Two Pit Bulls Euthanized Weeks after Killing Elderly Woman

dog attack elderly woman killed in backyard

Two pitbulls are to be euthanized after attacking an elderly woman in her backyard in Moreno Valley (photo credit:

Dogs can inflict harm to people because they possess violent characteristics.

This means they can give us a sense of security, but can also injure or even kills us if an attack occurs.

In fact, an elderly woman died last November 2 after she was mauled by two pit bulls while in her backyard in Moreno Valley.

According to reports, the dog attack victim was identified as Cristina Casey, 53, from Moreno Valley.

The two pit bulls were quarantined while authorities are conducting an investigation.

They were euthanized more than two weeks after the attack.

According to police, what happened is only an accident, but it does not mean that the dogs’ owners will not face involuntary manslaughter charges.

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