6 Fast Facts on Dog Attacks that You Might Have Missed

Dog biteDogs can be man’s best friend. However, improper care and handling of them can make them our greatest foe. When they feel threatened, dogs have this natural instinct of protecting themselves through biting.

Sometimes, dogs can feel agitated over reasons one average human being won’t know. Dog bites are no laughing matter, because 2011 statistics showed that such incidents have killed a number of Americans.

Did you know that…?

•    …in 2011, there were 31 recorded fatal dog attacks in the U.S.? Pit bulls led these attacks, accounting for about 71 percent even if they only make up less than 5 percent of the total dog population.
•    …adult victims of fatal pit bull attacks are more than twice as much of younger victims? Out of the 22 victims of pit bull bites, 15 (about 68 percent) of them were over the age of 32, while 7 (about 32 percent) of them were children ages 5 and below.
•    …there was a notable increase in pit bull pet owners getting killed by their dogs?
•    …pit bulls and Rottweiler breeds are the top two lethal dog breeds? In 2011, they accounted for 84 percent of all fatal attacks.
•    …pit bulls have killed an American once every 20 days while a Rottweiler killed one citizen every 88 days?
•    …California and Texas are the leading states with most fatalities in 2011? Both states recorded 4 dog attack deaths.

These very alarming statistics are based from the 2011 study by Dogsbite.com, a national group that aims to reduce serious dog attack occurrences in the country. Because of this, prospective pet owners need to better take care of their pet dogs, especially pit bulls and the Rottweiler breeds.

By taking better care of your dogs and understanding them better, you can avoid them from attacking. Unless you want someone hire a good Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to sue you for negligence, make sure that you help keep your dog from biting somebody else.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to take good care of your dogs to prevent them from attacking you or other people. So better raise your awareness now before things could get real nasty.

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