Hills Star Jason Wahler Charged with DUI

Maybe we should build a separate blog for celebrity DUI because our Hollywood friends are certainly living it up.

Jason Wahler charged with DUI

"Hills Star Jason Wahler Charged with DUI." (photo credit: hills2city)

Just last week, former “Hills” star Jason Wahler was charged with two counts of DUI after being busted by Newport Beach PD last March 19.

According to reports, Wahler’s blood alcohol level was 0.15 which is almost double the legal limit.

If convicted, he may spend six months in jail (crossing our fingers!!).

This is his second arrest in under a month and his sixth arrest for suspicion of DUI in four years.

He was arrested in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico early March after being involved in a bar fight.

I am hoping for some major jail time, but him being a “pseudo-star” makes me suspect that he won’t.

It will probably be another term of probation and community work.

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