Jimmy Buffett Stable After Concert Fall Accident in Sydney

Legendary singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett sustained some minor to moderate head injuries following a fall accident at the end of his concert in Sydney, Australia.

celebrity fall accident Jimmy Buffett fell in Sydney concert

Singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett is now in stable condition after falling from the stage during the latter part of his concert in Sydney (photo credit: wikipedia.org)

According to news reports, Buffett was walking casually towards the end of the stage when he misjudged the step and fell in.

Buffett was said to be unconscious for 10-15 minutes and had a large gash on his head.

He was quickly brought to St. Vincent’s Hospital where he had a CT scan taken.

Fortunately, the results were normal and we could all breathe a sigh of relief as doctors announced that he is in stable condition.

His representatives have released a statement on their website saying “As you probably already know, Jimmy had an accident while performing in Sydney last night and was taken to the hospital. The doctors say he is doing well and will be released tomorrow. More info as we get it and thank you for all of your well-wishes!”

An update on the website also said that he had been released from the hospital and is doing well.

Buffett was performing at the Hordern Pavilion due to increased demand for the artist after two sold out crowds at the Sydney’s Opera House.

Buffett was best known for his hits “Margaritaville” and “Come Monday.”

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffett Stable After Concert Fall Accident in Sydney

  1. I’m sure his fans were shocked to see their idol fall off the stage. It is fortunate that he was not seriously injured in the accident.

  2. We were shocked!!! I first heard about it at TMZ and then other news outlets picked it up. I am just glad that he is doing well after the fall.

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