Hasselhoff’s wife Pamela Bach Starts 90 Day Sentence

David Hasselhoff’s ex wife, Pamela Bach, has begun serving her 90 day sentence after pleading no-contest to a DUI charge from her arrest in November 2009.

DUI Pamela Bach

"Pamela Bach starts 90 day mandatory jail sentence for DUI." (photo credit: getty images)

The mandatory jail sentence was meted out because the November arrest was her second DUI charge, which is also a direct violation of her probation for her first DUI conviction in March2009.

Funny thing is that she was supposed to turn herself in next week but chose to start her sentence sooner.

Well if you can’t get out of it, might as well get it over with I guess.

Hope this time she learned her lesson.

Hasselhoff is already famous for his drinking problems as attested by the youtube videos where her daughter filmed him in one of his drunken moments.

Their children don’t need another parent with alcohol problems.

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