Anna Kournikouva’s Mother Charged with Felony for Child Negligence

Anna Kournikouva’s mom has been formally charged with one felony count of child neglect in Florida.

alla kournikova charged with felony

Anna Kournikouva’s Mother Charged with Felony for Child Negligence. (photo credit: tmz)

Alla Kournikouva was arrested last month after Anna’s 5-year-old brother, Allan, was hurt after being left alone in the house.

According to reports, Alla left Allan in the house as she attended to some errands.

Allan was found by a passerby crying and bleeding after apparently jumping from the 2nd storey window of the house.

Although the boy was not seriously injured, her mother was still arrested.

She’s out of jail after paying a $3,000 bond.

If proven guilty, she could face up to 5 years in prison.

Although we do not like to judge the parenting skills of Alla, we all know that you just don’t leave your 5-year-old kid alone in the house.

I am sure they can afford a nanny to look after Allan. It could have avoided this whole mess.

Anyway, I hope this can serve as a good lesson to all parents out there.

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