Pink Suffers Nasty Fall in Germany Concert

International superstar Pink just took a nasty fall during her concert in Germany yesterday.

Pink injured during concert

Pink injured during concert. (photo credit: tmz)

According to a TMZ report, an acrobatic act went wrong and sent the singer from 8-feet in the air, into the arena floor crashing onto the crowd.

It looks like the cause of the mishap was improperly secured strings that were attached to Pink’s harness.

Reports said that after the fall accident, Pink immediately stood up, went back on stage and apologized to the fans (I am sure they understand) before being whisked away by an ambulance towards a local hospital for treatment.

Fortunately, Pink did not sustain any serious injury from the fall.

Pink later gave an update on her status through twitter saying “Nothings broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore.”

There is no word yet if the singer and her rep will be taking legal actions against the producers of the show.

The negligence of the staff could have resulted in a much worse situation.

They should be thankful that it did not.

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