Man Attacked by Shark in Florida While Kite Boarding

Shark attacks don’t happen very often, but when they do it’s deadly.

That’s exactly what happened in South Florida when a 38-year-old man was fatally attacked by three sharks Wednesday.

(As if one shark is not scary enough but three sharks?? Come on!!)

According to reports, Stephen Schafer was kite boarding a quarter mile offshore in Stewart when he was surrounded by the sharks and attacked.

George Burgess, who oversees the International Shark Attack File of the University of Florida’s Museum of Natural History, said that most shark attacks are caused by mistaken identity and the shark immediately leaves after it realizes it had the wrong target.

But it does not seem to be the case in this one.

It seems like the shark was most likely trying to make a meal out of Schafer which makes it a predatory attack.

And if he was not pulled out, the attack would have continued.

Schafer was pulled from the attack by a lifeguard named Daniel Lund (who thankfully was not attacked by the sharks himself).

However, Schafer was pronounced dead a short time later in the hospital after losing half of his blood in the attack.

According to the medical examiner, Schafer was bitten on his buttocks and his thigh.

The thigh bite was so severe; it gouged to the bone and cut several branches of the femoral artery.

According to Burgess, the likely culprit in this case was a bull or tiger shark.

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