Boy Dies after Attack by Family Dog

A 2 year-old boy in San Diego died after he was attacked by their family’s dog inside their house in a military housing area.

Boy dies after dog attack

Aaron Carlson, 2, Was Mauled By His Family’s German Shepherd Mix Dog On Saturday. (photo credit:

Aaron Carlson was in a second floor bedroom of their Tierrasanta house with his siblings when he was reportedly attacked by the German shepherd that the family owned for about six months. The boy’s eldest sibling was said to have summoned their mother who was sleeping downstairs when the boy was mauled by the dog.

He was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital where he later died from injuries. There were no other similar incidents reported about the dog before the recent attack occurred.

Authorities are yet to learn what caused the attack but they said that no one will likely be charged in this unfortunate accident.

It is never the intention of the parents to place their child at risk. Sadly, a seemingly harmless family dog has taken the boy’s life.

The number of reports on dogs attacking children is alarming. Parents should now be more cautious and never let their young child play with any dogs without supervision.

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