David Beckham and Son Involved in Car Crash Right outside their Own Driveway

Image is a screen shot of the original photo of the actual incident posted on Twitter.

Image is a screen shot of the original photo of the actual incident posted on Twitter.

Following his retirement, the world’s renowned soccer  player, David Beckham, is mostly seen spending quality time with his family. However, his precious moments with his family apparently turned out to be troublesome after he and his 14-year-old son got involved in a minor car crash right outside their driveway in their Beverly Hills Home.

According to media sources, Beckham was driving his black Range Rover Sport with his son on the passenger seat, when he hit an incoming vehicle as he was pulling out of their driveway.

Fortunately, no one was injured from the incident. However, Beckham’s vehicle’s front bumper and hood were reportedly damaged as revealed on a photo posted on twitter. Nevertheless, police were called to the scene. Both drivers subsequently exchanged insurance information, the reports said.

Based on initial investigation, Beckham had just dropped off his wife, Victoria Beckham, and his three other children at home after a gym session minutes before the mishap.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Beckham and his son, Brooklyn, have been involved in a car accident together. In 2011, the two were also involved in a multiple-car pile-up in Los Angeles Freeway.

Ironically, while some of the former Los Angeles Galaxy player’s fans say that Beckham isn’t just lucky enough to avoid a crash, others say that the English man isn’t yet used into American driving. In a vehicle accident lawyer’s opinion, he just needs to be extra cautious when driving for his family and that he must keep in mind that the California roadways are always busy and crowded. Thus, being more alert is requisite.


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