Man, 91, Attacked by Neighbor’s Pitbull

Pet owners are responsible in making sure that aggressive dogs are kept at a safe distance and would not threaten the safety of people around them, especially children and elderly who are less able to protect themselves from such vicious animal attacks.

Animal attacks: Man attacked by neighbor's pitbull

"Kenneth Heffren attacked by an 80-pound pitbull along Dairy Road." (photo credit: cbs)

A 91-year-old Auburn man was recently attacked by an 80-pound pitbull as he was trying to fix his yard along Dairy Road. The man needed about 30 stitches in his left arm after being attacked by the dog owned by his neighbor.

Kenneth Heffren was reportedly cornered by the dog that got into his property through a fence. A neighbor was alerted by the man’s scream and was able to chase the dog away from Heffren and call for help.

Responding officers were not able to make a clear shot of the dog at Heffren’s property as it was constantly moving. It eventually ran out of the property and into a gully in a mobile home park about a mile away where it was shot and killed by authorities.

The owner of the dog is said to be cooperative with investigators of the accident.

This vicious animal attack really could have caused more serious injuries to the elderly who just wanted to fix his garden. Hopefully, he will have a speedy recovery to do just that.

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