GHSA Reinforced Distracted Driving Policies to Curb Car Accident Deaths

In a recent Annual Meeting, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) members reinforced its policy positions in the major area of highway safety, the distracted driving.

The new GHSA’s policy widens its support of distracted driving legislation. It aims to prohibit all drivers from using handheld devices. Previously, the association backed text messaging bans for all drivers, as well as a total ban on handheld devices for non-professional drivers and school bus drivers.

The recent reinforcement in fact has remarkably shown that a handheld devices ban can be strengthened effectively and can significantly prevent drivers from using electronic devices while behind the wheel.

The said project was sponsored by the Department of Transportation and some other U.S. states like New York and Connecticut.

In California, law enforcers often experience difficulties when enforcing texting bans since most of the drivers being pulled off for texting claimed that they were dialing and not texting. Therefore, regulators find ways to curb fatal car accidents resulting from texting while driving through broadening its distracted driving policies.

In her statement, the GHSA Executive Director Barbara Harsha reminded that the new reinforced distracted driving policy clearly sends a message to every driver that use of hand held devices is prohibited. According to Harsha, through the passage of such laws, all states will have a useful platform for discussing the dangers of using any handheld devices while driving.

At present, thirty-nine states ban texting and driving while ten states completely ban handheld use.

The new reinforced distracted driving policy will definitely make the mindset of all drivers clear from confusions since it clearly states that whether you are texting or simply dialing, you could be penalized for violating the new broadened law, according to a Los Angeles car accident attorney.

At least, everything is now clear.

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