Crew Member using Cellphone before the Accident that Killed an 8-Year-Old

Last December, an 8-year-old boy was killed and five others were injured after a 33-foot Coast Guard cutter and a 24-foot Sea Ray collided during the annual Parade of Lights.

Coast Guard using Cellphone killed Anthony DeWeese

Crew Member using Cellphone before the Accident that Killed 8 Year old Anthony DeWeese. (photo credit: latimes)

After months of investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board recently found out that a Coast Guard crew member was using his cellphone moments before the accident occurred.

Earlier reports show that the boy, Anthony DeWeese, was with his family along with two other families in the Sea Ray when the speeding Coast Guard cutter smashed into it. The Coast Guard was said to be on its way to aid a grounded boat at the San Diego bay where thousands had gathered to witness the event.

Witnesses say that the Coast Guard was going at around 35-45 mph while Alan DeWeese who was driving the Sea Ray at no more than 5 mph.

The family filed a lawsuit against the Coast Guard crew members shortly after Anthony’s death.

It is unfortunate how such a young life was wasted just because of the negligence of the very people who should be protecting the people. I hope these senseless deaths would stop as government offices will be stricter in implementing laws on the improper use of cellphones and other hand-held devices.

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