Miami Dolphins Ronnie Brown Booked for DUI in Atlanta

What is with these star athletes and DUI??

Miami Dolphins Ronnie Brown

“Miami Dolphins Ronnie Brown Booked for DUI in Atlanta.” (photo credit:

You would think with all the millions of dollars they are getting they could afford a driver… or a CAB like the rest of us.

Now add to the list Miami Dolphin’s RB Ronnie Brown.

He was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Atlanta after being stopped for failing to signal before changing lane.

The arresting officer gave Brown a field sobriety test, which he failed.

Brown was booked late Friday night and was out early Saturday morning.

According to reports, the Miami Dolphins are aware of the incident but has yet to make comments on the matter.

My predictions are no contest plea to misdemeanor DUI, 3 years probation and 2 games suspension.

So let’s wait for more information and see if I’m right.

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