to do with his wife’s disappearance.

But, in his August 21, 2008 statement recorded by authorities, Reiser admitted that he killed his wife on Sept. 3, 2006 by hitting her in the face and choking her to death using a judo hold while their children were busy playing computer games down stairs.

Reiser was initially convicted of first-degree murder. Nevertheless, in an unusual deal, both Prosecutor Paul Hora and Judge Larry Goodman of Alameda County Superior Court later agreed to give Reiser a chance to plead guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder in exchange for his cooperation in pointing the right place where he buried Nina.

According to the lawsuit filed by Reiser’s two children, Rory Reiser, now 12 and Niorline Reiser, now 11, the two minors suffered from significant losses which include loss of love, support, companionship, comfort, affection, and society of their mother.

The lawsuit is seeking for unspecified damage as well as punitive and exemplary damages. On the other hand, Reiser’s representative claimed that Reiser has now fewer assets since he spent hugely on his divorce and wrongful death case.

Reiser’s children have been living with Nina’s mother at Irina Sharanova in St. Petersburg, Russia since December 2006.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer agrees with the representative of Reiser’s children that he could still find ways to make money while he is in prison due to his very broad concept in creating valuable ideas based on his years working in the computer industry.

Family of Former Entrepreneur Files $10 M Wrongful Death Claim

The family of an entrepreneur who was killed in a tragic car accident was seeking $10 million in their wrongful death lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed last April 20 before Hammond’s US District Court, Marla Fry’s family is seeking for $10 million as compensation for her wrongful death.

The family’s wrongful death attorney said that Fry’s husband, David Fry, claims that the judgment amount that they are praying simply shows just how much the family treasures Fry.

The defendant’s representative said that the party would not give comments as dictated by the company’s policy.

Records show that Fry was killed in a tragic car accident last April 10, after bringing her daughters’ snacks to school.

According to reports, Fry had stopped at a red light at U.S. 30 in Porter County Road 600W and then entered the intersection upon the green light signal. That is when Fry’s car was hit by tractor-trailer running through red lights, causing Fry’s death.

According to the driver, Roberto Sanchez, 52, he couldn’t stop his coughing, that is why he failed to control the tractor during red light.

Fry left two lovely daughters, Anna and Maisy, who were both minors, and her spouse, David.

During her lifetime, Fry used to create art using vintage and antique windows as her business. She actually named her business, Marla Fry Windows after her.

Nowadays, family members of the deceased can have the right to obtain rightful compensation for the untimely death of a family member after laws regarding wrongful death claims have been legislated. Although the laws may seem to differ from state to state, they are not too far different. Fortunately, many lawyers, such as wrongful death attorney Los Angeles, know every state’s laws regarding wrongful death claims, and can therefore provide the legal assistance needed by their clients.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Pasadena Police Involves Racial Discrimination

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parent of a slain student in Pasadena, a racial discrimination issue was involved.

Kenneth MacDade and Anya Slaughter filed a wrongful death claim against Pasadena police following the death of their son, Kendrec McDade, last March 24.

McDade was allegedly shot to death by the Pomana police after a report from the 911 caller, Oscar Carillo, saying that he was robbed by two armed men.

After receiving the call, the police immediately responded to the crime scene in their belief that McDade was really armed. Thus, upon spotting McDade in an alley, in one wrong move by McDade, he was shot by the arresting police officers multiple times in his chest.

Witnesses said McDade was trying to talk to the police while he was being handcuffed when he started to tremor. He was brought to the hospital but died afterwards. Apparently, it was too late when the police realized that McDade was not armed at all.

The police blamed Carillo for calling 911 and giving erroneous information. Therefore, the police, trying to cover up their wrongdoing, subsequently arrested Carillo, whom eventually admitted that he lied about the gun.

In their lawsuit, McDade’s parents claim that their son’s death was just a part of a pattern of abuse and killings of black people who go under police custody in the city.

The police officers named in the lawsuit are Phillip Sanchez, Keith Gomez, Jeffrey Newlen, and Matthew Griffin.

McDade’s father also claimed that obviously, he can no longer put his trust in the system that seems to not work for them.

Although McDade’s father is angry with Carillo for threading lies that led to his son’s death, he is more than disappointed with the police since they were the ones who shot his son, and not Carillo.

At present, no comment has been released by the city attorneys since they haven’t seen the lawsuit, according to Pasadena spokesperson Tim McGillivray.

Definitely, the defendants would go to great extent to cover up their wrongdoing. Therefore, McDade’s family must seek for an attorney, like a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, to guide them in this difficult process of litigation and somehow ease their emotional burden brought by the loss of their loved one.

LAPD Pays $3.2M in Wrongful Death of Former Gang Member

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was recently required by a jury on a hearing last March 19 to pay monetary relief for a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a former gangster.

The jury awarded $3.2 million in damages to the family of Mauricio Cornejo. Said monetary relief will be distributed among Cornejo’s surviving wife and two minor children.

The former gang member of Ramona Gardens died under the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department way back in 2007.

According to court documents, Cornejo collapsed in a detention cell at the Hollenback Police Station. Reports showed that a foot chase between Cornejo and the police that night after a confrontation near Ramona Gardens housing project in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles had something to do with Cornejo’s death.

Lawyers representing the city of Los Angeles affirmed that Cornejo died from the strain he experienced while he was violently resisting arrest. Allegedly, Cornejo, who was then a wanted parolee, was under the influence of intoxicating substance during the arrest. According to the city’s representatives, methamphetamine and cocaine was the major cause of Cornejo’s death.

However, Ventura County’s chief medical examiner, Ronald O’Halloran, testified that the force exerted by the officers against Cornejo, including baton blows, caused his death.

Also, Cornejo’s wrongful death attorney presented a video from a Hollenbeck surveillance camera showing that Cornejo was unconscious or might be already dead when he arrived at the station.

Definitely, said testimony and firm evidence presented to the federal court were seen as enough reasonable cause by the jury to arrive in such resolution.

Losing someone you love unexpectedly due to other people’s fault is an extremely distressing experience, especially for minors like those two children of Cornejo. Fortunately, Corejo’s family had the wrongful death attorney who provided them with efficient and effective legal assistance throughout the case.