Girl Dies in Pacific Palisades Swimming Pool Accident

Having a pool in your house can be dangerous, especially for children who cannot save themselves when an accident happens.

In fact, a 7-year old girl recently died after drowning in a swimming pool in Pacific Palisades.

Girl Dies in Pacific Palisades Swimming Pool Accident

Authorities say a 7-year-old girl was pulled unconscious from a swimming pool at a home in Pacific Palisades and later declared dead at a hospital. (photo credit:

According to reports, the incident occurred at the backyard of a residential house, which is located along the 17700 block of Calle de Palermo.

The girl, who was just visiting the house, had been unsupervised for a couple of minutes before her fully-clothed body was found in the pool.

Reports said at least three women, including the girl’s relative, all performed CPR in the aim of saving her. However, when paramedics arrived, they found her unresponsive.

The girl was then airlifted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, where she was announced dead.

Accidents like this one may be avoided if parents will supervise their children at all times or teach them how to protect themselves when facing sudden dangers.

Our sympathies and condolences to the girl’s family and friends.

One thought on “Girl Dies in Pacific Palisades Swimming Pool Accident

  1. Based on the details, it seems the girl slipped into the swimming pool. Otherwise, she would have been able to take off her clothes if she wanted to swim. These kinds of accidents can be prevented if older people are more aware of their children’s whereabouts. And because the swimming pool is private and there are no lifeguards around, there should be at least someone to check the kids or secure the place.

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