Driving Shootout Leads to Multiple-car Crash and Death of Aspiring Rapper

Image is a screenshot of a video taken by ABC7 on the actual scene.

Image is a screenshot of a video taken by ABC7 on the actual scene.

A few weeks after the news about the rap superstar, Rick Ross’ driving shoot out surfaced, another incident of gun fire, which targeted another rapper, reportedly occurred.

According to reports, a passenger of a black Range Rover opened fire at the driver of a Maserati along the intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas boulevards last Thursday.

Unfortunately, the aspiring rapper, Kenny Clutch, was one of the passengers of the gun fire’s target vehicle. The rapper and several other passengers of the vehicle were killed.

Meanwhile, following the shooting incident, the get-away vehicle of the suspect who then ran through a red light crashed into a taxi causing it to burst into fire, trapping and killing its driver and his passenger. Subsequently, the crash caused a chain-reaction of multiple car accident in the intersection. A total of four other vehicles were involved in the incident and some more people have been injured.

Based on the initial investigation, a dispute that broke off at the valet area of the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas was believed to be a factor to the incident. So far, police are conducting a multi-state search for the vehicle that the suspect used during the driving shoot out. Witnesses have claimed that the dark tinted vehicle, which sped from the scene, carried out-of-state dealer license plates.

Incidentally, way back in 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur or most known as Tupac was likewise shot to death just few hundreds of yards away from the incident, recalled by a Los Angeles accident attorney. Apparently, drive-by shooting is becoming prevalent all over the country and incidentally, rappers are often its target. Therefore, celebrities in that industry should now be taking extra precautions following this recent incident.

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