Heroes Star Adrian Pasdar Jailed for DUI

DUI has been a constant cause of injuries and deaths over the years. In an effort to lessen the number of road accidents caused by drunk driving, the law that governs this violation is strictly enforced by the police.

Not even celebrities can turn their backs on the consequences of drunk driving. In fact, Heroes star 44-year-old Adrian Pasdar (known for his role as Nathan Petrelli) was recently booked and placed in prison for DUI suspicion.

According to reports, he was traveling along the 405 freeway with a speed of over 90 mph when he was stopped by the police.

Authorities noticed an alcohol odor so they gave him a sobriety test. He was arrested by the police after he failed it.

He will be held on a $15,000 bail. This high amount was set due to the actor’s refusal to take a breathalyzer.

Stopping the occurrence of accidents caused by DUI may not be done by authorities alone because the safety of all road users greatly depends on every driver’s actions. All drivers should work together by exercising extreme care while they are behind the wheel.

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