Chargers WR Vincent Jackson Pleads Guilty in 2nd DUI; Will Serve 4 Days Community Service

Is it Celebrity DUI week?

Its just Tuesday and this is the third celebrity DUI we will be posting.

Chargers WR Vincent Jackson Pleads Guilty in 2nd DUI

Chargers WR Vincent Jackson Pleads Guilty in 2nd DUI. (photo credit: sd bolt report)

I just wrote about Sacramento King’s Andres Nocioni’s no contest plea and Sam just wrote about Heroes’ Adrian Pasdar being charged with one count of DUI.

Now, our third DUI news is about the slap in the wrist penalties that Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson will be getting after pleading guilty to his 2nd DUI offense.

Jackson was arrested last January 2009 for DUI while in probation for his first DUI conviction last 2006.

And what does he get for his second DUI?

A measly $2,400 fine, a five-year informal probation, and 4 days of community service.

Oh, The NFL will probably suspend him for at least one game next season (like that will put a dent on his wallet).

I guess that’s what being a celebrity gets you; the least amount of punishment possible.

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