Housemaid Mauled and Killed by Homeowner’s Dogs

A housemaid who went to clean a home in Fallbrook, San Diego County, California was mauled and killed by the homeowner’s dogs.

According to reports, the woman who was hired to look after and clean a house in the 1300 block of Calle Tecolotlan while the owners were out of town was mauled to death by the latter’s dogs.

Police report claimed that the woman was dropped off by a relative in the said house but when they returned to pick her up, they found her bloody and lifeless body lying in the backyard. They immediately called the police.

Subsequently, when the authorities arrived, they found eight large dogs close to the woman and a garden hose running.

Based on the investigation, the San Diego County Medical Examiner determined that the woman was mauled by at least one of dogs found at the backyard where her body was recovered.

Authorities concluded that the canines that attacked the woman were American bulldog and old English bulldog mixes that can weigh more than 100 pounds. Further investigation revealed that the owners of the dogs were breeding and selling the dogs, as reported by the Department of Animal Services.

Consequently, the dogs were seized by the San Diego County Department of Animal Services while the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department seized 24 marijuana plants that were found growing in the back bedroom of the home.

So far, no information was yet released as to the homeowners’ whereabouts. Also, it is not yet clear whether any charges will be filed against them.

Incidentally, study claims that there were nearly 5 million people who experience dog bites and animal attacks each year. In fact, dog bite losses exceed $1 billion a year and more than $300 million were paid by homeowners insurance, as concluded by a Los Angeles injury attorney.

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