Original American Gladiator Host Mike Adamle Booked for DUI

celebrity dui mike adamle arrested

Mike Adamle, host of the original American Gladiators was arrested in Chicago after blowing through a stop sign (photo credit: suntimes.com)

Mike Adamle – the host of the original American Gladiators – has just been booked for drunken driving in Chicago yesterday morning.

According to TMZ, Adamle was aboard his 2002 BMW when he ran through a stop sign just outside the Chicago area.

Fortunately, he was stopped by police officers before he caused a car accident because he was apparently drunk.

He was then taken to Evanston Police station after failing a field sobriety test.

While at the station, Adamle apparently exhibited some erratic behaviors so he was brought to Evanston Hospital for a drug test.

The result of the test is till pending but he is already scheduled to appear in court on Valentines Day.

This is a big blow for the TV icon’s image but like any other celebrity; he will surely bounce back from this debacle.

All we could hope for is that he learns his lesson and be an advocate against drunk driving and not the suspect after this.

Adamle was also a freelance staffer at WMAQ where he also appeared on weekend newscasts and it’s “Sport’s Sunday” show.

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