Death Certificate Reveals Real Cause of Paul Walker’s Death


Paul Walker Accident

Image is originally owned by Dan Watson / Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

After Paul Walker’s family waived one last good bye to the beloved actor, the real cause of the actor’s death was likewise revealed.

Based on a copy of the actor’s Certificate of Death obtained by TMZ, it was revealed that Walker died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries and not as a result of a direct impact of the collision alone.

Apparently, seconds after the collision, Walker was further burnt to death.

According to the document obtained by TMZ, the time interval between the impact and Walker and his friend Roger Rodas’ deaths were in fact so quick.

Walker and Rodas were both killed after the Porsche Carrera GT that they were riding lost control, crashed into a tree and burst into fire, killing both men last November 30 while both were attending a charity event. Initial investigation suspects that plastic road bumps have played a major role in the incident.

Meanwhile, recent reports have it that the investigation following the Fast and Furious star’s death has taken a new turn.

Accordingly, mechanical experts who work at Porsche from Germany are now heading to Los Angeles in an attempt to finally determine the real cause of the accident. Thus, an injury attorney hopes for a speedy investigation so that family, particularly Walker’s 15-year-old daughter, Meadow, could completely move on.

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