Family Dog Attacks, Kills Reality Star’s Child

The 4-year-old stepdaughter of “Ax Men” star Jesse Browning was recently killed after one of the two Rottweilers owned by the family mauled her to death.

Ashlynn Anderson was airlifted to Oregon Health & Science University hospital in Portland but was declared dead upon arrival due to massive loss of blood. The child was reportedly found by her mother bloodied on their lawn.

According to reports, the family had to euthanize another Rottweiler four months ago as it attacked an adult family member. Both dogs living with the family at the time of the recent attack were removed from the residence with the family’s request. The family is yet to decide whether to euthanize or put the dogs up for adoption.

Jesse Browning stars in a reality TV show in The History Channel which features his father’s logging company.

The death of a child is always sad but Ashlynn’s death is heartbreaking. She was mauled by an animal she considered as her pet. Also, the family is not new to Rottweiler attacks as someone was previously attacked by one of their dogs.

Her death could have been avoided if only her parents considered the attack a serious threat to Ashlynn and her 1-year-old sibling.

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