Your Overall Guide against Dog Bites

Although dogs are said to good as companion and friend, they are not always friendly as you think. Dog owners should at least set boundaries and be mindful whenever their dogs are around with the children. Most especially since previous reports claimed that most of dog attack victims are children.

Consequently, in order to avoid such incidences from recurring, apersonal injury lawyer in Los Angeles suggests several tips below:

•    If you are visiting the house of your friend or relative who owns a dog, be mindful of your actions, especially if his or her dog has aggressive tendencies. Also, keep in mind that most of the dog bite incidences reported happened in someone’s relative’s home or in a friend’s home.

•    Dogs can become hostile to little children, so make sure that you supervise your child whenever he or she is near a dog. Actually, it would be best not to let your child near dogs, even if they are your own.

•    Teach your children never to approach or to even get close to an unfamiliar dogs.

•    Keep children away from aggressive dogs or those that have history of aggression.

•    Teach your children to behave when a dog approaches. Tell they should stay calm, stay still and avoid having an eye contact with the animal.

Moving forward, when it comes to dog bite law, unlike other states that do no have  a specific law regarding dog bites, California has a comprehensive law which allows a dog bite victim to sue the owner of the dog.

Under the California law, owners can be subjected to massive civil liability following the animal attacks by their dogs. Apparently, a victim can sue on two strict liability causes of action stemming out of a single attack – one created by statute and one stemming from common law.

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