Lindsay Lohan Released from Rehab, Placed Under Supervised Probation

dui Lindsay Lohan released from rehab

Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab after serving part of her 90-day court ordered commitment (Photo Credit:

We will surely get to see more of Lindsay Lohan now that she is out of the rehab.

Reports said the controversial actress was released from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after serving only one third of her 90-day commitment, thanks to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox.

However, being out of the rehab doesn’t mean that she’s completely free to do whatever she likes. Lohan is still required to undergo addiction counseling and psychotherapy sessions a number of times per week up to November.

She was also ordered to live in LA and take frequent drug testing.

According to reports, Fox gave Lohan rewards and incentives. He also dismissed the two drug counts, which the actress had pleaded guilty to last 2007.

Lohan will only be under supervised probation until November, unless the actress performs an unlawful act.

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