Minnesota Timberwolves Al Jefferson Issues Apology for recent DWI

Minnesota Timberwolves star Al Jefferson apologized for his recent DWI arrest after a weekend loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Timberwolves Al Jefferson

Minnesota Timberwolves Al Jefferson Issues Apology for recent DW.

Jefferson was stopped by a state patrol trooper on Interstate 24 early Sunday due to speeding and changing lanes without signaling.

He was asked to take a sobriety test then he was taken to Hennepin Medical Center for a blood test.

In all fairness to Jefferson, the state trooper commented that he was very cooperative through the whole process and seems genuinely sorry for his actions.

Jefferson said in a statement “I made a very poor decision and I am truly sorry for that. As a leader on this team, I know that more is expected of me, and I am disappointed in myself.”

Jefferson was suspended by the Timberwolves for two games and won’t be joining the team on Dallas this Wednesday.

He is scheduled to appear on another court though on April 23.

Not for a game but for a hearing.

I hope he learned his lesson and I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he really is sorry for what he’s done.

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